Sunday, December 06, 2009


The Hard Stare

The humans think I don't know that they've been out stuffing themselves with cream cakes while taking a break from Christmas shopping. I can smell the cream on their breaths! And did they bring any cream cakes home for me? NO!!! This is why I am giving them a very Hard Stare.

In other news, today I helped my mum to decorate the Christmas tree. Pictures to follow!

I can't wait to see the pictures of you helping with the Christmas tree, I helped with ours and I was a big help too!
I think you totally deserve some cream cakes. How dare they?
Hoomins are so unbelievably rude. And stingy. Hmpf.
We hope the hard stare has given them a guilty conscience.
Wow, that is a hard stare, I don't know what a creame cake is...if I did I'm sure I'd want some too.
Not acceptable to go and have treats and not bring some home for the kitty. Mum has only hung out the wreath and some ribbons outside. She hasn't done anything yet inside.
We can't believe they didn't share with you, Eric!! They are so rude!!!
No cream cakes for you? That is almost as bad as a surprise visit to the v-e-t!
WOW! That's a reely hard stare!
YIKES! That's one HARD stare!
You know how to give a hard stare for sure. The nerve of them.. I bet we have a treat in store with tree helping pictures.. Hugs GJ xx
Sir Eric, you are definitely getting your message across!
Oh yeah, you got that down perfectly. Gizzy used to turn his back on Mom, and not come when she called him. He let her know she was being ignored Big Time!

Selfish humans. I hope you did more than just stare!!
Well, then make sure all the best battable ornaments are down within reach! Iffen ya don't get cream cakes, ya gotta be able ta bat the ornaments.
Coal on the way for them!
Santa knows and will remember this!
Your Christmas card arrived today. It is lovely. Thank you.
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