Friday, April 17, 2009


What She Saw

I haven't been blogging much this week but I have been enjoying lots and lots of quality time with my mum since she has still been on school holidays. Also I get some extra foods because she is home at lunchtime (normally she is out all day) and I can play the pitiful hungry kitty who cannot possibly wait till normal dinner time for something to keep me going. It has been quite sunny (until today, when it is raining), so I have been helping her with some gardening, and I have got to sit on her lap a lot when she is playing on the computer or reading or watching TV, or just lying around doing nothing. We have been doing a lot of that too.

I have helped her download her pictures from last week when she went to see Cornish Auntie and Cornish Grandma. I thought you might like to see a few of them.

This is from the day they went to Penzance. As you can see it was quite sunny, but not warm enough for a dip in the open air pool!
While they were in Penzance they saw a vintage clothes shop called Kitt's Corner. Look closely in that shop window. Can you see a gorgeous ginger kitty? Oh yes, and you can probably see my mum taking the photo too.
This is the kitty who works in the clothes shop. Who wouldn't want to buy that dress he is advertising?
This is Falmouth where Cornish Grandma volunteers as a guide at the Maritime Museum. They have got a special exhibition on there at the moment about the Titanic.
And this is the village where Cornish Grandma lives and where my mum grew up.
Wait a minute! That's that Scottish woofie of Cornish Grandma's that I can't stand! (We had to spend Christmas in the same house one year, it was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life, he kept trying to LICK me! *shudder*)

So that's what she saw in Cornwall. Now I need to catch up on doing nothing again and make the most of the last few days of her holiday. Have a nice weekend!

That is one pretty village, I can see why you enjoy. I love the window with the cat curled up.

The best photo is the one of you all spawled out, now that is lovely.

Hugs Ginger Jasper x
Hi Eric! Looks like your mum had a really good trip! Thanks for showing us her pictures!
looks like a great trip! and lookit all of your gorgeous floof!
What a beautiful scenic place that is. We love the picture of the shop kitty napping in the window. Our mom would have gone in the shop just to pet him & say "hi".
We remember that annoying woofie. Glad mum didn't bring him back with her!
It looks like your mum had a good time. We have had lovely weather all week except for Wednesday when we had thunderboomies and torrential rain. It has been very warm today.
You are looking very relaxed.
If my mommy had seen the shop with the orange cat in the window she would've gone inside,too.Ibet a lot of people do that. He's probably very good for business.

We're glad your mom is back, and loved seeing the photos. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
What a beautiful photos. We think that ginger kitty is a good worker!
How lovely. We shall have to send our friend who grew up in Penzance to make sure she gets just a wee bit homesick!
Tanks a lot fer commin' by our bloggy ta welcome us to the world of bloggy-kitties. Aurora Katrina iz da same colour as you, Eric. She sure yikes ta peek at yer photoz an' tinks yer kewl.
Did your mum see any pirates while she was in Penzance? A shop kittie? Did Not The Mama, Mo see this?

Happy Weekend.
Very good Eric! Did you know the Tower without the hint or did you need the hint?
That looked a nice trip. We loved the cat in the window and we cud see your mom too in the glass reflecshun.

The pic of you is the best though - all that ginger floofiness is irresistable.
MomBean held it together until the last pic, now it's all 'squee belly' and 'snorgle tum time!' and the like. Women.
what a lovely vacation! penzance and cornwall look like beautiful places to visit and grow up. and, look at your cute floofy tummy!! eric, you are just made for cuddling.
Hi Eric, it looks like your mom had a wonderful holiday and visit with Cornish Grandma. The pictures are lovely.

My Mom doesn't work anymore since she lost her job so she's home with me everyday now. Wait, she was home with me before since she worked at home, but now it's better because she spends more time with me since she doesn't have to spend time doing all that work stuff. That's why we blog now because she needed something creative to do and I suggested we do a kitty blog. I'm glad, I like blogging!
Hi dere Eric. We really yikes your fluffy belly! Miss Aurora looked at your picky-ture an' she tink you is a handsome dude kitty. We iz new ta da bloggy world and wantz ta make lotz a furendz. Happy ta meet ya!
What a beautiful part of the country your Mum grew up in! Our Mum was squeeing like a fool when she saw the picture of Cornish Grandma's Scottish woofie. She says if they allowed woofies here, that is the one she would get. We also "shudder" at the thought of having one of them tryint to lick us too! Eee-uuu!

We are sorry to hear your Mum has to abandon you and get back to school. But it was so nice you had her those days.
Lovely photos Eric !
Love & purrs from Mr Woo xx
Thanks for the Cornish tour. That was great. We enjoyed it a lot.

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