Monday, April 06, 2009


Presenting...The Official Rogues' Gallery of Evil Intruder Kitties!

Many times I have complained about the Evil Intruder Kitties in my garden, and it may be confusing for some of my friends sorting out who is who, so I thought I would do a Rogues' Gallery so that if you see any of them lurking near your garden, you will be on the alert!

You will be shocked when you see what I have to put up we go!
1) Top of the list, of course, for reasons of sheer persistence - that little black pest, Marmite. He's a daily visitor, and gets everywhere - on the shed, by the pond, meowing for treats by the back door, sunbathing by the rhubarb, striking photogenic poses...he has no shame! The only revenge I can get is revealing that his own humans call him Kitty (snigger) wonder he wants to hang out with my humans, who have much cooler taste in names!
2) This is Skinny, also known as Skinny Ginger - my mum tried calling him Arthur but Skinny kind of stuck. He turned up at the kitchen door one day, over a year ago, wearing a blue collar and so skinny that mum could feel all his bones sticking out. My mum fed him but then he left. She thought maybe he had got lost. A few months ago he turned up again, without the collar and still really skinny. Now he visits regularly but not every day; he only turns up for breakfast about three times a week so we think he is getting fed somewhere else too, otherwise he would stick around here more. He must be part Meezer because he meezes and meezes very loudly for some of my stinky goodness and then he scoffs it down immediately. He thinks it's OK to rub all over my mum, purring, and I've even seen him out in the garden jumping on her lap when she was sitting on the steps. He tries to come in the house too if the door's open. The only good thing about him from my point of view is that he doesn't like Marmite and will chase him away if they both show up at the same time. He's the only Evil Intruder Cat who eats my stinky goodness, so he's a major threat!
3) This is Spike, our neighbour kitty. He comes in our garden a few times a week, and the humans never feed him because they know he has a great home of his own, so I wouldn't mind him so much, except that he has poor taste in friends...he likes to hang out with the black terror, Marmite. He has also been known to try to come into my kitchen. He is quite nosy. Spike is scared of Skinny.
4) This is tuxie Juliet, who lives with our neighbours on the other side. She is one of the few girl kitties in the neighbourhood. She comes in my garden several times a day but she is very shy of humans except her own, so if she sees one of my humans coming outside, she runs straight back to her own garden. However, she has been known to hang out with Skinny and a few other cats. Juliet is not her real name, but she gets called that now because Romeo is in love with her. Who's Romeo? Read on...
5) The floofy black kitty sitting under Juliet's window is Romeo, who lives several houses away with a nice man. He doesn't often come into my garden but he spends a lot of time in Juliet's garden, because he leuuurves her. He likes to sit under her window or on her front doorstep most nights. We're not sure why he loves her so much because they've both had the "-ectomy" operations which should have cooled their ardour. Romeo runs away from my humans and at least he doesn't come scrounging for food! He is a bit of a sad case really with his hopeless passion for Juliet. And he is scared of Marmite - what a wimp! 6) This is Big Tuxie. He is the strong silent type. He patrols the neighbourhood and has scars from his many fights. He runs away from my humans. He is difficult to photograph, but this was taken on a very warm day when he had let his guard down and was relaxing under a bush in my garden.
7) This is Tiny Tuxie, a recent arrival. We don't know much about him/her yet, except that he/she is quite young. Used to be very shy, but then he/she turned up here and saw Skinny nomming a plateful of my stinky goodness and since then he/she has been coming round looking hopeful.
8) This is Tuxie Three - only an occasional visitor and runs away from my humans, so I'm not too concerned about him.
9) This is Mysterious Thin Grey Tabby With Bell. Doesn't come into my garden very often but is seen hiding behind walls and fences up and down the street. Very shy and wears a very loud jingly bell, so you can always hear him/her going past - quite often being chased by the Very Mean Kitty.

10) We don't have a picture of the Very Mean Kitty but he is Bad News. He is floofy and dark brown with a big strange faded yellow patch on one side and lots of scars from fighting. He terrorises cats far and wide but luckily he has only been in my garden about twice. One time he cornered Juliet behind the shed and my mum had to rescue her by chasing him away. Another time Romeo had to go to the v-e-t because he got beaten up by the Very Mean Kitty. He is a Very Mean Kitty and should be avoided at all costs.

Phew! No wonder I am exhausted from monitoring the Evil Intruder Kitty situation! Now you know who is who, please help me keep an eye on them!

fat eric, you need help wif all of those introoder kittys. you will surely over exert yourself trying to keep up wif all of those kittys. maybe you could befriend one of the intruders and let them help you with the other introoder kittys. just a thought.

