Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Waiting on Wednesday

This picture tells a sad story.
All those weeks this summer that my mum was stuck in this blue chair with her broken leg up, playing with her laptop, watching daytime TV and providing a lovely comfortable lap for Dr. Eric to help heal her leg through the power of purrs...

And what do we see now?
The blue chair is still there. The other chair she was using as a footstool is still there. The laptop is still there. And the loyal kitty is still there. But no mum.

She is off at school, hobbling around on one crutch and ranting at her new class all day until she gets them trained up to her satisfaction. She is off out all day, failing to provide me with a lap. It's just like the bad old days before the Summer of the Stay-At-Home Mum with the Broken Leg.

Suppose I'll just keep the blue chair warm until she gets home...sigh.

Oh Eric, we know...our Mom insists on leaving the house to earn a living too!
I know just how you feel my mum has to go out and work too. You keep the chair warm for her. I am just glad that mums leg is mending ok.. Hugs GJ xx
Oh that photo just brings tears to my eyes. Eric that is so sad...
Maybe you Mommy will be home at nights to let you heal her leg with purrs.
Sally Ann
Hmm, "failin ta provide a lap" is a serious problem! We hope she mends her ways.
Oh, poor Eric. We know you miss your mum and her lap!
Poor Eric. After you put so much time into looking after your mum, that's how she repays you.
How unfair. Yoo should complain when she comes home.
Oh, Eric, you look so sad! You can come here and sit on our Mum's lap as she lost her jobbie 2 months ago and would love to help out.
Oh my goodness Eric! That is so unfair that she should leave you after all you have done for her!

I think she should use all of her paycheck to buy you toys and treats.
Oh, poor Eric! Would you like fur us to come keep you company???
Oh Eric! That is a sad story, you look very forlorn sitting in that chair waiting for your Mum.

My Mum is finally helping me blog again, it is so good to see all my old friends and catch up on what they are doing. Perhaps I shall teleport over and curl up in your chair with you : )
Poor Dr. Eric, I know how you feel. I did the same fing wif my mom wen she broked her leg. And then she deserted me too. But you kno wat I did? When she came home on the crutches, I wood run reely fast owt the door so she wood haf to chase me! It was good eksersize for her leg to get better. You shood try it!

Yore frend Dr Buddy Longwhiskers
Oh Eric...we are so sad for you. But she'll be home soon, won't she??? And we hope she'll sit in the blue chair with you!
Eric, it is so sweet of you to keep the chair warm...I know your mom will appreciate that when she does finally return home to you.
Just think how happy you are when your Mom walks through that door and she needs a warm purr because of her hard day.

Oh, Eric, you really do look so very sad. We are sorry your the Mom went off and left you! But... at least nobody makes you move from the chair until YOU are ready to move!
Oh Eric, I am so sorry that you are all alone on that big blue chair. Looks like a great place to take a nap though.

You look so lonely in that chair.
Your talents are needed here with our dad. We can hang out together & eat Temptations while we keep him company.
He's got 6 more weeks at home.
Oh Eric, your mum has gone back to schooling leaving you all lonely. Sorry you just have the chair now for comfort.
Oh, now this is sad indeed...
Awwww...poor kitty.
Hope your Mum mends soon!
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