Saturday, August 22, 2009


Back To Normal

Hooray. My humans are home from Devon, after doing a lot of celebrating of Devon Grandma's 80th purrthday. I survived with the help of Uncle Andrew. I am so glad that everything is back to normal now, and my humans have agreed to stay home for a long time after all their travels. I have recovered from kitty jail and I am used to being back in my own house now. It is nice sunny weather and my humans still have some holidays left. My dad has taken a few more days off work to play with me (well, I think he also wants to spend some more time with Uncle Sim before Uncle Sim goes back to Montana next week) and my mum has another week before she goes back to school (her leg still does not walk properly but she is going back anyway, with limitations).

My relatives from Mericky who came over for Devon Grandma's party remembered to bring supplies of Greenies with them, which is good. Here I am enjoying the sunshine with my Scratchy Mouse and thinking about delicious Greenies. My mum has been combing me because I got a bit matted while she was away. Don't I look handsome today?
And here are my two grandmas, Cornish Grandma on the left (mum's mum) and birthday girl Devon Grandma on the right (dad's mum). My mum was exhausted after a couple of days of purrthday celebrations, she can't keep up with the party pace set by Devon Grandma! So she is tired out, but that is OK because it means she just sits still and I get to purr and drool on her. Must get back to doing that now!

Eric, I'm really glad things are getting back to normal for you, I've been quite worried about the upheavals you've had.
I do hope your Mum's leg will be strong enough for her to go back to work - she doesn't want it to go all wonky again, does she.
But you have been an excellent nurse all this time, I know.
Oh I bet you are so glad Mum is home, normal is so good.
We are glad you are getting back to normal again Eric. Our Beans came home last night as well. They stayed in Berkshire at St. Anne's Manor in Wokingham. It's not fair because they said they had lots of bunnies visiting them and we would have liked to meet them.
We are glad everybody had a good time (and that you got Greenies)
I am ever so glad that things are back to normal for you! What a huge party for your Grandma though! Shall we have our own ham to celebrate?
Eric very happy to hear your beans are home and waiting on your every need. Sounds like the party was a huge success.
I bet you are so happy that everything is getting back to normal. You look extra handsome today!
Eric, we're so happy your mom and dad are home now...and things are getting back to normal. Yes, you are very handsome in that picture! And we're glad to hear you got some greenies!
Hi Eric. You must be sooo happy to have your Mum back! We are sorry to hear that her leg still isn't healed...hope she'll be able to get around o.k. at school. You'll have to make sure to sit on her lots between now and when school starts.
Mom said thank yoo for the catch up e-mail ~ she will post the paws it forward next week. Looks like yoo had a great time.
We missed your posts, so we're glad everyone is back and able to do stuff again. We know you're relieved to hear that life will be normal now for a long time.
Your Gramma's are pretty!
Glad to see you back!
Welcome back, Eric, we know you're happy to have the beans back once again. Good to hear they'll be staying put for a change!

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew
I say some backpets are in order.
Oh wonderful!!! ERIC IS HOME!
That is terrible that your personal maintenance got neglected. You really do look fabulous today Eric!
(They look like very good grandmas!)
yeah greenies!
Your Mum must have done a good job of brushing you, Eric. You don't look matted at all!
GReat your home...and YES, you are quite handsome!

Eric, we popped over to apologise 'cos mom still hasn't posted the package for "Paws it Forward" ~ we're sorry about the delay. She's using the pafettic excuse of her poorly leg and can't get to the post office wivout a lift :sigh:

We haven't forgot and we WILL send it soon.
Eric does look very handsome in the photo!

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Being back at home is great! Yay!
Phew. Glad things worked out for you!
You bet Eric, you look very handsome all brushed. It's always good when Mom and Dad get home. Sounds like your Mom and Dad had a great time celebrating. Mom clicked on the hotel in Sidmouth and the Hotel Riviera is a really nice place. At least you got to stay home with Uncle Andrew coming to feed you instead of the kitty jail.

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