Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Eventful Week...And A Milestone

It's only Tuesday, but it's been a very eventful week already in my house. Yesterday my dad was supposed to get up at 7.15 a.m. to get ready for work but for some reason his alarm clock didn't go off. But luckily I was feeling hungry so at 7.20 I jumped on him and meow-meowed, which made him wake up and then realise his alarm hadn't gone off. Usually he isn't thrilled when I jump on him first thing in the morning, but this time he was pleased and called me a good little alarm kitty! After he fed me, I went back upstairs and snuggled up with my mum for a bit, because since she has been off work with her broken leg she hasn't been getting up that early.

Unfortunately, my humans haven't been so pleased with me since. Last night I waited till they had just gone to bed and turned off the lights and then I felt hungry so I started banging the door of my litter box loudly to get some attention. But that didn't work, so then I started making loud yakking noises in the hall at the bottom of the stairs. My dad put the light on and stumbled downstairs and said bad words, because I did actually yak a little on the carpet. After he cleaned it up I jumped up and down in front of my empty food bowl because now my stomach was empty I was really hungry. And guess what? He actually gave me some food to get me to shut up! Then he went back to bed, muttering. I really own him!

This morning after he had gone to work I waited for my mum to get herself up and dressed and downstairs. She opened the patio window so I could go out in the garden if I wanted to, and then she hobbled into the kitchen on her crutches to make herself some breakfast. Suddenly I saw Skinny Ginger kitty (who hasn't been seen around my garden for more than 3 weeks), lurking outside the window. I went out to chase him away but he didn't run! Next thing I knew, a red mist descended on me and we were REALLY FIGHTING!!! My mum heard us making a loud noise and came (well, not running but hobbling at top broken-leg speed) and saw a big ball of ginger fur flying on the patio. She yelled at us and waved her crutches and I suddenly realised I was in trouble! I skulked indoors and tried to look innocent and Skinny did the same outside. My mum checked both of us but couldn't see any blood or injuries, just a lot of bits of fur. You won't believe this, kitties - she called me a big bully, and I was only trying to defend MY territory! I think I should get treats for that.
(old photo, no fighting pics available!)

Then I decided to play a new game with my mum, where she hobbles across the room to get to her armchair and I jump up on the chair just before she gets there! Heh heh, that is lots of fun because she has to try to dislodge me while still using her crutches to stand up. I did it three times running this morning, I don't think she finds it as funny as I do.

So as you can see, even though it is only Tuesday it has really been a very eventful week already. My mum is going to visit her class tomorrow afternoon for the first time since she broke her leg 4 weeks ago. They have been missing her, apparently. There is only one week of term left and then they won't be her class any more. She is going to see a show they are doing on Friday too.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot...this is my 400th post!

Crikey Eric, what a week. Don't beat up Skinny puss, he needs a break due to being skinny. That chair game is brilliant, but don't get squashed! Congratulations on your 400th post!

I'd have a good old rest now if I was you, and of course many...


Eric I think you are having a stunning week! Congrats on the 400th post.
You have been busy! Congrats on the 400th post.
Wow Eric!!!! I'm surprised there was anything left of Skinny Kitteh by the time you were through with him. You are..errr.. a bit bigger than he, after all.
Congratulations on your 400th post, Eric! It sounds like you were a hero to make sure your dad got up in time.
Concats on your 400th post Eric.
It sounds like you are having a hectic week. We don't blame you for the red mist, Skinny needs to know it is your property.We hope your mum's leg is healing well.
Good grief Eric you have already had a week and a half and its only Tuesday. Dont be too hard on the ginger one or your mum please.

Glad mum is getting around better.

Hugs GJ xx
Been a rough week for you, Eric! Congrats on the 400th post. Sounds like you had fun with your mum, but be careful that she doesn't get re-hurted. We know you like having her home but you don't want her to get TOO banged up.

And it's good that you defend your territory from Skinny but it sounds like he's not a furever home kitty so maybe cut him some slack that he's not as lucky a kitty as you. But don't let him push you around, neither... ;)

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew
Dood! Awesome job on training the peopel! I, too, have yakked in order to get food. It works! It's amazing!

