Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Weird Stuff Going On - Purrs Needed!

Wednesday should be Gingersday, but weird stuff has been going on here. Yesterday my humans both got up and went off to work as usual. My mum goes to work at her school, which is only about 15 mins from our house, and my dad gets the train to work in central London. I was doing my normal weekday routine of napping, snacking, bathing and looking out of the window to check for Evil Intruder Kitties, not expecting my mum to get back from work till about 5 p.m., but then weird stuff happened!

First my dad arrived home much too early at about 2.30 p.m., and he hardly stopped to talk to me before he got the car and went off again. Then about an hour later he came back in the car with my mum, but she had this weird white plaster cast all down her left leg, and was using these scary metal sticks to walk! I ran away from those clomping metal sticks straight away. Then when she wanted to go upstairs she had to crawl up on her bottom, which seemed to be a big effort. Then she went to bed and didn't get up again until this morning.

Apparently she was at school and her class had just gone off to the hall to have lunch. She decided to hang their artwork from the ceiling and - stupid mum! - she stood on one of the classroom tables to do it. When she went to step down from the table on to a chair, the chair tipped over and she fell down on the floor with her leg stuck in the chair legs. Then she found she couldn't get up again and she had to call one of her colleagues who was walking past the door. Twenty minutes later she was on her way to hospital in an ambulance! Silly mum broke her leg! Now she is fed up because she has to drag this heavy plaster cast round. She has to go back tomorrow to have a CAT scan (wonder what sort of kitty that is?) I have done some purring on her already, but I think this broken leg thingy could go on for some weeks, I may need extra help from my friends to maintain a 24-hour purring rota!

P.S. I suppose I should look on the bright side - dad gets to do all the cat feeding and the litter box cleaning, and mum will be off work for weeks so think of all that extra mum-time I will get, and all that extra lap time!

Oh your poor Mum!!! It must have been so scarey for you seeing her with those metal sticks and her leg covered in plaster. But looking on the bright side, she is yours 24/7 now!

Purrs to your Mum!
Aw, Eric, yur poor mum! And poor you! I mean, what dad knows how to propurrly feed da cat? I wish yur mum was home fur a better reason. Don't let her get dopted by that scannin CAT! We'll help you provide furr an purr therapy 24/7. We's hear anytime, dude!
Victor & Nina
Oh the horror! It just sounds horrible with the description of falling off the table with her leg stuck in a chair.
Of course you can count on us to take shifts for the healing purrs!
We hope when the cat scans her all goes well. Those hospital cats are smart ones!
Oh, no, Poor Eric and Mum!
We are purring and praying for her and you.
Mum says she nearly went nuts with the itching as her broken wrist healed 2 winters ago.
Tell Mum she needs to sit in the beautiful garden with you and drink many cups of tea!
Mom saw it on Facebook and told us all about it, Eric! We think you'll be getting some extra Mom time for sure. We are purring for a speedy recovery and a normal CT scan.
Oh Eric, we are so sorry that your mom has a hurty leg. We will purr and purr for her. We are glad you are getting extra mum time, but there had to be a better way to get it.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie
Oh NO! Please know that we are purring for you Mom - that must be terrible!
Oh noes! What a terrible, scairty thing to happen. I hope your mom's leg is not too terribly hurty. I am sending her my very, very best purrs.
Oh, no! We are purring and tail wagging for your poor mom. She must be glad to have your company at a time such as this. Just be sure to stay off the steps when she's walking up the stairs backwards on her butt. She could sit on you.

Oh, and be nice to your dad too.
We posted some purrs on yesterday's post for your Mum as soon as we saw about her poor leg. So here we are sending some more. Oliver thinks it's not all bad because your Mum won't be able to move fast if you want to get in some hard core schlurping action.

Big rumbly purrs for your Mum

Oliver (schlurp)
& Gerry
oh! we is furry sorry to hear yer mum has had such breakage!! we hopes she feels better right away--an' you is right to keep outta range of them metal sticks. be glad they hafn't put her in a rollin' metal monster like max & buddah's dad:

an' yes, it was nitro in trouble wif the spaghetti sauce. funny how you knew that!;-)
Eric, we're really sorry to hear your mom broke her leg...we're purring for her and we hope she is doing okay...but we like that you are finding a silver lining in that dark get lot of extra mom time!!!
We are sending more purrs to help heal your mum's leg.We hope it is not too painful.
Our mum said she will email your mum.
Eric, we are purring and purraying for your Mum ... we know how terrible a broken limb is for the beans, our Momma broke her shoulder a few years ago and had to have a screw put in it. She was off work for a long time too. We hope she has some good pain killers to help her thru this ... hee hee! Please give her lotsa hugs from us.
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam, Simon and Momma Jan too!
You bet I have been purring since I found out. Don't let the metal stick things get you and for goodness sake, don't trip up your mum. One broken leg is enough!

