Monday, November 02, 2009


Slim Eric?

A big thank-you to all my friends who stopped by and left purrthday messages for me. I really appreciate it, and I am in the process of getting my lazy human to help me visit all of you. Even though she has just had a week's holiday from school, and I did get some extra lap time, she has spent very little time helping me blog. She has lots of different excuses - first we had a French friend to stay, then Cornish Auntie came (mum's sister) and they were off having fun and doing excessive amounts of shopping, plus she has been redesigning her school's website and thus hogging the computer...excuses, excuses!

Finally I made her take me out in the garden for a little photo session. Our garden is looking very autumnal but there are still a few summer flowers out. All our visitors lately have commented that I look like I have lost some more weight. Maybe soon everyone will be calling me Slim Eric instead of Fat Eric? What do you think?
Don't worry, I still have a healthy appetite and my diabetes is under good control. The v-e-t says I am very healthy and that sometimes plumper kitties do slim down a bit when they get older. Besides, it depends what position I am sitting in. In this photo, taken the same day, I don't look that slim at all!
Of course, as soon as my mum got the camera out in the garden, you can guess who turned up and started posing, hoping to get his photo taken too.
He's such a camera hog, that Marmite.

Eric, you do look a bit slimmer! Slim Eric and Friends...hmmmm...has a good ring to it!
You do look slimmer! I hope you are getting plenty of food so you don't waste away! I should hate to have that happen.
I think we may be kissing Fat Eric good bye and welcoming Slim Eric. My, you are looking very good! Hope you aren't losing the weight too fast. Hi Marmite!
How much fun you had in your garden til Marmie butted do look slim in that one photo but just right in the other one...long as your vet says you is ok, we say yay!
Well happy birthday! I recently posted a photo of a 900lb kitty on my site, now that's a big cat. Maybe you can become Formerly Fat Eric and Friends.
If you are losing weight, make sure that your blood sugar is OK. I'm really not sure what that means, but that is what Mommy said as she read your blog with me. I think you do look slimmer.
Sally Ann
Oh no! We missed your purrfday. It was our Beans fault as we were still locked up.
Belated happy purrfday Fat Eric!
Yes you do look slimmer in your photo.
Mum weighed us today and Flynn has lost 1 lb and is 15 lbs. He has been between 15 and 16 lbs for several years and that is his ideal weight.
Umm, I put 1lb on while they were away. I'm ::mumble mumble:: 23lbs again. Mum is not happy! She can't understand it because I don't eat as much as Flynn. She threatened to get a giant hamster wheel!!!
I think you look just purrfect, Eric.
Mum says you can't tell just by looking if thinner or fatter. Only the scale can tell. Glad you had a few nice days with your mum, even if she did run off to play outside the house.
I think you may be wasting away due to non-attention!
We think you're looking furry good Eric....and Marmite!
Oh Eric, you are looking quite slim and dapper!
Crap, we missed yoor purrthday...Happy Belated Purrthday. We must say, yoor looking good tho.
I think you look slimmer too. That black kitty friend is kinda cute.. Poses well too for the flashy box.. Hugs GJ x
You're so slim!! Well done my friend.
I think you look terrific! And that Marmite, yes, I can see that he is quite the camera hog!
We think you look slimmer too. Of course Marmite was trying to steal your limelight as black is always a slimming colour!
You do look quite svelte in the top picture. That's how they say to look to tell if a cat is overweight or not, to look at him from the top.
Sounds like Mum is quite busy but we are glad she got out into the garden with you.
(We were wondering if Marmite still visited.)
Fat Eric? Slim Eric? NO ~ gorjuss Eric!
Eric, I think you look just right!

I haven't noticed a difference in your look between today's and earlier postings of your image on your blog. The important thing is that you are happy and healthy. I think you and Marmite both very good-looking kitties.

Eric, we think you are just perfect the way you are. You need to tell your mom to let you blog more, especially when she doesn't have to go day hunting.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie
the camera can sure trick the eyes
Eric, you look adorable, slim or not. :)
It might be all camera angles Eric, but you do look quite slim in that first picture.
Hello Eric!
You should change your blog title to Slim Eric! or Svelt Eric? You are looking good! *blush*
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