Sunday, June 28, 2009


Easy Like Sunday With Dr. Eric

Here I am guarding the broken leg, the mum, the crutches, the laptop...I have a lot of responsibility! She has a new cast on now (not the one in this picture) which doesn't include her foot in the cast, which makes her happy. It still goes all the way up from her ankle to the middle of her thigh. We have been sharing a lot of laptime and watching a lot of tennis this week. She has to go back to the hospital this week for another X-ray to make sure nothing has moved in her leg. The purring therapy continues...I will be worn out soon!

Alternate purring and schlurpng Dr Eric, it's easier on a chap. Don't forget to lick your Mum's foot now it's free of the cast. Good luck with the X ray Eric's Mum!

You and your mum look wonderful together. It's good to see her smiling. Maybe you should ask your mum to paint the bottom of your paws so you can sign her cast! I think that would be awesome.
I'm glad to see your mom smiling! It looks so uncomfortable.
Did you know I read somewhere that cats purr at the frequency that causes bones to heal (which is why cats heal quickly from any broken bones)... perhaps you are helping her very quickly!
Wow Eric! You are doing such a great job at purr-therapy. We are impressed. Your Mom is sure lucky to have you.

that a big job your doing there and it take a big ginger cat to do it. You doig a great job purr thepy is hard work i hope your getting payed well wiff greenies for all your hard work

Maxie and Lilly Lu
Great job, Eric! Keep up the good work. Glad your mom is doing better, but then you're on the job.
Aw, Dr. Eric! You're doing such a good job there! We're sure your mum's leg is going to be better in no time!
You are doing a good job as guardian of the leg. We are sure you are making your mum feel a lot better with your purrs. We hope everything looks good in her Xray.
Your mum has a lovely smile even with her poorly leg.. Hope its healing ok..

Glad to see you are looking ater her well..

Hugs GJ x
I am sorry your mom got a hurt leg!!

Dr. Eric!! I think you are a good guardian! Great photo of you two! Hope your mom gets better fast!
Great job, Dr. Eric! We're sure your mum realizes how lucky she is to have you take care of her. We hope she keeps healin and gets out of the cast soon!

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew
That is a great photo. You don't realize it Eric, but you are speeding your mum's recovery by being lapcat. Really, I wouldn't lie to you.

Hi Dr Eric, you are doing a wonderful job helping your Mum's broken leg heal...look at the beautiful smile on her face! we hope your great purr therapy will have her feeling better soon.
It is so good to see your mum with a smile on her face. My mum would be all crabilated for sure, moaning and groaning.

What I don't see in the picture is treats for you Eric. How are you supposed to keep up your strength to purr if you don't get treats all the time.

I purr every day for your mum, we need her better soonest.
Dr. Eric, you're just what the doctor ordered. Your mum needs your care stat!
We can't imagine a sweeter or better nurse than you, Eric. You be sure that you purr an' purr an' purr soz youz momma getz better soonâ˜ș
What an excellent Doctor and Purr Machine you are Eric! Perhaps you could just have your mom play that old recording of you purring from time to time and give you a chance to nap. Don't wear yourself out Eric. We are sending healing purrs for your mum too so go take a nap...good boy.
Eric you are clearly an expert - and your Mom should get better in no time at all.

We're sending her healing purrs.
We heard the same thing as Chey. So keep purring and your mum's leg will heal much more quickly. We are purring for her too.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie
Hi Eric! Nice to see you, Kate! Hope you are feeling better, and that you get well quickly. We are pleased to see Eric doing his favorite job.

Mom couldn't watch the tennis live, because she was at her day hunting gig. But she followed it, checking the Wimbledon site every 20 minutes or so.

Eric - keep up the good work!
We heard that about kitty purrs too, how they help bones heal so Mum is getting good therapy from you Eric! Keep up the good work! Bet you just love having her home!
Eric, you are doing such a fine job watching over your Mum and her broken leg!
It's a good thing that your Mom has you to watch over her and make sure that she rests. I hope she gets well soon.
You are doing a wonderful job, Dr. Eric!

Mom laffed and laffed at your comment about Gandalf being "well-upholstered". He weighs 13.6 pounds and should only weigh 11 pounds. The new dry cat food is prescription because Gandalf had a bad episode last weekend with a nearly obstructed urethra. He was diagnosed with Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease. The new food is supposed to lower the pH in his urine. The portion control should help him to lose some weight.

I am now at my ideal weight! My portion control should keep me that way!
Hello from your new friend Brian. You sure are enjoying laptime. I haven't gotten into that habit, I've delegated it to my sister Zoe.
Hi Dr. Eric,

You seem to have a great lapside manner, which should definitely speed up your mum's recovery.
That cast might make a nice scratching post. I'm just sayin'
I hope your mummy's better soon. It's bad to have to wear a cast in this hot weather.
I suggest that while she's at the hospital, you get a quick nap to recuperate and recharge your purrer!
Yoor doing a bang up job of taking care of yoor mom...yoo even gots her to smile.
Hi Eric, take care of your mom ;-)
Nice to meet you. I will come and visit you again, have a nice weekend, miau, Nelly
What amazing work you are doing Eric...purrs work wonders!
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