Sunday, December 13, 2009


The Christmas Tree and the V-E-T!

Last weekend I helped my mum to put up the Christmas tree and some decorations in our house. She had to get dad to stand on chairs and put up some high decorations because she is not allowed to stand on stuff like that any more in case she falls off and breaks her leg again.

I sniffed all the Christmas tree ornaments as they came out of the tins in the big box from the loft. My mum is a great one for buying tree ornaments in all the different places she visits, so they remind her of places she has been. We also have quite a few cat-themed ornaments. Here is our finished tree: And here are some of the cat ornaments we have. Guess which one is my favourite? I keep looking at this robin ornament. He looks quite tasty. Shame mum has put him so high up on the tree. (I don't have the figure for tree-climbing).And here I am doing a final inspection on the tree. I don't think she should buy many more ornaments or we will have to get a bigger tree. Not everything this week has been as much fun as tree decorating. On Friday evening I was peacefully dozing under the Christmas tree when I was picked up, thrown into the Evil Cat Carrier, put into the car and driven round the corner to see the Loud Australian V-e-t. It was that time of year again when I have those annual injections in the back of my neck. When the Loud Australian V-e-t tipped me out on to the table I climbed straight back into the Evil Cat Carrier again, heh heh heh. He did all his checks and said that I am in good shape and he was very impressed that my diabetes is still under good control. I have lost some more weight - when he weighed me a year ago I was 17 and a half pounds and now I am down to 15 and a half pounds, which is the lightest I have ever been since my humans adopted me 6 years ago. The v-e-t doesn't think I am qualified to call myself Skinny Eric yet, though.

Luckily the trip to the v-e-t did not take long, and I was soon back at home catching up on some naptime. There is one more week to go before my mum finishes school for the Christmas holidays. She has all sorts of stuff going on like Christmas shows and parties and card making with her class, but the v-e-t said she shouldn't forget to give me lots of grooming so that my floof is at its best for Christmas!

I hate vet too! I have gone two times to the vet in the last week to evaluate my renal failure and I undertand you.

I´m glad that your diabetes is controlled.

Eric, you just ignore that mean vet. What does he know? You're a purrrfect kitteh in every way.
I love that one ornament with the photo of you! And I am glad your vet visit was fast and easy!
If we can't call you Skinny Eric, we should at least be able to call you Slim Eric.
Your Christmas tree is very pretty and we like the decoration with your photo.
I think you are fully qualified to call yourself anything you want. Glad to hear you are healthy. What cute cat ornaments. Mom should get some of those for our tree.
That is such a great tree, yu could just stare at it for hours...and keep an eye out for that bird.
Eric at 15 pounds you weigh the same as I do! I certainly shan't be calling myself Fat Derby!

Mum hasn't even started on the tree here.
Very good advice for Mum to avoid chairs. Chairs & Mom just don't get along!!
You tree is wonderful and you have some pretty kitty ornaments on it!!!
Congrats on the weight loss and the excellent report on the diabetes! You & Mum are doing everything right!
Tamir says that 15 lbs qualifies you to be Skinny Eric in his book.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
We think that is a lovely tree. we arent getting one again this year. The Big Thing says he know fer sure that Ayla would climb it ans Iza would tear it apart.

We liked yer ornaments. We are betting ya liked all of the special ones best.

An we gotta say that any V-E-T what says ya are in good shape is a good one.
What a pretty tree! And we love your ornament!
We don't ever get a tree. With 8 of us, MamaCat won't put one up. She says she refuses to put up something she'll have to redecorate every day.
3 of us outwiegh you, so you're not fat!!!
the FurryPurries
Ozzy, Alice, Bootsie, Freckles, Lola, Dandelo, Honey & Pinkie
What a beautiful tree you have, we love the cat themed decorations!

We'rte also glad that the vet thinks you're in good health and everything is under control. Keep up to good work!
Hi medium sized Eric! well done on the weight loss 'cos now yoo can legitimately eat more at Chrismouse! We love your tree.
Eric, your tree is beautiful! Just like you! 15 pounds! Way to go!
beautiful tree! and we is glad that your diabetes is unner control!
We think that Slender Eric might be a fun name, but then we love Eric the Red! ha ha Since you are so healthy, does it really matter? Your lovely floofy fur makes you handsome any way you stand.
What a lovely tree.

Roxy & Lucky
Well done, Eric! Losing a couple of pounds is quite the accomplishment. We're glad you're not having any further trouble with your diabetes.

We shall refer to you as Fit Eric.
Dude, yoor tree is really cool. Ours is so tiny it can't be climbed and mom haf it stuck down so we can't knock it over. Not even da fat butt Speedy!
Thank you!
We got our Christmas card today and it is beautiful!!!
What a beautiful tree you have Fat Eric! And we are happy you have lost weight since your last visit! You are looking very "hot" in your new thinness!
Wow, you've lost 2 lbs?! Good work, Eric.

And we KNOW what ornament is your favorite, of course...the one with your on it!
well done, dear handsome eric! we are proud for you!

an' you mus' be unnerstandin' of yer mum just now--she's been frettin' ofur the catsmas presentation at the church. if her head asplodes, we'll come ofur an' help you put her back to rights!
Hullo Eric! We've not met yet, but we saw you today on the Zoolatry advent calendar. Hope you drop by and see us sometime. Purrs!
Happy Christmas Fat Eric

comment by Four Dinners
Aide de camp to : Maximus Spittimus
Your Christmas tree looks really pretty. I would guess your favorite decoration would be the angel cat. Mom said we should call you just Eric since loosing two pounds this past year. That's really good Eric.

Congratulations on making the calendar on Zoolatry. Looking good there.

Oops, guess your favorite decoration is the bird since Mum had to put it so high on the tree so you couldn't get it.

Hi Fat Eric. We were pointed in your direction by other cat blogosphere cats. Our cat Nemo has just been diagnosed with diabetes. He is just under 5 years old. We are just needing some direction and support. Feel free to stop by our blog or email us.
I haven't been visiting in a while, but I saw your picture on Zoolatry's page today and had to drop by and say hello again.
Eric congratulations on your weight loss, that is very good news.

I like your tree. When I was young I would have liked to have climbed it. You have some nice ornaments too, some look like they might be a lot of fun to play with.
Now that V>E>T> is out of the way we hope you enjoy your Christmas - seasonal purrs from us. FAZ
At least you wont have to see the vet again for a long time. Your tree is beautiful and we think the cat ornaments are cool.

Merry Christmas, Eric
we love the cat ornaments... WE WANT some like that. Love H, Darcy & Bing
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