Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Farewell Oreo

A long time ago, when I started blogging, Oreo was one of the first blogging kitties I met. Lately he had been away from blogging, but he will be much missed in the blogosphere. His final post is very moving. His mum is missing him very much.

Farewell, Oreo.

We are very sad about Oreo too. We kept checking back for updates, knowing their Mom had a lot going on in her life, but this was not the update we had hoped for. We will miss Oreo.
it broke our hearts to hear that Oreo went to the Bridge. He was one of our furry ferst furriends in the blogosphere.
Yes, Oreo was one of the very first friends we met, too. He'll be missed. But what a touching tribute his Mom wrote.
We couldn't wait for him to return to blogging but when he did, it was sad.
I was very sad to hear about Oreo too : (
We were so sad to learn about our friend Oreo
Deerest Eric, I fank you so furry much fur tha luvly tribute. I hass missed all mine furriends furry much. Mine Momma am gonna be comin round chekin on you guys for me. Schmaybe frum time to time I will sends you a meshage.
Yes, we heard about Oreo passing to the Bridge. It is a very sad day.
We are very sorry about the loss of your friend.

Roxy & Lucky
I didn't know this little one, but so understand the loss. I went and saw his mum's post and the tears were there. How lovely was that post. Thinking of everyone's loss.

Hugs GJ x
We have mentioned Oreo in our post today as well. We didn't know him very well but we are very sad to hear the news and his fambly must be missing him lots. I am a proud member of the TGH - and he will always be missed as he was a founder member of it.
We are very sad about Oreo too. His poor mommy has been thru so much and now this. purrrrrrrrs

We are glad your mommy is home safe and sound. Um, is your mommy give those kitties REAL Temptations? Is there enough for you?
Oreo was a good friend to us in the early days too.
Eric..... Bad news...I weigh 21 pounds. Very STRICT diet has commenced.
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