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I am injured, and thus not looking my best on this Mancat Monday. Yesterday my mum was grooming me - she has been so busy in the last week coping with going back to work that my grooming regime has been affected. As you know, I have a very floofy, double-thickness coat and if I don't get enough combing, I get mats and knots in it. Well, my mum found out yesterday that (due to her neglect) I had a big enormous mat on my left hip. She combed and combed at it - I didn't really enjoy this but I tolerated it, even though it was a little bit painful with the comb pulling my furrs. But she still couldn't get all the mat out, so she resorted to trying to cut it out, and she SNIPPED MY SKIN!!! There was blood!!! And yes, she did feel VERY VERY GUILTY and apologise a lot. My humans are keeping an eye on the injury. It is not bad enough to go to the v-e-t as long as it heals up all right, but we need to make sure it does not get infected or anything. Please keep your paws crossed that my injury heals up soon, that my mum continues to ply me with extra treats to try to work off her extreme feelings of guilt, and that I do not have to go to the v-e-t.

Happy Mancat Monday!

Eric, what a horrible ordeal!
That must have been one manly hair mat and they can be very stubborn when it comes to combing out.
Enjoy the treats!
Is your mom related to our Jan? Sounds like something she'd do. And would we ever guilt her over it!
Oh no, your mom must have felt so bad, but it was only an accident!
We have our paws crossed for you to heal up nicely and get lots of treats!
Oh, no!!! Momma is always worried about that when she cuts Meekos knots. Kiara's are *a little* bit easier to see. That's why Momma usually lets owrs go on their own, unless they are just HUGE!!! Hope you heal qwickly!!
~Meeko & Kiara

pee ess: Where in Big Sky Country does yur Uncle Sim live? We's gonna be mooving there in Jan/ Feb.
I'm so sorry you got hurt. Is your Mommy putting some type of cream on you boo-boo. When ever we get hurt, Mommy puts neosporen or something like that on our boo-boos. Then, she puts bitter yuck. It taste the way it sounds. I hope you are feeling better.
The Woman did that to Georgia once... It is horrible. I hope that you got lots of treats so that you feel better.
OH, no! Eric, I hope you are okay.
oh Eric, you've got to make her feel really really guilty and ply you with lots of treats. Here's hoping the boo boo will heal easily...that must've been very startling to both of you. Meowmy almost never goes after Fuzzy's or Gingy's mats with scissors because she's afraid of exactly what happened to you.
Bummer, dood. And as much as I'm usually in favor of making people feel triple guilty, you might want to pretend it doesn't matter so they don't take you the stabby place..
Oh Eric! How careless of your mom! We fink yoo should get extra treats for weeks and weeks and weeks.
Oh poor you,and poor mum because she will be feeling so bad for that accident. I am sure you wll get lots and lots of extra attention now though. My furs get very long and thick. I dont like them groomed though although mum keeps at it .. I DONT LIKE IT..

I hope its better soon..

Hugs GJ xx
Poor Eric! Do you want us to let the RSPCA an Cat's Purrtection know that your mum tortures you?
Ouch! I know that your Mommy must feel awful about that!
Eric, you gotta milk this one for all it's worth and get lots and lots of extra treats!!

(pee ess. we know how bad you mum must feel...she did this onece to one of the cats that came before us...)
Eric, you mom is feeling terrible about know that. So exploit it for all it's worth! We'll still purr that you heal up ok...and we'll purr that you get some extra nip and toys and cuddles.
Dawg -- that's bad. She owes you some big-time stinky goodness. I mean... like the junk food kind you can buy at the grocery store.
Oh, poor Eric! We are sure your Mum didn't do it on purpose. We hope you worked her for extra treats!
Oh dear! I hope your ouchie will heal up real quickly, Eric! And you deserve many, many treats for your ordeal. Definitely.
I hope that it is not a big owwie and that you don't have to go to the stabby place.

I think Greenies have healing properties, ask for more Greenies.
Owwwieee!!!! We're sorry you have an ouchie, but your Mom didn't mean to. Hoomins... so clumsy!
Ouchie! usually a mommy will only have this kinda accident once, get better fast!
Oh Eric, you poor thing. We shall pray for your speedy recovery.

Roxy & Lucky
Oh, we hope you heal very quickly!! Mama did that to Festus this summer. What can we do? They're only human...
Tell your momma that the furry best thing to get mats out is a seam ripper. Make slits with the ripper by gently inserting it into the mat and forcing it away from the cat. After you have made oodles of cuts or slits in the mat, it can easily be brushed out. Never, ever try to use scissors. Oh, and place your thumb and index finger at the base of the mat so that you know where the cat's skin is when you insert the seam ripper. Just a little hint that I learned at the shelter one day when I was helping to groom the catsâ˜ș
Hiya Fat Eric!!! We saw you on Eirc and Flynns page and wanted to stop over to say MEOW! We are sorry to hear of your booboo with the snippie thing! We hope you heal furry fast! We're purraying for you! Stop by sometime!

Sniffs & Scratches!
The Kool~Kittie~Krew
AKA...Skeeter, King, and Pandora
Oh deere, wot a nasty accident. I hope you are feeling betta today, Eric?
Oh, poor Eric! You need lots of treats to get better and a Furminator for your next grooming. We're all purring for you!
The FurryPurries - Ozzy Alice, Bootsie, Freckles, Lola, Dandelo Honey & MamaCat
Oh my Bast, Eric...she practically killed you! You certainly deserve extra treats.
So sorry to hear about your wound Eric. Mom used to have to do it to Gizzy now and then when she didn't groom him enough, but fortunately she didn't snip his skin. Mom would have also feel really guilty to if she had done it. She was just lucky,

Cripes Eric! INJURY! Our Mum has this worry when she deals with Gerry's coat. She got some clippers from Boots (own brand)they are human ones, work off the mains/battery and are quiet. Gerry has got used to them and his skin stays in one piece when he has a nasty secret matt develop.

Poor you, I hope you are healed up now. I bet your Mum felt so bad.


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