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I can't believe it. The ingratitude. All these weeks I have been lavishing care and attention on my mum's leg, and how does she repay me? Tomorrow my humans are going off to North Yorkshire (despite the leg) and I get to spend six nights in the KITTY JAIL!!!

OK, so this is the kitty jail I went to last summer, where they treat me like a celebrity, but even so, it is deeply traumatic! And OK, so I get to take my Scratchy Mouse, a bag of Greenies, my Gizzy quilt and various other home comforts, but I'd rather be at home!

Think of me languishing in prison, my friends, until I get released next Friday...

How could she??? The ingratitude of it after all the sacrifices you made for her.We hope you are making your mum feel really guilty.
Oh Eric. This is truly tragic. But.. you know... we took a look at your hotel accommodations and really, they are very nice. Think of it this way: this is YOUR vacation from the demands of your hoomin. And we are SURE they will choose the webcam option!!!
Oh, Eric, this is terrible. I dread my mom's going away in a few weeks, but I'm pretty sure that we'll get a cat sitter. I don't think we could stand the trauma of getting in the car and then winding up in jail!
Oh that is just not right! Poor Eric!!! You can come home with us for a few days.
Unbelievable! After all you've done for her!
Dude, they do not have kitty jails that nice around here. At least you will be doing your time in style! Good luck, Eric! We hope the time flies by for you!
Hmph...der better be extra treats when she gets home.
Eric how could she? You wear your paws down to get her healed up and she leaves you.

Although maybe you can use the rest too. Nothing to care about but your own needs and wants! Take advantage of it dude.
She'd better bring you back some great toys and treats.
Kitty Jail!! Ugh! The NERVE!!
Oh my. The horror! Well, try to make the best of it, and then when she *finally* comes back -- don't forget to show her the Back of Disrespect for quite awhile!

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew
Eric, we think we're going to hafta teleport over and spring you from kitty jail ourselves! You shouldn't hafta suffer in there!
It's so unfair to send you to kitty jail when all you've done is look after your Mum and help her leg get better. You'd better play up the whole internet celebrity thing while you're there, and maybe you'll get aome extra privileges.


Gypsy & Tasha
Oh how awful!

Happy World Cat Day Eric where ever yoo are. We can't believe yoo are in prison on such a special day.

Smooches to make yoo feel better.
Eric, we are sorry you are having to take a vacation from your beans. It's not fair that they make you take a vacation when you don't want too. We hope you come back well rested and ready to purr some more on your mum's leg.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie
Poor Eric! I hope Friday comes round double quick for you xxx
Oh Eric sweetheart, thats awful that the folks are leaving you. I hope the time goes realy quickly for you. The up side is you have a swanky hotel.
Your mum and dad are going to be quite close to where I live. My mum and dad go there sometimes. what a shame we didnt know we could have said hello.

Happy world cat day.. GJ x
Happy Cat Day, enscounsed in luxury.
Sweet Eric, think of things this way: the "jail" is more of a kitteh Spa, where the hoomins employed there are at your beckon call. Honestly, aren't ALL hoomans Our servants? Just remind them of their Proper Stations in life, and all will be well!

Best Wishes coming your way!
Poor Eric! What a cruel cruel life you have. Being treated like a celebrity doesn't make up for being in kitty jail! Your mum better bring you lots of toys and treats home from vacation.
Dear Eric, that is so unfair. I think your mom is not understanding the whole "live to serve attitude" as in she lives to serve you!
Maybe she will remember it when she gets back.

Eric this is tragic!
How in the world could she do that to you.
But on further reflection, we remember that kitty jail is rather posh, and with all your comforts with you smelling of home you should do ok.
Hang in there friend!
Oh, Eric. I think your mom should stay home and thank you for all your care. Whatever is she thinking?

I don't go go a kitty jail when my mom leaves (and she was gone this weekend too). I get to stay home with the house sitter, but she's not my mom and I want my mom. I hate when she goes away too.
Aren't there in-home cat-sitters? That would be so much better.
Awwww, Eric! I'm sorry you hadded to go to the kitty jail. I hope yur humans are havin a good time, and I know they must miss you bunchies and bunchies.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Eric, dat's just awful! Don't they got no respect fur you? It's not da blankie an mousie an attention that make HOME, it's HOME.
Let us know if you need breakin out. I fink we could make a big enuf hole.
Dude, when they get back, you must make them SUFFER.
I think they don´t deserve you.
You don´t have a cat to do him/her such things.
If I could go for you, I would.
I love you Eric. Be brave! ;*
Poor Eric! You look lovely - I wish your Mum had asked me to help look after you instead. I'm a petsitter, so let her know, if she decides you have truly repented and don't deserve another prison sentence in the future. She can find me on Lots of squeezes from Auntie Maria.
That's not fair, but as kitty jails goes it looks very nice.
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