Monday, June 01, 2009


On Guard

Well. Thank you for all the sympathy I got after the terrrible Falling In The Pond incident last week. As you know, not only was I traumatised but then I was unable to blog for a week due to my cold-hearted human's decision to go gallivanting off to Barcelona with Cornish Auntie when she should have been soothing my fevered brow.

Anyway, my mum is back, suntanned and full of stories about how she saw some famous footballers, and now she is moaning about being tired and having to go back to work today, but I insisted she helped me blog. After all, she did abandon me and leave me in charge of looking after my dad, the plants, the house and the school caterpillars, I think I deserve some attention now! We all survived fine without her (um, except for one of the caterpillars...R.I.P. little fellow!)

I'm sure you could guess that it was that Marmite's fault that I fell in the pond. What happened was that I caught him trying to catch my newts again. I chased him and, trying to get away from me, he did a big leap and jumped right over the pond to the other side. I followed him but, well...let's just say I did a big leap but didn't quite make it all the way across. Although I jumped straight out again, I was very wet and dirty and cross. (The newts were quite upset too). It took me a couple of days' hard grooming but I am back to my usual floofy self now.

It has been very hot here for the last few days. We have lots of flowers in the garden, I will try to post some flower pictures soon. After the Pond Incident I have been guarding the newts around the clock. Here you can see me combining a nap in the sun with newt-guarding...
Even when it gets dark I am ready to do my bit to protect the newts from Marmite! Notice I am employing the laser eyes too.
Just wait till the next time he comes round...

You are doing a good job of guarding your newts.It looks to be a nice cool spot for lookout duties. We are glad you have recovered from your dip in the pond.
Your mom must have a mean streak if she can't sympathize with a wet, traumatized kitty, but has to abandon you to your fate. We're so glad you survived.


Sam, stop laughing! It isn't funny! Eric is a cat, not a dog.
Keep guarding those newts, Eric!
What a great job you are doing guarding the newts, Eric. We are sorry Marmite got away (and you fell in the pond). We bet he won't escape a second time.

Roxy & Lucky
Eric, guardian of newts!
Oh no, you fell in the pond!!! That's no fun at all!
We are sure the newts are quite grateful for your vigilance!
The kits are starting to stink. You may have to come over & groom them.
We're glad to hear you suffered no lasting damage from your dip in the pond. We can't blame you for being rather cross -- the indignity of it all... :-(

Welcome home to your mum!
You keep good watch on your newts. Marmite needs to back off and leave them alone.
Eric, what adventures you have been having! Fancy falling in the pond! We're glad you're OK save for injured pride!

Mind you, you are doing a grand job snoopervising the Newt and saving him from Marmite. We hope the Newt appresheates your efforts - wot wiv you getting wet in the call of duty and everything!

And the poor catapilla (RIP wee chap) wot a shame!

We think your lazer eyes are brill!
Erm, you may need to lose some of the floffiness before you can successfully jump across the pond. :)
I can NOT believe your mommy abandoned you after the trauma you went thru. If you ever want to telyport over here, you're welcome. Mommy may be kinda cranky, but she always feels bad about not playing with me and then I get more treats.

Marmite better watch out! Eric is on duty and ready to protect those newts
You are so welcome back, I missed you. I am glad your mum is back and you made her blog for you.

Those eyes should do the trick in the guarding department.

Hugs GJ x
Marmite is nothing but trouble!!
What a clever kitty to combine newt guarding with a nice nap in the sun. Furthermore, Marmite wouldn't dare cross your lazer eye guarded path again.
You dried off really well and look floofier than efer!

~Slash & Bronzy
Yer lucky. I astepped onto the hard water on the pond one Winter and it broke unner me. The Big Thing saw me fall in and ran out an pulled me out. I couldn't get out myself. That was the coldest I efer been!

Excellent lazer eyes!
Eric we are horrified that you fell into the pond! Poor you!

That Marmite is nothing but trouble. What a good cat you are guarding the newts from Marmite. You deserve a Wildlife Hero award from BBC Springwatch.

Happy (and dry guarding)

Whicky Wuudler
The newts must have been very surprised when you suddenly fell into the pond...

Marmite is in BIIIG trouble now - you using the laser eyes and all.

We look forward to an update.
That Marmite! I'm glad you managed to hop right out of the pond. It looks like you are in a better spot now, and back to your good ol' floofiness.
FE you do such a goood job grading i think you should get some extra greeens

Lilly Lu & and That ginger maxie too
Your Newts are very lucky to have you keeping watch over them. What a good boy you are, Eric!
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