Tuesday, August 04, 2009



Ooh! Are you going to enter the Do The Q! this year?
...and scootch over. Mombean has the shades closed here because it's making the house 'too warm'.
You are lucky to find a sunspot. It has poured down non stop for the last three days. Mum is fed up because her veg garden is under water.
What a nice sunspot. I am glad you are getting some sun (and we are not getting it all)!
Nothing beats a warm belly!
You're doing the Q in the sunbeams!
Are you tanning your belly furs, Eric??
Nice spot!
I like to sun my belly too.
what a wonderful place to lie and toast your tummy!
Now that's a lot of sun shiney floof!
Total relaxation Eric! What a great picture!
How's mum, by the way?
Thats a lovely sun spot you have there. I missed seeing your cute face.. Great photo..

Hugs GJ xx
Full Monty!
Your name made me laugh because Melvin's daddy's name is Eric and he thinks that he is fat. But he's not. He's just "fluffy" :P
Is that a full fluff Monty?
MMMMMmmmm, a sunny belly!
Ohhh, you look so comfy laying there with your belly in the sun, Eric! Snooze well.

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew
Great spot! :D
floof spot!
my mama said she wants to kiss that tummy
What a lovely sunspot for warming your fluffy tummy!
Oh My Ceiling Cat! We biggified to see all the glorious floof - and those back paws sticking straight up made our Bean squeeeee so loud it hurt our ears!
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