Wow, you certainly have a lot of visitors. Our Mom loves Marmite. Maybe is is just because she also loves the spread (it is one of the few things she imports into the USA) and she thinks it is a cool name for a black cat.
That's a lot of kitties. You really do need a scorecard. We feel bad for Skinny.
So many visitors, wow! Must be a party at your house/garden all the time!!
You sure have a lot of visitors.We don't see how you can keep up with them all. The Romeo and Juliet story is cute. We have some kitty visitors from next door, they're pretty cool. We don't go outside and see them though, we just spy from the window. We hope very bad kitty stays away from you.
Goodness, you do have a lot of intruders into your garden. The I rarely see another kittie wandering around. Most of the other creatures I see are the birdies.
That's way too many evil intruder kitties to have to deal with! You really have a hard job there protecting your house and Mum!
Wow!! So many intruder kitties! All of them evil. We don't have any here. Poor skinny.... I will worry about him now. I used to be skinny before mom and family took me in!
Wow, Eric! We didn't know you had so much to put up with in your yard! You deserve extra treats for all the patrolling you hafta do to keep your house safe from all those evil introoders....
Wow. You have a lot of intruders to contend with. Where I live now, there aren't too many, but in my old place, heaps of us shared this abandoned backyard jungle space. I had a Skinny Ginger there (and that's what we called her, too!), but she was a lot ginger-ier than your SG.
Don't know why Tiny Tuxie would be looking hopeful about da food, doesn't look like s/he is all dat skinny and unner fed. We can see why Romeo is so taken wif Juliet, she is quite fetching. I'm a little worried about da skinny ginger kitty, hope he's gonna be okay. Yoo sure haf a lot to keep an eye on der, Eric, we'll let yoo know if we see any of dem hanging around here but we doubt it. Unless dey like to swim.
You do have a lot of visitors to your garden. We are glad that your mum is feeding Skinny when he comes around. Maybe some of the ones that are more scared will become more friendly with time.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie
Holy cat you're overrun!
Wow! You have a ton of intruder cats in your garden. What a busy place you live in Eric!
Oooh Eric what a great post. So much work! My mummy is very impressed, and muchos interested by the introoder kitties. We too have plenty of the pesky blighters in MY neighbourhood. Sometimes they even come in MY cat flap & eat MY foods out of MY bowls !
Stay strong Eric against these evil forces....
Love & purrs from Mr Woo xxx
Good grief Eric, you are being invaded!!
We feel sorry for Skinny too so maybe you can accept your mum feeding him when he comes around, after all, he can't be all bad if he keeps Marmite away.
We saw a black kitty in our top field yesterday so we puffed up. When he saw us, he ran away.
YIKES!!! you haf LOTS of evil introoder kitties! We's glad (well, as glad as we can be about evil introoder kitties) we only has 2
Wow you are out numbered. If you ever need any help to show them that this is your garden just let me know.
Oh goodness! We thought there was just Marmite, Spike & Skinny! Our mom has been feeding two kitties this winter, they run when she comes out but they sneak back quickly for the food.
Now that is a lot of introoder cats to put up wiv isn't it? You need help thee big boy - maybe form your own gang?
Eric! how do you put up with that? Hey, if you ever need Bendrix and me, we'll help you out. Except with Romeo and Juliet cause that makes us laff. Maybe skinny kitty can be tolerated, even tho he is a threat. I am sure your beans would never let you go hungry to feed him so I would be more concerned about the "shared affection" stuff with the other kitties.

As for Very Mean Kitty... I think we'd have to see him first...

Milo has an interesting thought on a gang tho. How do these introoders feel about kitty world domination???
That are sooooo many!!!
Oh my, an entire GANG of rogue kitties! I think I would get confused, especially with all the tuxedo cats.

I never, ever, ever see any cats in my yard. And there are no fences or anything! I think all the cats around here must live indoors all the time.
Eric, I get a lot of intruder kitties too! My Mom has a patch of catnip that grows in the garden and they all come here hoping to get some. They make me mad, I stand at the door and yell at them to go away, but they just ignore me. I don't know if any of them have names and I haven't named them anything except trouble!
Wow, Eric, we did not realize you had so many intruder cats in your garden. If I lived next to you, I would protect you from the Very Mean Kitty. Actually what I should say is that mom would protect us from VMK. LOL.

My goodness!
No wonder you get crab-u-lated about all the intruders who think your garden is the place to be and be seen!

I do hope skinny gets enough to eat. You are a good fellow to share with a travelin' kitty.
they all loves you. they are drawn to you cuz they too know you are a kind soul.
Eric, you've really got your work cut out for you. We'll do what we can to help, but maybe they can't get as far as to Denmark... Our humans say that (in spite of Marmite and Very Mean Kitty) it sounds like a nice place you live, a place with room for cats :-) We all enjoyed the photos very much.
We are very thankful these thugs don't live near us- mainly because Mum would give them our treats!
She wants to adopt poor Skinny, though, even if he is fierce.
Dad loves the tuxies, especially juliet.
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