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We can't believe how much it has snowed here this winter. Usually in London we might get about two days of snow each winter and it will melt pretty much soon afterwards. But we had some before Christmas and now we have had over a week of snow. Today it has finally started to melt because it is raining.

Last week my mum's school got closed by the snow (see previous post) and stayed closed for two and a half days, so I got to have a nice long weekend with her and lots of lap time.

I have hardly been outside in my garden because I do not like snow. It is too cold and wet. I only went out to investigate it once. That evil intruder kitty Marmite has been visiting. The snow doesn't seem to bother him much. Our back garden is covered in pawprints. You may remember that in the summer Marmite is obsessed with hanging around my pond trying to catch my newts. Here's a picture of my pond to remind us what summer looks like! This is what my pond has looked like for the last week: See those pawprints? Marmite has been walking around on top of the ice trying to see if there are any newts under it! The ice on the pond is quite thick, but he's crazy, that Marmite.

Wonder how long it is until summer?

You kitties are tough! That snow looks awful cold. Brrrr!
Yikes you do have a lot of snow but you are brave to go walk in that white stuff. I don't do that. I have been outside in the cold but not walking in the snow.

Marmite must spend more time outside so his paws are tested for the cold.

Stay warm, the daylight is getting longer!
It's been plenty cold all over the northern hemisphere this winter! You look all floofed up against the cold. Not surprising that you'd rather stay in. We wish Marmite were inside, too.
Summer can't get here soon enough in our opinion!
We saw on the news that London has been getting a lot of unexpected snow! Stay warm!
I don't think we'd like this snow thing...
We are having a bit of a thaw this week, things are slushy and melty. But there is a huge bndh of snow to melt and that's not going to happen till around late March if we are lucky.
Marmite looks so much like Zolie our outdoor cat. Pure black with a little patch of white on the chest. But we can't get anywhere near her, mom either.
We are counting the days until spring! Sounds like Marmite is quite the brave cat.
Spring is just around the corner, right?
We know what you mean Eric! We live in Maidenhead, not far from London and we usually have a couple of days of snow, more more then a few inches, before it has melted and gone.

We've had snow on and off since 21st December and to be truthful we're not quite sick of it!
Sighs. It's like, a SQUILLION days till summer. :(

BTW, your pond is quite lovely. In summer.
Eric matey, you look very good in the snow. I am like you, not that keen on it, but Gerry loved it, he hadn't seen it before.

Marmite looks quite sturdy, so as the thaw sets in, he might just get a wet bum surprise if he ventures on to the ice!

Tee Hee

Schlurrps from

That snow looks furry cold. We can't blame you for wanting to stay inside where it's warm and snug.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
You are braver than us, Fat Eric! We hope your newts are okay in the frozen pond.
Eric, it has been really cold here too, so maybe if all of us keep our paws crossed summer will get here really quickly!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon the name for a black cat. That is a handsome photo of him by the newt pond. You look a bit tentative walking on that frozen landscape, better get back inside and get those toesies toasty warm, now.
You have had a lot of snow Eric. Even we have had a couple of inches. Even though we are close to the edge of Dartmoor, we are also in the Tamar valley which shelters us from the snow usually. The rain has washed it and most of the ice away now. Mum says thank goodness!
Ooooo, we have LOTS of snow over here where we are - LOTS! Winter sure is making an appearance all over the world this year, isn't it. We are feelin' bad for the black kitty and wonder how it keeps warm...
Marmite shudn't walk on ice ~ it's danjerus. He could fall through it into the icy water. Praps yoor mom should advise him? Nice pics though.
Wow, you have real live newts??? That's neat...Hope you can post some pictures this summer.
Sounds like you're secretly hoping for a crack in that ice... Marmite better watch out, huh!?

It looks just as cold where you are as it is here in Minnesota! All I can advise is lots of naps by the heat vents, lots of blankets to snuggle under.

(Glogirly's cat)
Hi Eric. It looks like you've got the right fur to handle snowy weather, but we understand wanting to stay inside and warm, too!
Mom says it's a very long time 'til summer.

Your furs certainly make a nice contrast in the snow, Eric.
Brrrrrr and I thought rain paws was bad! Snow paws seem much worse.
Staying inside sounds like a terrrific idea until the snow melts. Brrrrr.
We're wondering how long it is until summer too.

At least your newts are safe from Marmite under the ice.
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