Thursday, June 04, 2009


In The Garden

This week has been very odd weather-wise. First we had a heatwave. Then it cooled down again. I am glad it has cooled down a bit because when it was very hot I was not comfortable being out in the garden in my floofy furrs.

We have lots of flowers out at the moment. The alliums have finished now but they were very pretty.
My mum likes the giant poppies. We have had lots and lots this year.
And there are lots of roses out at the moment.
I have been checking out good places to lurk in the garden - finding hiding places from which I can leap out at any Evil Intruder Kitties. They won't spot me lurking here...
The caterpillars which were staying with us during the half-term holiday turned into chrysalises and my mum took them back to school. Yesterday they started hatching out into butterflies! Tomorrow my mum's class are going to release them and let them fly away. I wonder if any of them will fly here to live in my garden?

All of those flowers are beautiful! And Eric...we can barely see you in there...that really is a good hiding place!
Ooohhhh flutterbuys!!! sounds like you were a good caterpillar sitter while mom was away!
Gosh Eric, we thought that when you get hot you'll just go take a dip in the pool.....!!!!
You are well camoflauged in the grass, so get those EIK's when they come by. Your garden is nice, our alliums are in full bloom and the poppie's look like alien heads yet.
That is a good spot to lurk Eric. It has been very hot here as well and mum has been waiting until nearly dark to take us for our walks. It is exciting at night because we hear all sorts of different noises. It was a bit cooler today but still to hot for us to go walking.
All the pretty flowers and all the wonderfuls garden to stalk.. woah you has a life buddie! :)
Oh wow! Look at all those beautiful flowers! You have a beautiful garden, Eric!
You have such a beautiful garden, Eric, that I wouldn't be surprised if some of the butterflies did choose to live there.
Great lurking photo.

Those are such amazing flowers!! So pretty!
Oh my goodness, Eric. We can hardly see you lurking there!
You sure found a good hider place there.I love your flowers, but how lovely the school got butterflies to hatch. We dont have enough butterflies in our country anymore. I hope you get some in your garden.

Hugs GJ x
Beautiful flowers Eric, we love your garden.
Those are very beautiful flowers and you have found a great hidey spot, you're very well camouflaged! I'm sorry you fell in the pond, especially as you were doing a good deed by protecting your newts :) xxx
Lovely flowers, perfect weather for hanging out in the bushes. FAZ
We know what you mean. Tues eve Jan had to break down and turn on the air so we didn't die while she went to a meeting. She only used it one day since, as it has been cooler and rainy. Go figure. The weather does what it wants.
You are so lucky to have so many pretty flowers to look at! We have some marigolds, but they are outdoors and I can't get to them!
Those flowers are lovely, but they're nothing compared to your gorgeous fluffy self. Come out so we can see you better!
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Many Thanks!
Eric, what a great hiding place you have! You blend in so wonderfully!!!

Kodak, 3 perf and Blossom
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