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Well, not much to report. Thank you again for all the good wishes for my mum's broken leg. It is a week now since she did it. She is getting a bit annoyed with the hospital because she is supposed to be going there again any day, but the consultant can't make up his mind whether he wants to do an operation on her leg, or just put it in a different cast. So until he finishes looking at her scans and making up his mind, we are just waiting around. It is a bit monotonous but at least I get LOTS of lap time!

My dad is off work at the moment as he has been able to bring some work home from his office and take some leave to look after my mum and drive her to her appointments. So we all get up a bit later in the morning and eventually mum crawls downstairs on her bottom and gets to her armchair and then I sit on her. I help her eat the meals that dad makes and I snoopervise him doing the laundry and the cooking and the gardening and stuff.

The Wimbledon tennis is on, so mum and I have been watching that in the afternoons. It is nice and sunny, but mum is getting frustrated that she can't go and do things to her plants in the garden. Also she has some pictures on the camera of me looking after her leg, but she hasn't been able to download them yet on the upstairs computer because it is much harder for her to use than the laptop (because her plaster cast doesn't fit under the desk), and dad doesn't know how to do photo things on the computer. So here's an older picture of me looking cute and floofy. Do not worry, I have the situation well under control!
By the way, we have not seen the Skinny One for a week, I know he is an Evil Intruder but I hope he is OK...

I hope that the technician makes up his mind soon or else your Momma will have healed and he won't have done anything!
Jeez! I hope that bean doctor guy makes up his mind soon. Your mommy must be going bonkers, I know mine would. Thank goodness she has you to take care of her, and your daddy of course.

Perhaps some beans in your neighborhood are taking care of the Skinny One? He may have a nice shady spot and a full food dish down the block. We'll hope so.

Purrrrrrrs to you all.

PS I gave you an award!
Thank Cod your Mum has you there, Eric, to help out! Maybe the skinny one knows your Mum is being held captive inside and going elsewhere for visits.

We hope your Mum hears something soon!
You are being such a good snoopervisor!!! We hopes your mum gets well soon!!
We know what your mom is going through! After all those weeks with my Daddie in a surgical dressing, then a cast, then a walking boot, we know how frustrating it can get not to be able to do the things you want to do.
I hope your mum and dad know that qualified nursing duties such as what you're providing calls for extra treats. You have to keep your strength up, otherwise, who knows what would happen??
Well, at least you got extra lap time, so something good happened from your Mum's broken leg.
What a good nurse you are, Eric! We hope your mum's leg heals quickly! *purrs*
I love your face in that picture.. Sorry your mum is not getting the proper care from the docs for her leg. Tell her to put her foot down( no pun intended)

Purring loudly for mum.

I also hope the skinny one is ok..

Hugs GJ xx
We hope dat soon youz momma knows what is goin ' on wif her leg! We are happie dat you are dere ta snoopervise all dat youz dadda is doin' 'round da house cuz we is sure dat he needs it!
A broken leg is no fun at all - we do so hope your human doesn't have to have an operation and her leg heals as quickly as possible but at least you both get to watch loads of tennis. My human is off to see it on Friday - Court 1 - so wish us luck with the weather. Just like today would be perfect. FAZ
We're sure you're taking good care of your mum, lap time along with the occasional extra headbutt and face lick are imperative of course! We hope the bean vet will figger out what to do soon and get her fixed up.

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew
Wow, Eric, I know what hard werk it is keeping up wif a bean in one of those cast thingies. My mom broked one of her legs a few yeers ago and I took care of her too. It took a lot of purring and snuggling to get her better. And then wen she was walking around on those stik things, it was fun to try to run owtside wenever she came in the dore. Then she wood hop arownd on one foot trying to catch me!

Sending lots of purrs to help yore mom get better.

Yore frend Buddy
Our daddy is on his crutches again because the leg he had cancer in is hurting again. After his surgery he had bandages & puffy cast thingies and they are no fun for anyone in them. He used to scoot around just like your mum! Purrs to Mum and wehope she Doesn't have to scoot on her bottom too much longer!!!
You're being a good helper and comfort to her.
Eric, it sounds like you are doing a good job taking care of your Mum. We hope the technician makes up his mind soon. That must be very frustrating for all of you. We are glad your daddy is able to take some time off and/or work from home to help out too.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

PS - we hope the skinny one is okay.
Eric, we hope your mom leg feels better...with you taking care of her, we know it will!

Hope Skinny shows up soon...
Eric it sounds like you are making an excellent job of looking after your mum. It is hard work being a nurse but at least you get lots of extra laptime. We hope the consultant soon makes up his mind what he wants to do. A week is a long time for him to decide.
We hope the skinny one is okay.
Gee, we hope the doctor gets his act together soon and decides what to do about your mum's leg. You are doing an awesome job snoopervising everyone. Keep up the good work.

It's hard being a nurse, but I hope they figure put what is best for your Mum's leg!
ps - I am thinking good thoughts for the skinny one too!
Eric you really have your paws full with this broken leg thing. Continuing purrs for your mum.
Your poor Mom! I hate that she hurt her leg. We'll be purring for a quick recovery. Hopefully a new cast is all she needs, and not surgery.

You look very cute today! We are sending more healing ourrs to your Mom for her poorly leg and hope the doctor makes a decision soon!
Sounds like you've got your dad organized, and lotsa lap time - so things aren't too bad!
Make sure you look afta your Mom.
Many purrs for your Mum to get well soon!
My brother Ludwig
sending to you lots of purrs to help yore mom get better.Boris
I so sorry to hears dat your momma waitings around till dey wants to decide and dat she get do what she wants! Momma knows how dat is.

Sendings more purrrrrrrrrrrrrs to her so dat her leg heals fast and she no hurts!

You is very cute!
That sounds, hmmm, not so bad. We hope the Skinny One is OK.
I haven't been online for a while and I just heard about your Mum's broken leg. I really hope that her doctor makes up his mind soon and does whatever needs to be done to help her heal faster. I am sure that your lapsitting is doing her a world of good.
Please forgive my fathead of a human for not getting over here sooner. We hope your Mom is doing better today and that the silly doc's figure out what they want to do!

Is there anything from 'Mericky that we can send over to help with the healing?
I hope your mum feels much better, Eric. That must be terrible having to sit around all day and do nothing. I am sure you are taking good care of her. Get well soon, Eric's mum!
Just dropped by for a quick...


Oliver ;)

PS Your tongue must be gettin' a bit tired!
Yoo am lookin pretty sleek in dat picshure. Keep takin care of yur Mum. Da prollem wif doze puters is dat if yoo haf more than one yoo always has to go back an forth to get fings. It is called a pain in da butt in human werds.
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