Friday, June 19, 2009


International Box Day

Today, all the kitties at the Cat Blogosphere are celebrating International Box Day and posting pictures of themselves in boxes. I have had a look through my pictures - I haven't been in any boxes recently but I found some old pictures.

Five and a half years ago when my humans moved house, our house was full of boxes of books until the bookshelves got put up. The piles of boxes were very good for sitting on and snoopervising. Here I am with my sister Hattie sitting on the boxes.
And here I am sitting in a box which my mum was about to use for posting some presents to Cornish Grandma. A purrfect fit, don't you think?
And this is still one of my mum's all-time favourite sleeping upside down in a box!
Thank you very much for all the purrs and good wishes for mum's broken leg. She had the CAT scan done on it yesterday and now she has to wait till the consultant has looked at the scan results. She is all set up in a chair with her leg up on another chair and all the things she needs laid out within reach, like the phone and the laptop and TV remotes and me, of course, on permanant standby for lap-time! We really appreciate everyone's good wishes.

Happy International Box Day, everyone!

Owr favrit is da one of yoo upside down in da box too. Best healing wishes to yur Mum!
Oh Eric, these pictures were so, so funny. (PS... that l'il box is a purrfect fit!)
But the upside-down-nap is priceless. Happy Box Day!

To your Mum from ours: all the best wishes and prayers for a fast healing, enjoy the r-and-r time.
We love your box photos!
We really feel awful for your Mum! We hope that her leg heals fast!
Haha! We think we saw the upside down photo before and we love it too. Are you sure that box in the middle photo is a good fit? Just asking. We like the photo of you with your sister too.
We hope the cat soon tells your mum the result of the scan and everything is all right. We are sending her more purrs.
You have some of the very bestest box photoz ebber! Boy, some kittiez reely ♥ their boxes!
Happy box day, and big purrs and Mom hugs for your Mom Eric!
Awesome box pictures, Eric! Especially that last one! We can't stop laughing!

We are so sorry and sad for your Mum and that broken leg. We know you will be a big help to her as she recovers.

(((HUGS))) and purrs.
we LOVE the last pikshur of you!!!

purrrrrrrssssssss to your mom!!
Hahaha! Eric, how did you manage to sleep upside down in that box?? Good going!

Hope your mom is doing okay...we're purring for her....
Great box pics, Eric. It looks like you busted right out of that second one! Love the one with your legs sticking up.
Hi Eric, it's so nice to meet you! That pic of you upside down on the box is purrrfect.

We're sending purrs to your mum, we're sorry to hear about her leg. But we see you're looking at the bright side of things, with all the time she'll have for you now! :) Take good care of her.

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew
Bugsy, Sassy, Callie, Roxy, and Pixie, and Their Mommy
I liked that first photo of you and Hattie. It makes us see how much you two looked alike!

I am glad that your person is all set despite her injury. We look forward to seeing how everything turns out.
Happy Int'l Box Day to you too!

How is your mom doing? Is your dad surviving the litter duty?
Our favorite is the upside down boxed Eric too! Your poor mommy! Thank goodness she has you to take care of her and keep her relaxed. Hopefully they gave her good medicine to take the pain away. Mommy thinks it is sad that the only time beans get to have pain meds they are in pain can don't get to enjoy them! ha ha ha

Bendrix and I are turning our purr and prayer buttons on high that your mommy heals up really fast. In the meantime, we're happy to telyport over and patrol your garden while you are on mommy duty.
oh eric we came by to purr for your mom! we hope she's ok and feeling better soon. Btw, we LOVE the sleeping picture too! it's fantastic!
Purrrs to your Mum Eric, we hope she recovers fast!! We love your Box pictures!! Especially the upside down one!! Happy International Box Day!
Your FL furiends,
Happy Box Day, Eric! That last picture is super cute.

We are purring and purraying for your mom to heal up quick.

Happy Box Day!
More purrs to your mom!
The upside-down photo is cool!

Eric, if your mom has to spend a long time in a cast, maybe she could find a product called "Dry Pro Watertight pump cast covers." My Daddie had surgery on his heel and he was in a cast for a couple of months. With this cover, you can go in a regular shower because it forms a perfect seal. Also, your mom should ask the doctor about a temporary handicap hangtag for her car so she can park closer. Walking for any distance with crutches is real hard!
Eric, we've never seen your sisfur Hattie before so it was really speshul to see you both sitting on a box tgether. And of course we loved "purrfect fit" pic and the upside down sleeping.

Huge rumbly purrs for your Mom - we are keeping our paws crossed that her poorly leg gets better soon. And our Mom and Dad send her get well wishes too.

Enjoy time wiv you Mom and have a great weekend.
We liked seeing the picture of you and Hattie, but our favorite is the one of you napping upside down...
We're purring hard for a quick recovery for your Mum!
Take care,
Toby and Cupcake
Your box pictures are wonderful! The lady wants to pet your fuzzy little paws and tail in that last one. We're all sending Mega Purrs for your mom's leg (but how great for you that you've got a permanent lap fur a long time, right?). Purrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
HeHe, we love your box pictures, the last one is our favorite.

Mom is very sorry to hear about her leg. Mom was an art teacher and she was always climbing on chairs and tables. (It was against the rules, but if she waited for the custodian to help, it would never get done). She says she can see exactly what your mom did in her head. She's really sorry you have stairs in your house. Maybe you can set up a box downstairs to sleep in til you leg gets better.
Eric, that last picture of you is great! We hope your mum isn't in too much pain with her hurty leg. It is nice that you get extra lap time tho. It sounds like your mom has almost everything she needs (she will probably think of something else and not be able to reach it).

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie
Those pictures are lovely. the lat one is a priceless gem.

So glad your mum is doing a little better. I hope the results are good..

Hugs GJ xx
Those are great pictures!
We were really sorry to hear about your Mum and we will send healing purrs to help!

I think that box to Cornish Auntie might be a little small, but you made good use of it. Continuing purrs for your mum.
Happy IBD to you too Eric! Those are fun pictures!

We are sorry to learn your Mum broke her leg. Please tell her my Mom feels for her. It was just a little over a year ago when she broke her foot and had to use those clompy things to help her walk. We will purr and wag our tails very hard for her to heal really fast and really well.

Zeke, Sushi, Tiger Lily and Ruckus

p.s.: I do not remember if I gave you the URL for my new blog: I hope you are able to visit me sometime.

Tiger Lily
We like the upside down sleeping box. too. Purrs to your Mom.
That last box picture is SO great! MOL!

Purrs fer yer mom and the busted leg. Ouchie!
Hahaha. That sleeping pic is priceless.

Happy belated box day.

PS: We heard about the leg. Purrs for your human.
Awww...those are very cute pictures of you in boxes. We specially like the one of your feets hanging out of the box...that's cute!!!!
We love that last picture too! It looks as if the box has swallowed you!
Are the kitty treats within her reach? It is important that she doesn't have to get up for those. She can just reach for the bag & toss you a couple now & then.
I had no idea that there was such a day, but I do think you celebrated it brilliantly! Terrific pictures!
I so glads to sees dat you gots to do International Box Day, sorry I didn't gets over here sooner to see it!

MOL, hehehe, dey is very cute box pictures!
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