Sunday, November 29, 2009


Easy Like Sunday

Today it has pretty much rained VERY hard all day without stopping. A good day for staying indoors and keeping snuggly. My humans just had to go out once to go to the supermarket to buy food (including stinky goodness, very important!) - they came back very wet and grumpy and didn't go out again. My mum and I have had some good laptime this weekend, even though she has had lots of planning to do for school. She has a busy week coming up - important meetings, important people coming in to watch her teach, and she is taking her class on a trip on Thursday so she is really hoping it doesn't pour with rain on that day. But I am not accepting her busy-ness as an excuse to ignore my blogging requirements, of course!

Next weekend we are probably going to put up the Christmas decorations and my mum is starting her class Advent calendar this week. She has promised to help me to write all my Christmas cards. I have some excellent new cards this year with a picture of handsome ME on them. If I sent you a card last year, you will probably get one from me again this year (unless you have moved since then and changed your address without telling me!) If you've never had a card from me and you would like one, send me your address - there's a link to my human's e-mail on the Gorgeous Gingers page.

Quick check - yes, still raining outside! Might as well go back to sleep...zzzzz....

The weather has been the same here also. We haven't been any further than the garden and we are bored!!!
We have been helping mum write our cards tonight and will start sending them out this week. We have you on our list from last year.
Hi Eric!
My name is Milton, and I just came to live with Beezer's ladybean. She sez that you and Beezer were bestest pals and that you and me could be good friends too.

I have met so many great mancats, I hope I grow up to be like al of you.
I think you are wise to keep her in line! Don't they know that cuddling with you is the best way to avoid thinking about the nasty weather?
Rainy weather is great for a snooze in the warm house!
Eric, we can totally relate how much the rain sucks, since we moved to our new home it has rained lots! We feel for you because your Mum is so busy with work, but that is what the beans have to do to keep us in stinky goodness ... hee hee! Enjoy decorating for Christmas, furriend!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
Our weather has been really nice this weekend. Mom got to put up our outdoor lights without sweating too much.

We just sent you our address for Christmas Card exchange.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
we are sick of rain too! Today the sun came out and I got to walk on the woodchips for a little while in the back yard.
Eric, it rained here too this afternoon...not much else to do when it rains except sleep! Good thing your beans got your stinky goodness...even if it meant getting wet....
We've got rain as well... maybe it's raining all over the world today?
We've had rain too, and storms ... and the sea lashing the shore ... and the seaguls being flung abowt like refuse. So we've snoozed in the warm cosiness by the fire.
Lap snuggle time is so wonderful!
Rain, rain, rain! Humans need more sense Eric, to stay inside warm like us!. You are looking very regal on your pillow there. We met another licker cat, her name is Tiger Lilly and she loves licking just like us! You can find her here:-

Stay warm and licky Eric mate!

Schlurpingly yours

Oliver x

it's rainy here too!
Hi Eric. I know how you feel about the mum's being busy so dont worry. Sounds lovely getting to do advent things with the little beans. Mum ailed your mum for me to exchange cards I would like to do that.. Hugs GJ xx
I'm sorry about the rain. That is no fun. I'm glad you had good laptime, it is important, especially right before they get a case of the "busys"

Most of our Christmas decorations are up now and I'm having lotsa fun playing with them

Will you send me your email in my comments so I can send you a card??? We have to do them that way this year. But, it will be all designed by my mommy and printable and cool!
Sorry for the rainy day. It was nice enough here, I managed to get outside and enjoy the late autumn sunshine.
Sorry to hear the rain bummed out your weekend! We're doing the tree thing next weekend too! And, we'd love to exchange cards wif you!!!
Didn't she learn anything from her purrformance review?!!?
Rain is nice for staying inside and snuggling with your people. That's a wonderful picture of you. You look ever so relaxed and comfy.
We haven't changed our address...
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