Sunday, October 11, 2009



The nights are drawing in. The evenings are getting chilly. The leaves are falling. The caretaker at mum's school is muttering as he uses his leaf-blowing machine daily in the playground. Yes, autumn is definitely here.

Which means that in our house my humans are now seeing much less of this:
And, for the first time since May, more of this:
Yes, mum has started turning the radiators on in the evenings, which means it is time for me to rediscover my radiator bed. Mmm...cosy!

P.S. Thank you to all those who congratulated my dad on his 10k run. He is being good and keeping up his training even though he has done his big run. He is talking about doing a half-marathon next!

A radiator bed? Why, you lucky cat! We have heating pads and sleeping bags, but insist on stealing the blankets off mewmie at night...she woke up shivering the other night with only the sheet wrapped around her...we were all snug in the blanket, of course
Ah how lucky you are to have a radiator bed! That must be very toasty!
Mum has the heaty thing on too, ours blows hot air, I love sitting in front of the warm air when it comes out.
My cousin Bob and his sister Betty love to sleep attached to my Nana every night, thus they are quite warm. They lost several beds during their last move, but Mommy says their beds will somehow replace themselves. How? I wonder if the petsmart fairy will visit them.
Sally Ann
Congrats to your dad. Such dedication.

Your bed looks comfy and warm.
Nappin is where nappin is! When there is sunpuddles, sit in them. Then there is not, sit warm and softie!

That's our rules, annyway.
Keep it up, Eric's dad! U can do it!

Oh Eric, u look so cozzzzzzy in that box, would u mind if I join u?

That radiator bed looks pawsome.
Mom's got the heating pad in my hammick turned on, so that's where I nap now that it's getting colder.
You look so very comfy and warm there, Eric.
We've been spending more time in our beds too, Eric! Looks like you got a real cozy one there!
Eric, I am a little bit envious of you. We are still sweltering in the 90s here and I wish it would cool off soon so I could go strollering.
Hey, we can always come offur there and snuggle wif you guys!!!
We love hanging out by the radiator!
Eric, you have the best sleeping positions!
We love the autumn too. It is finally starting to cool off here. Mom turned off the fans and while it is not yet cool enough for a heater, we are looking forward to that day.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie
oooo your bed is by the blowy thing? you are soooooo lucky! my village is over mine & the sheet cover holds it in like a warm cave.
Oh Eric, you look so nice and toasty in your fur lined bed. We are doing more snoozing that way too!
A radiator bed! You aren't too spoiled now are you Eric? Chicago had their 26 1/2 mile marathon here over the weekend. 34,000 ran!
Its winter here Eric! We got 2 inches of snow, its cold & wet!
Definitely time to snuggle down.
Your radiator bed looks very comfy, Eric.
where can we get one of those radiator beds? they sound so comfy cozy warm and wonderful. moms like to freeze us out. she is great to snuggle up to but she likes to keep the house cold enough for icicles to form on our whiskers! ok, not really that cold but sometimes it feels that way.

Hello Eric! Mummy saw you over on Zoolantry blog and HAD to come over, she thinks you are SO beautiful!

(we just think you look like lots of fun!)
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