Monday, May 18, 2009


Multi Mancat Monday - Captions Please!

If you can stop Marmite coming in my garden, I'll see about getting you some treats okay.

Are you and Skinny becoming friends Eric?
I'm bigger than you are.
Eric: Ummm....can I help you??? That's *MY* stoop yur blocking!!

~Meeko & Kiara
I was here first, you go back!

Ooooh, did someone say treats?
this walkway isn't big enough for two of us! seriously...i take up the path.
This is a one way street, back up Skinny One, you are going the wrong way!.
hiya Eric and fambly. Fanks fur stoppin by...

About Daisy. Our Low cost place does not give any pain meds. We were saving money to get Daisy spayed at our regular vet, but we did not let her out. She is very sneaky and gotted out on her own. We had a problem with the old back door opening even when it was locked...That is now fixed.

Although our mom also believes there are lots of babies already out there needing homes, where life is alreddy made... den da babies deserve a chance to live. Maybe dey are here fur a reezon...

Katie Too.
Fat Eric looking into his thin past...

BTW, I found the blog you were talking about with the gal and her preggers cat. I gave her a piece of my mind, too. If you look at her past, she has been blogging for quite a while (several blogs) and has been asking for money for years for various reasons. I think I smell something and it doesn't smell all that great.

And, the blog I was talking about wasn't yours. Mine had a pregnant cat, a dog with heart worm and a dog with a broken leg. Can you imagine? My dogs are in a fenced yard and are never allowed off leash. If one got heart worm I'd bang my own head against a wall and a pregnant cat...not in MY house! On occasion I will foster a momma and her babies for our shelter so I can get my "kitten fix" but there is no way I'd ever allow one of my animals to bring more babies into a world where the shelters are on overload.

Sorry about the vent but I know you have the same feelings I do about spay and neuter and I just needed to unloadâ˜ș
This path isn't big enuff for two of us!
Deer Fat Eric.
We knohs dat Daisy should have been more closely monitored and dat we hads a problem wif our back door. We iz livin in a century old house dat needs remodeling and iz almost not livable in, but we havs noh choice.

Pleez sends us your email and we will talks nicely wifs u bout our livin situation n why we haz bin askin fur helps since Christmas (not for years)

We iz not bads just dis close ta honestly homeless...we lost our real house last year to the bank cuz our daddy purson gotted trubblez n mommy iz disabled. It not our mommiez fault and she hates askin fur help, but she don knoh what else ta do while she wait fur disability approval frum da state.

Please pleaze kittiez at our family blog - talks to KC and Auntie Deb who run da Cat Blogosphere afore judging folks.

We iz not judging u and we dont judge folks. It all right dat you didn't ask us furst... pleez be kind... cuz you dont knoh what hell others are goin thru.

Thanks fur lissening.
Yes I'm furry stoopid for letting Daisy out cat me and find a way out before she got spayed. I should have grounded her in my bedroom until I could get the money saved for her spaying... but I'm not a killer so I will look after her babies until they are born.

Our regular vet is really good, I just have too big a bill from them helping my boy cats with their health issues, or they would let me credit their surgeries to my account.

- Katie Kat

"Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle"
- James Barrie
Excuse me - you should be going this way round the path!
Before...and After!

Purrs with love to both Skinny and Eric,

Gypsy & Tasha
"Don't underestimate my ability to eat you."
Skinny: "Eric, when i grow up, will i be a big floofy mancat like you?"
Are you talking to me there???

Hugs GJ x
Hi want to go over to the little pond and try to catch some Newts?

Eric that is a great picture! Were there a before and after pictures you care to share?
Dood, I can not top Zeus's caption. ha ha ha

Poor Skinny, he needs more treats (as long as you still get your daily allotment!) and stinky goodness. Then he can be a handsome big Mancat like you!
We don't play the caption game well, so we just wanted to say happy Monday. We hope your mummy is feeling better.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie
Fat Eric always has the right of way. got some good ones already....

How 'bout...

Hey...this sidewalk isnt' big enough for the two of us...
"Ginger on the rocks" is a cool drink, but double ginger is too much...
We're no good at captions, but it's a funny pic.
Hey sweetie, thanks for the great job you did in the production of the next CCSI show. You have put in many long hours working for us and this only adds to the highest of standards we have to make sure that each show is better than the last one.
Don't forget to let all of your friends know about when to air.
See you tomorrow as we go to air!
Eric: Put it in reverse NOW!

What a great picture!
Hand over your Temptations now!
Beep beep ... coming through!
Not to be rude, but
" I crap bigger than you."
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