Friday, June 12, 2009


Me And My Shadow

After a week of miserable weather, the sun has come out again, yay! Now I can contemplate my shadow again when relaxing on the human bed.
I realised that I have not yet shown off the amazing cushion my Cornish Auntie made for us. Isn't it lovely?
Cornish Auntie is so clever and she sewed nearly all of it by hand. So many stitches!
I think she should make cushions for all of us kitties! Thank you Cornish Auntie!

Cornish Auntie is very talented! That cushion is adorable...and yes, she should make cushions for all of us!
What a lovely cushion. Of course it would be even lovlier if you were sitting on it Eric.

She's talented Eric! Looks just like you the way the orinch comes down over your one eye!
We have just read of Spike and the Yellow Feather Stick Caper! How outrageous! He is an outright thief and in bold broad daylight too!
And entertaining your parents at the same time.... cheeky little man!
That is a lovely cushion that Cornish Auntie made. The kitty looks very content.
We haven't had any sun today, it has been dull and drizzling all day long.At least we missed the rain when there was flash flooding.
I agree too. We all need one of those, it is very lovely. You have a clever aunt.

Hugs GJ x
That's a lovely cushion from your auntie. How lovely of her!
Your shadow is HUGE! how cool if we could grow that big when we needed! hee
Momma loves your pillow lots, your auntie is very talented :)
what a great pillow!
Hi Eric. Your Cornish Auntie is very talented! that's a lovely cushion and she made the kitty look just like you, even with the swashbuckling orange patch over one eye and the sweet smile and floofy tail!
That cushion is totally pawsome!! Your Cornish Auntie is very talented!
How loverly of your Cornish Auntie to make that for you. I hope it is comfy to nap on.
Eric, your cushion is wonderful. Your auntie is very talented. We are glad that you are getting some sun. It is nice to take a nap in sun spots.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie
Hi Eric,

I'm king valrohna (aka Hudson), and I'm new. The cushion Cornish Auntie made is so cute & looks comfy.

Eave a nice weekend!
Your cushion is very cute and I am so glad to see somebuddy is enjoying some sunbeams.

We miss them, but know they will be back soon.
oh that IS a nice pillow and look you are on it Fat Eric. You are a celebrity ~the Fluffy Tribe
We like to see the handiwork of someone who loves to sew!

Enjoy that bright sunshine, Sir Eric...
That is such a cool pillow! We like your shadow too!
Cornish Auntie is very talented indeed. That is a gorjuss cushie.
That is really a nice pillow for you!
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