Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Murder And Mystery

Oh yes, there has been murder and mystery around here!

The dawn one morning a magpie was found dead in the middle of our back lawn. There were feathers everywhere. Now a magpie is quite a large bird. What could have happened to it? (what with all those feathers everywhere, it didn't look like natural causes!) Well, it could have been a fox. Or an Evil Intruder Kitty. Obviously it wasn't me, because I am a pacifist non-hunting kitty and anyway I was locked in the house all night.

We do have a prime suspect...he says it wasn't him but he does have a previous history of catching frogs and birdies and even being caught before with feathers in the mouth...hmm...
So Marmite is the Prime Suspect but we can't prove anything...

The other mystery happened yesterday. There are two ways of getting out from our house into the back garden - one is through the kitchen door and one is through the patio window. Both were open yesterday afternoon while my mum and I were relaxing at home. Then, towards evening, it started to rain. My mum got up to shut the patio window. She looked outside and saw me asleep in my hiding place behind the flower pots. She thought "I will shut the window to keep the rain out, the kitchen door is open if Eric wants to come in." She shut the window and went into the kitchen. It started to rain really hard. She thought "I need to get Eric to come in or he will get all wet." She stood at the open kitchen door and rattled some treats and called "Eric, Eric, come inside!" But there was no sign of me appearing in the doorway. Then she heard a loud "MEW!" from behind her! She turned round and saw me in the kitchen mewing for the treats in her hand...but how did I GET there when the patio window was closed and she'd been watching for me at the kitchen door??? She is still confused by my mystical kitty teleporting powers!

I know the answer of course, but I'm not telling!

We think you have a secret way back into the house, Eric!
Eric--are you sure there isn't an Eric twin who was on your patio?
We bet it was wiv your boogie mat!
The Beans never have managed to figure out how we teleport have they! Maybe the magpie was a peace offering from Marmite.
Oh, my! I love a good mystery.
Hmmmm...this is definitely suspicious. We need to think about this.
::scratches heads:: ok - we gives up! great trick!!!
Eric, you must be magical! Sometimes I can teleport too. I surprise Mom.
Surprising Mums is always a good thing. It keeps them on their toes. Speaking of being kept on their toes - how is your mum's leg doing?

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie
We'd love to know the answer too.
How'd you do that????
Is she sure that was you behind the pots or Skinny? Or you are just really good at teleporting!

Send some rain here, we could use it.
Hmm..... we give up. What is the secret to the mystery??
Furry furry interesting! We'd love to know how you did it, Eric!
Inquiring cat minds want to know how you did it. We want to know so we can do it too! Will you be like a magician and not reveal your secrets?
We hope you still got the treats, even though you were inside!
We think you is a magical kitty, yes, you is magical and can appear in places like magic!
Keep 'em guessing, Eric! Don't give away any secrets...

Go Eric! Awesome job!
I think another bird killed it to make the kitties look bad. Where is Sherlock Holmes? He'll unravel the mystery of the dead fev-ver caper.

Thank you for the words of welcome for our little Baby Joel aka #2. We are so happy to have him home with us.

OH! Happy belated 400th post!
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