Saturday, September 19, 2009


Meow Like A Pirate Day! be Meow Like A Pirate Day again, ahoy there! Wi' a yo ho ho and a bottle o' rum to all me shipmates...

Aye, yer a fine pirate, Fat Eric! We toast ye with some catnip rum! Arrrrrr!
Argh Fat Eric!!! You sure are a fine pirate today! We hold our 'nips up high and send a toast toyou across the ruff seas...
A fine pirate you make Eric! Fine Fine Fine.
we be purrroud t'sail wif ye on this day--an' hoist a mug o'nipgrog in a toast t'ye!!
Arr we'll share a mug o grog with ye Fat Eric. Maybe we'll share a barrel yohoho.
What a great hat!!
Ahoy Eric!
What say you & I go up to the crow's nest and watch for crows while we drink that rum. Then we can hit the poop deck and search for treasure later! -Shaggy
Thank you for your nice words and purrs for our dad!
Come sail with me Matey!
Aye, me hearty. Now, lets splice the mainbrace and have a few rounds of that run, me bucko! Arrrr!
Ye be a fine pirate Eric!
Your a good pirate cat.
Sally Ann

Avast Matey! Hoist a mug with us!

~One-Eyed Jack and Persephone the Pirate Queen
Mighty fine pirate.. Hahoy my hearty.. Hugs GJ x
Yo ho ho Eric! We love y'hat!
Shipmate Monty reportin' for duty, Captain!
Arr! Ye be a mighty good looking pirate Eric!
ahoy Eric! wow, you've had lots going on. you forgot to mention how many treats and toys you've been given since your Mum scarred you. i hope you are getting lots extra.

i know what you mean about bean excuses. on my end it is Joel this and Joel that and "i'm so tiiiiiiired" Jeez. i say quit the excuses and help me blog!
Aye, my hearties, this be the day ta talk natural pirate. Arghh...
You are the cutest pirate I have ever seen!
Oh shoot! We missed meow like a pirate day!! We blame the mom for not paying enough attention.
Purrs to you all,
Shilgiah, Tommy and Hope
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