Friday, May 15, 2009


Saturday Caturday

I haven't been allowed to blog for a few days because I ate grass and then yakked on one of my mum's books (and the carpet). Not that I've been put off from nomming the yummy green grass...
My mum has a streaming cold and keeps sneezing and coughing, which is very disturbing if I am trying to sit on her because she doesn't keep still. It is raining too, so we will probably have a quiet weekend in while she drinks Lemsip and snivels into countless tissues. My dad keeps making jokes about swine flu. He thinks he is so funny!

Of course, it is Eurovision tomorrow night, so we have to do the traditional sitting in front of the TV for 3 hours laughing at the bizarre costumes and strange songs and wondering how many points the UK will get this year. My humans and I always enjoy that.

Lots of cat-related news stories this week:

Here's one about a kitty who wants to be a film star.

Click here to read about another kitty who did something furry dangerous!

This is a story about a grumpy floofy cat who somehow travelled far from home...

And here are some funny pictures of a kitten being pestered by a budgie!

Hope your humans are less germ-infested than mine and you don't have so much rain. Have a good weekend!

You didn't yak up on her stuff on purpose, she shouldn't be so hard on you. But then people are weird that way!
Feel better soon Mum! Keep sitting on her Eric!! Good Job!
Oh I hope she feels better! I hate it when my human is sick.
i hope you feel better soon. remind the hubby that you are contagious and the more he jokes the more germs you will send his way!
We just know you will be taking great care of your Mum this weekend, Eric. Get well soon Eric's Mum!

We loved the video and articles on the cats. Thanks so much for sharing.
Keep purring on your mum. Let her sleep as much as you can, then rest some more.
I hope your mom feels better soon! You take good care of her! ok?
We hope your mum soon feels better. Our mum tells everyone who gets colds that they need Vicks First Defence. Neither of the Beans has had a cold since they started using it about 3 years ago, not even when they fly long haul.Even if you feel a cold starting, it stops it in it's tracks. Works for them anyway.
Give your mum plenty of cuddles Eric to get her feeling better quicker.
Oh poor mum and typical dad to make fun of her. I hope she is feeling better soon. We have also had rain rain and more rain. I hope our entry for eurovision does well, it is deff better than other years.

Hugs GJ x
Keep eatin grass, its good fer ya. Well, thats our claim, an we're stickin with it!
Eric, our momma just told uz dat da lady wif da kittenz should ask fur green paperz ta spay her kitty when da little kittenz hab new homez.

My momma furgotz what bloggy she was readin'. We do know dat she left da lady a remark about da kittiez and da doggy hit by da car and da doggy wif da heart worms. What's wif some folks anyway?

Oh, and Eric, Aurora Katrina asked youz a while back if she could join your Ginger Clubz and she hasn't herd back frum youz. Can she join? She can hab our momma send youz a pickie-ture.☺

An' if youz libbed at our house if youz urped up yucky frum youz tummy one of our dogz would come over and check it out ta see if it waz worth eatin'. Eeewwww, but dogz eatz just aobut ebbery-thing.
Yakking is part of the package, and green grass is irresistibly yummy.
We hope your mum gets better soon. Those were some really incredible stories. We hope your hair doesn't clog up any vents!

Hi Eric. We're sorry that you got put under house arrest for yakking grass...we mean...sheesh...that's what grass is for! to help clean all that floof out of our tummies!

Maybe your mum was just unusually out of sorts because she had that nasty cold. We sure hope she's feeling better soon, and we know your purring will help heal her.
Well, sometimes that happens. No reason for your Mum to keep you away from that good green grass ;-)

I hope your Mum is feeling better today.
The Lady finally let us on the computer for a little bit so we came right over to say hi. Hope your mom is all better now. We've been scrolling through and reading all the stuff we've missed, but our Lady keeps slowing us down by making AWWWWWW noises every time there's a picture of you. Maybe she'll be better about giving us computer time if we remind her that she can look at your floof more!
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