Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Woeful Wednesday

Oh woe is me. My mum has taken her leg and her crutches and gone back to school. No longer do I have a permanent daytime lap and human attention 24/7, it's back to the bad old days of guarding the house in the daytime and waiting for the humans to come home and feed me. Suppose I'll just have to while away the hours doing this:
To make matters worse, that evil intruder kitty Marmite is back after leaving me in peace for a while. Normality is restored...

We'd feel sorry for you but you'd sleep through it.
Poor Eric, all lonely with no lap to sit on all day. Back to guard duty and your mum will need you in the evening to sooth her after going back to school.
I am sorry that you don't have your servant all day. That is just not right... particularly now that you need the support of a good human with Marmite back and all.
Oh Eric ~ how awful. Praps yoo shud trash the house a bit after your nap?
Oh darn, Eric. We are sorry things are back to normal around there.
We are sorry you lost your lap. Your mum will probably have to keep her leg up a lot when she gets home, so you will have to make up for lost time then.
We're sure your mum will be back before you know it!
Poor Eric, your Mum will be extra tired after her first days back at work, so you will need to sit on her lap all evening, this is physiotherapy. Tired muscles need warm floof to restore them.

Just give that Marmite a big old hiss through the window!


Awwww...poor Eric. You're so mistreated, aren't you?

Make sure you hiss at Marmite a lot. Maybe stick your tongue out too. MOL

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew
Ya can come teleport ta our house. We get out, get treats, and scritches. Room fer one more...
That's not right. I think you need your Greenies rations upped to compensate.
We just sent Dad out to post the "paws it forward" to yoo and your Mom! We're sorry it is so late but our mom has a poorly leg too! That's her excuse anyway.

We hope her poorly leg is better.
Even though you are a little disgruntled, you look very content in this picture Eric!
Poor Eric, for someone so put out, you look awful comfy. Maybe you should scratch the couch to get back at the Mommy lap.
hi fat eric!! i came across your kitteh blog trying to find new paws to play with!! i hope we can be great friends!!

ps i love your beauty mark! =>o_o<=

paws ya later!
--goatee, emily, teddy & pippy--
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