Sunday, January 24, 2010


No Sleeping On Sunday

The trouble with weekends is that my humans like to stay in bed later and this always seems to lead to my breakfast being served much later than it is on weekdays. And when a cat is hungry, this is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

If I am really hungry, I start by meowing at the foot of the stairs. Then I head upstairs and scratch the laundry basket on the landing, very loudly. Then I jump on the human bed and walk around on my mum for a while. If that doesn't get her up and moving in the direction of the food bowls (it often doesn't - she is very lazy!), I have one tactic that never fails. I get on my dad's pillow and ruthlessly lick his hair.
It never fails. He can only take a minute or two of this before he is forced to save his hair by getting up and feeding me. He reckons his hair is getting thinner on top and it is all my fault. My mum says he is imagining it.

I think he kind of enjoys the attention really...

P.S. Our snow is all gone.

You are very convincing Eric. My cousin kitties eat when ever my Nana gets out of bed. So, if she gets out of bed to the bathroom at three in morning, they get food at three in morning. Eat well
Sally Ann
Eric, you should try doing what Zoey does and bang your bowl on the floor until the humans get so annoyed that they HAVE to pay attention to you!
Eric, that is a very nice routine, they have plenty of opportunity to feed you before the Hair Licking!
Haha! That is how I sleep. I don't lick dad's hair too much, but I stretch out across the pillows with my head on dad's head and my butt stuck in mum's face.I walk around on their heads when I want to be fed and 23lbs of Eric is guaranteed to work.
MOL that's pretty smart of you!!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
Well, you know, if he wants to keep the rest of his hair he just needs to start getting up earlier!
I think you have got your dad just were you want him.. Very clever.. GJ xx
Fine job, Eric. You really have that problem solved.

Good job, Eric! We're sure your dad won't want to lose any more hair and will get up early from now on....
I think that is very smart of you to make sure someone gets up to feed you. I really hate it that the humans sleep later on the weekends.
HaHaMeow! Kiki does the lick hair (and chews it so it feels like she's scissoring it with her teeth!) and mewmie has even resorted to putting a shower cap on and going back to sleep! Most of us just stomp on her tender parts to get her up, not Kiki!
If puring,licking and kneading doesn't work, I swat her in he face with my tail. If that doesn't work I stick my furry butt in her face. That usually works.
That was nice of your Dad to pose with you for a picture. No matter what I do, mum doesn't get up until she wants to. But, she doesn't usually sleep in all that late.
Well done, Eric! You don't want your human staff to get complacent or lazy.
Our dad blames his thinning hair on me too! 'Cos I lick it! It werks EVERY time!
Eric, maybe you could become a famous hairdresser!
Eric, I like your idea. I need to try this!
We kittehs have to werk so hard. Good job, Eric.
yes it is unacceptable. and our the mom nefur lissens to us.
Sounds like you'd get food faster by skipping the preliminaries and going straight for the hair.
MOL!!! GRRR-8 tactics! Skeeter likes to groom our mom's eyebrows to get her up! She feels for your dad, whereas we say....GOOD JOB!
Eric, that picture could be Fuzzy and our Meowmy! He starts off the night on the pillow next to her, kneading her hair and occasionally sticking a claw into her scalp. And he ends up the night on the pillow behind her head (although often he tries to purr her back to sleep instead of waking her up).
MOL that is funny! All of our cats like to lick daddy's head too.
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Leave it to your dad to get up and save the day!
Boy Eric that's one way of getting your Dad up. I lick Mom's nose. But all she does is either cover herself or turn over. Patches she meows her long and loud meow. Most times it doesn't work either.

Our combined meouwing (x5) sometimes gets our beans up over weekends! Although it really works when we jump on the bed - especially when I land on full bladders!
Hahaha ! that's an excellent tip !
Hah! OUR Bein gets up early light an feeds us stinky goodness then goes back ta bed.

Have we got him trained well or What?
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