Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Woeful Wednesday - Abandoned!

My mum is abandoning me for four whole days on the flimsy excuse that she wants to go down to Cornwall to see Cornish Grandma and Cornish Auntie while she is on holiday from school.

I thought I had made it clear that holidays from school are for spending quality time with the kitty!

My dad still has to go to work every day so he will be here to feed me - he is quite generous with the food and Greenies, but his lap is not as comfy and he just doesn't provide the level of cuddling, scritches, kisses and general adoration I require on a daily basis!

How could she? I will have to think of a way to punish her when she gets back on Sunday - after I've finished licking her, that is.

Eric, that is just not fair. It is our purrfdays today so why don't you ask your mum to drop you off at our party on her way to Cornish Grandma and Auntie. We have lots of food.....and Greenies thanks to Derby. Do come, it will be much more fun than staying home.
Oh Eric! We're so sorry you are being abandoned! That's just no fun at all! Well, at least you have 4 days to think about how to plan your revenge!
After the licks comes pooping on the pillow.
Four days will pass in a flash and when she gets back, you'll probably get extra love to make up for lost time. :)
Oh poor Eric. I hope you get some extra treats from your male to see you through.
Such a sad face. Being abandoned isn't all bad. There are those extra greenies in your mear future. And she will be back soon.
I don't know what I would do if my mom left me as much as your mom leaves you. I think I would be bereft. You do look sort of bereft in the photo, Eric.
We hope you can make it until your mom comes home.

She is leavin ya ta visit Beins when she could be spendin time wif you? WHERE is her mind at?
That's too bad, but at least she is leaving you with Dad. We hope she makes it up to you with lots of love and scritches when she returns.
We are sorry you are being left alone for 4 days. Our mom is going to be gone also. We hope you get to spend quality time with her when she is home.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie
Poor Eric, don't forget to make her feel super-guilty for leaving you when she gets back. FAZ
Faz has the right idea, Eric. Give your Mum your very best mournful kitty look when she gets back.
Oh Eric - that little face of yours looks full of woe. We are so sorry you're being SO unfairly treated. Pooping on the pillow is a must! And massive sulking too!
Eric, you really must put your paw down about all this galavanting around! Remember, our door is always open if you want to visit.

George & The Crew
Oh poor poor you. Your face looks so sad.

Your mum will be back before you know it, and will give you a lot of cuddles and love when she gets back.

hugs GJ xx
We feel terrible for you! Dads are just not the same, sorry to say.

Abby & Stygia

PS. We also really like your Rogues Gallery! Good to know what you are up against.
We know you will miss her terribly, but having the dad around is ok since your routine isn't interrupted.
Now, wait a minute, didn't you get to go the last time? Or is this a trictly girls only vacation? Not fair! Not fair!
Awwwww, poor Eric! We know yur Momma will miss you bunchies. Give her lots and lots of kissies when she gets back and sit on her at efurry oppurtinity! hehe

Yur pickshure is furry handsume and maded Momma say SQUEEEEEEE!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMoa!
Happy Easter Eric - we haven't abondoned you even if your cruel Mommy has!
We hope your mum has a nice weekend on the Cornish coast, and gets to have some pasties and clotted cream.

Thats a nice sleepy photo of you.
We do hope your mom is having a good time! Also hope for your sake that she comes home soon!!
Just use your alone time to catch up on some good sleep.
Happy Easter to you, your family, and loved ones!
Fat Eric, I am here to keep you company even though your mom has abandoned you. Guess what? I finally got a flower in my garden! Come over to my blog when you get a chance and see it! (But close your eyes when you see that Easter bunny that was at my house, he has big pointy teeth!)
I know mom is still out. But I want you to know. I have given you an award I don’t know if you have received this award before. If you haven’t received it yet and you want this award you can pick it up on my blog. Thanks.
So, did your mum bring you special treats from your Cornish Grandma and Cornish Auntie? In any event, hope you survived your ordeal at home without your mum's lap for such a long 4 days!
Fanks for the purrthday wishes for Maizy and Ferris. Come back on Wednesday when we celebrate Maggie May's 1st purrthday!
We're kinda glad we're behind commenting or we would have worried mightily. Four days!
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