Monday, November 23, 2009


Annual Purr-furr-mance Review!

Thanks to my friends at Zoolatry for passing on the Review Form for me to do an Annual Purr-furr-mance Review on my human. I have two humans but have decided to do the review on my main human, my mum.
I can't help but feel that my human has got a bit lax about helping me blog lately. She's full of excuses about being busy doing work for school, or being tired, but that's just Not Good Enough. In fact, do you know that it is EIGHTEEN WHOLE DAYS since she last helped me to blog??? Outrageous! Especially since she's too lazy to help me blog but I notice she still has time to play on Facebook or other websites. I think that next year I may have to lay down some rules about how many blog posts I expect per week.

Even though my human is lazy, let's face it, usually she is posting pictures of me and all pictures of me are always gorgeously ginger and fabulous.

I am happy that lots of my friends still come and visit me even though I don't get to post as often as I would like to. And I had lots and lots of comments on my recent birthday post which was lovely. But I still think my human needs to make an effort to help me post more so that all my friends can see more pictures of me and hear what I am up to! Plus she has been pretty lazy lately about making sure I get to join in Blogsphere events - she never got round to sending my picture to the Cat Blogosphere Calendar this year and I'm sure I've missed out on some good house-trashing parties.

Everyone likes to see pictures of gorgeous me, but my human needs to spend a lot more time making sure I get to visit all my friends' blogs. I haven't been to visit some of my friends for ages!

I am issuing a warning to my human that I expect her to put a lot more effort into taking pictures of me, posting said pictures for all my friends to admire, making sure I never again go EIGHTEEN WHOLE DAYS without posting anything, and making sure that I get to go and visit all my friends on a regular basis. This is in addition, of course, to her providing her usual services of feeding, litter box cleaning and long periods of providing laptime on the blue chair. Also I get to lick her hair whenever I feel like it. And get more tuna and shrimp. If she manages to keep to these conditions, I will give her another chance, but if there's no improvement, I may have to get myself another human assistant! She has been warned...

Eric you are indeed a gorgeous ginger kitteh!!!
Licking her hair is definitely a nice perk! We'd like to see more of you too, but people get so darn busy these days.
Yeah Eric, where have you been?
I think those are all reasonable requests. Let me know how it goes. I am on the lookout for a better servant...
18 days is a long time. We think she deserves a second chance...maybe some extra treats will convince you to let her try again??

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
I think this is a purrfect review on your human. More blog for Eric and less facebook.
Well, at least you did't fire her outright and are giving her the opportunity to improve!
You gotta lay down the paw! More pictures of you!!!
Good purrformance review, Eric! We hope the human does better in the future! She has been warned...
That's telling her! (:whispers: but yoo don't mean it do yoo?)
I think that is quite fair Eric, 18 days is far too long to not see you.. Hugs GJ x
18 days is a LOT of sleeps! sheesh.
We'd have to smack our secretary if she took that long of a hiatus! But, YAY, you're back!
Is your mom on FB instead of posting your photos? For shame!

We did Jan's review yesterday. We're keeping her too but she needs improvement.
Eighteen Days! That is not acceptable! We hope she has taken note of her review and makes an effort to improve on quantity. At least the quality has redeemed her, so she should consider herself lucky it was not worse.
Very sly the way you worked more tuna & shrimp into the deal.

I think you're being more than generous in the picture taking grading. After all, you're providing excellent material for her to work with. Our Mom never got around to sending the pictures for TCB Calendar, either. That's one reason why she got a C- as her overall grade!
Hmmm, dat sounds like a serious needs improvement rating. Yur rite, she might be at da bottom of da bell curve an she could be on her way owt!
What a great idea. I should do one of these for my human. FAZ
This is a great idea. We'll have to do one for our Humans too. They have been extremely lazy lately! And we'll be sure to mention tuna and shrimp too ;-)
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