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Appalling Crime!

The story I am about to tell may shock you. It is a true story about an appalling crime that took place here recently!

This is Spike, who lives with our neighbours. You see that innocent-looking face? Do not be fooled!
It was supposed to be rainy all day but in the morning there was some unexpected sunshine. My mum decided to get some gardening done and went out to weed a flowerbed. I stayed inside snoopervising my dad painting the bannisters.

While my mum was pulling up clumps of grass that aren't supposed to grow in the flowerbed, Spike turned up and started nosing about to see what she was doing. Then he started playing a game with her where she held up long pieces of grass and he started batting at them. (Yes, I know, he is an Evil Intruder Kitty and has no business to be playing games in my garden at all!) He seemed to be enjoying playing with the long grasses so much that my mum decided to stop gardening and keep playing with him. She went and fetched one of my feather sticks, the yellow one that looks like this. I usually play with the blue one so I haven't played with the yellow one for a while.

My mum took the yellow feather stick out on to the patio and started playing with Spike. He was having a great time, jumping up for the feathers. My mum called my dad to come and look at him jumping up. you know what happened?


What makes it worse, when they saw him stealing the feather stick my humans were falling about laughing because they thought it was FUNNY!!!

My mum went next door to talk to the neighbours, who had been a bit surprised when they saw Spike coming home carrying a yellow feather stick. And do you know what? My mum said that if Spike liked the feather stick so much, he could keep it because I had others and I didn't really need it.

I AM OUTRAGED!!! What next - is Marmite going to come round and steal my Gizzy Quilt??? Where will this crime wave end?

Oh, fur da love of...stealing, just plain old theevery is what dat is. I mean, if yoo had sed "oh, go ahead and give the little intruder MY feather wand" it would be one thing but the humans just gave away YOOR feather...what mom? Um, mom sez when we get a job and pay for the toys we can be selfish...::we still think it's an outrage::
I am thoroughly outraged too! How could they just give away YOUR yellow feather stick??!?!?!!? You had better go sit on your Gizzy Quilt to keep it safely with you!

Purrrrrrrs, China Cat
You are right to be -- hehehe -- OUTRAGED -- snort -- Eric! Titter, teehee. He had no -- hahaha -- right to steal your -- rolling off the typing chair -- yellow feather stick.

Sorry, Eric. We've tried hard to to -- snicker -- but it is just too funny.
Eric, we're sorry...we're with the Funny Farm gang...we can't stop laughing at the thought of Spike when he showed up at his house with that feather toy in his mouth....

(pee ess. he shoulda gave it back though...heehee...)
Bless my paws and whiskers!!
That is a horrifying story, Eric.
I am so shocked and appalled I don't know what to say. Not that I play much with mine green feather stick, either.
But if mine red-dot ever went away... **shivers at the thought**
Demand extra treats for all the trauma you have been through!
Oh my goodness! What the???? I can't believe your fevvers were stolen. The nerve!
STOP! Thief! Thief! You could get some serious jail time for this, Spike!
That's terrible. We would have loved to see the look on Spikes owner's face when he came home with the feather stick!!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
My mom is laughing as she writes this for me! But I think it is terrible! What is the world coming to?
My mum is laughing too, but flipping heck, that is simply not on. I hope you get it back.

Hugs GJ

Dont forget yell if you need help
That's outrageous! I don't blame you for feeling that way. You have a right to all your own stuff. Your Mom had no right giving away your yellow feather wand.
Our mum is cackling like a hen. We have had stern words with her and told her it is not funny. Well, maybe it was a little bit funny when Spike arrived home carrying YOUR fev-ver stick.He's still a thief though. It's terrible!
We have had a dry mostly sunny day today but it is a lot cooler. It rained yesterday until about 4pm.
HAHHAHH Eric My momma is laffing sooo hard and even worse I am too!
But, I do know how it would feel some other kittie stealing your stash.. I means it's nad enoughs they steal your playtime with your momma.. sheesh hahahah
Oh dear, this is very, very bad. How dare your mum give that away without asking your first? And they laughed at it. Oh, that is just so bad. I have to go lie down, the excitement is too much for me.

I have heard of cat burglers, but this is totally uncalled for. Report him to the police!
What is this world coming to? A cat can't stay in da house to snoopervise wifout his fevvers gettin' tooked right outa his momma's handz☺
Oh,dear. Oh, deary dear.
Poor Eric.
Mum and Dad are laughing and laughing.
It's no laughing matter. Just because you haven't played with the yellow feather stick in a while, doesn't mean that your Mum is free to give it to anyone who shows up in your garden and looks cute.
Dude, it's getting serious. You have GOT to do something about all those intruders.
holy crappity crap crap crap
Eric, if you feel in need of some respite time away from your home which has clearly become intolerable palace of intrusion and felony, then our home and apes are available to provide you with a comfortable, schlurpy and safe from torment and intruders type holiday at short notice.

Schlurp and purrs from

That is definitely wrong of Spike and your mom!!

My mom is laughing and laughing because she has from time to time given away something or other that is MINE and said "Oh, Shilgiah won't mind...she has lots of toys!!" Having your mum give thing away that are yours is maddening.

But I've never had an intruder cat take one of my feathers but I would be spitting mad!
eric do they not kow the laws of porety

1. if i look at it it mine

2. if i dont play with it but think i might want to play with it is mine

3. if i say it mine it mine

4. if at any point it was mine it is mine

shhhh i mad for you buddy

mama laura stop laughing it not funny
I would have laughed too Eric, sorry!
That is AWFUL Eric!!! Gosh, dat's turrible.
Poor Erif, to have your toy stolen and then given away right under your nsoe.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie
I've given you an award! Stop by and pick it up.
You know Eric, you shouldn't blame poor Spike. It sounds like he's an innocent party there. I hate to say it, but the real culprit is your Mom!! If she hadn't given Spike your feather, he couldn't have taken it home. This opens the larger question of where her true loyalty lies.
This is very, very disturbing.
Wait, yer Mum not onlt PLAYED wif the introoder kitty, but let hin staeals one of yer toys? Oh Bast!

Bite her toes tonight! Mebbe pee inna shoe too!
OMG we feel your pain Fat Eric ~the Fluffy Tribe
Oh Eric! That is terrible. We're not sure who deserves the most punishment - the introoder cat, or your mom for condoning the crime! The cheek of it!
oh. my. cat.

you mean yer mum let the introoder haf yer fev-ver stick? retribution is called fur!!
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