Sending speedy-healing vibes and purrayers to your Mum! (Next time, let her know she should leave climbing to experts like cats!)
Your poor Mum! We hope her Cat scan is ok tomorrow and that she heals quickly.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
Momma told us about this when she read about it on Facebook. I have had my little motor going since then. I will make Cheysuli purr too.
Oh, your poor Mom. Hope she will get well soon and have that silly plaster removed in no time.
Oh my!! Your poor mum! And with a cast for the summer! You be extra good to her, Eric. Be sure to share your treats and toys with her--that will cheer her up.
Oh my goodness!! Purrrs for your Mum!! We are ready to purr any time you need us Eric!! We hope the cat scans her up and fixes her quick!!
Your FL furiends,
Oh noes! Well, at least yoo will haf time wif yoor mom. We sure hope it's not to hurty. Does yoor dad know how to do yoor food da right way?
Oh no! Your poor Mom. Please tell her straight away that we are sending her BIG rumbly healing purrs. And our Mom sends her get well wishes too.

More Mom time is good though - it's just a pity she hadta break a leg for you to get it!
Sorry about your mums leg, she must be very sore. My mum takes CT scans, it should be very easy and quick and we hope the results are good.

Tell her to take it easy, and enjoy having her at home.


Mum and Poppy Q
Ohmygoodness! So sorry to hear about your mom's fall and broken leg.... OUCH!! Please let her know we are sending her our very best healing vibes!
Oh Eric, your poor mum. That is so not fun! And painful! I can send Lucky over right away for an emergency pug hug and snuggle visit. That should make your mum happy. Pugs are excellent for getting people to relax, stay still and heal!

oh noes! I was comings over here to lets you knows dat I hopes to gets to knows you better and I sees dat your momma hurts her leg. So sorry for your poor mum, I hopes you gives her lots of luvs. I will sends her lots of purrrrrrrs for you too!

I puts your link on my blog so I can come visit you agains!

oh NO .... this is awful, Eric. I will be sending her lots of purrs, because it must hurt her a lot. I know you will be a very good Nurse for her, and I recommend lots of snuggles. They will make you both feel better.
Your poor Mum! I hope she doesn't have to have the plaster on too long! At least she can enjoy more of your company :) xxx
We's sending lots of purrs and purrayers for yours sweet Mum.
oh no your poor mum I be purring that it not bad and she can enjoy you ginger compeny after all ginnger make the best compmeny

Sending you a lots of purrs to your mom.

Eric, we are so sorry your Mom got a broken leg.We will be purring here for her also. Enjoy your Mom time and help her heal up. Purrs can do that.
Oh dearest friends I am so sorry to hear this happened to your mommy! I know you are going to be happy that she is home with you for a while but you have to take good care of her now...she will need waiting on paw and paw!
Your daddy has lots to cover right now too. A mommy out of commission is quite a wakeup call....
Lots of healing hugs and purrrrs from Miss Peach at the cozy cottage...
Oh no! We're sorry to hear about your Mom's leg. When our Dad broke his leg almost 4 years ago, it took him a long time to recover.

You'd better rest up, Eric. You've got a lot of nursing duties ahead of you.
Oh goodness Eric! We are sending tons of purrs and tons of purrayers to you and your Mum! Give her lots of hugs from us, ok?

Luf, Us
Oh my gosh! I am SO sorry! That's the LAST time I climb up onto a classroom table. EVER!
Rest up Eric - you're in for lots of purrrrrrring! Get well soon Mom!
Poor Eric's mum! Sounds especially difficult getting upstairs. All three of us will send purrs to your mum so she will heal speedily.

Perhaps she should keep some cat food and treats up by her bedroom so incase while your dad is at work you should get hungry she could give you a bit.
Oh dear! Give your human lots of purrs and hope she gets better soon!
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