And congrats on #400!!
Wow, Eric! You've been busy and it's only Tuesday!! We can't wait to see what you do the rest of this week!

Congrats on your 400th post!!
Happy 400 to you. That is a bunch!
Wow, you have been busy already this week, Eric! Time to take it easy, pace yourself.... it's only Tuesday, my furiend!

Happy 400th Post! WOOHOO!
First off, concatulations on your 400th post. That is great!

We hope that you didn't get in too much trouble for defending your garden, but by the same token, it looks like he might not have a forever home, so he thinks of your garden as his home.

Great game to play with your Mum, but don't let her get re-hurt.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie
Boy, when the red mist hits you, your alter ego Bad Eric shows up. Glad no cat got hurt.

Continue having fun with your mum, you get an extra long term break with her!

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Way to go, Eric! I don't think it was right for your mum to call you a big bully.

Congratulations on the 400!
Well first of all congratulations on your 400th fun packed post ~ that's quite a milestone.

And please don't beat skinny up ~ he needs a break. We suggest you just tell him about it being your terry-torie and say your rules apply if he comes in!

And, norty boy for teasing your Mom wiv the chair! (tee hee!)Purrs for your Mom.

And re your Dad ~ doesn't he know that's wot dad's are for ~ if you need to eat in the nite then he hasta get up ~ that's the rules!!!! That's his job!
Yay! 400 posts!!!
I don't know Eric, maybe little skinny kitty needs a buddy!
Congrats on the 400th post!
We understand you need to defend your territory, but poor Skinny needs a friend and a loving home.
We think that living with you will help him immensely.You're older, wiser and have much to share. Think about it!
We play the chair game, too, but it sounds more fun your way!
Toby and Cupcake
Happy 400th, Eric, that is quite a milestone. Wow, you got into a fight! What came over you? I bet you were protecting your mum. As far as jumping in the chair so she has to dislodge you, I think my mom would have some unpleasant words to say about that. Good job waking your dad up.

First congrats on The 4ooth Post!!!
You really do have Dad under your paw! Scout does the "noise for food" routine all the time. He's a champion at it too!
You are NOT a big bully! You were defending your rightful territory, even though you probably outweighed him by quite a bit!
OMC! You really knows how to gets em to do what you wants! I has my ways too to gets da momma & daddy to feeds me!

I finks you were just sayings hey dis is my place and you gettings too close, hehehe. I luvs to takes da daddy and momma's spot when dey wants to sits down agains!

Concats on your 400th post!

Now listen Eric, you've got to stop fighting. You could get seriously injured and we wouldn't want that to happen.

Oh yeah, and congratz on your 400th!
Wow, Eric, you had quite a day! Fightin an all ta defend yer yard.

And happy 400th post...
Always delightful to catch up on your adventures...and do hope your Mum heals quickly now even though you are enjoying her company so much.
We have a kitty cousin who plays the same chair game with her mom!
Glad you weren't injured from the skinny cat encounter!
best wishes,
the Maine cats...Ellie May, Brody and Polly
.. We feel hunger at night ,here we are four,he he we are four meows .. Hmmm .. Mom hates ,but.., always she is out of bed for food and pet .
to the big problem ......
We need to defend us territory, same whit me and Boris .I trying, maibe you try too, good luck!
Wow a REAL cat fight! Woo Hoo yoo go Eric! Dat must haf been pretty funny to see yur mum waving those crutches around. Not funny to her though. Yoo probably scared da poopy owt of her.
Hi Fat Eric,

We was wondering ... we have taken part in "paws it forward" and need to choose a noo recipient to receive a present ... and we was wondering if you thort it would be OK to send a package to your mom beings as she has a poorly leg? Obviously we would include something for yoo too. It would mean your Mom then hadta "paws it forward" too - so you'd need to let us know if it was OK.

You'd hafta e-mail us your address if you decided to take part. Don't worry if you don't want to take part ~ just let us know.

Love Milo and Alfie xx
Congratulations on your 400th post Eric!

My goodness you have had quite a lot of excitement and adventure. Clearly, Skinny Ginger is the Bully. Smaller cats usually are the ones who start the least my little sister Hope seems to have substantial bulliness as part of her personality.

I say treats are definitely in order for your brave attempts to protect your property and family!
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