Saturday, February 13, 2010


Dad's Birthday

Today is my dad's birthday - I'm not sure how old he is, about a squillion years old, I think - but I will be giving him lots of extra hair licks to celebrate the day. Here we are doing lots of manly bonding together...
My mum has a week off school now for the half-term holiday, so we will be able to spend lots of quality time together and she might be able to get rid of the cough and the croaky voice at last. There is one disturbing thing though...I just saw her dusting off the Evil Cat Carrier...why? She wouldn't do that to me on dad's birthday...would she???

Uh oh Eric, we think we know something that you don't.
Happy birthday to your dad.
Geeze Eric...maybe your both goin to a fancy birthday restaurant!
A very happy birthday to your dad.
I think that's a great give you are giving him by sitting on him! Happy birthday to your Dad!
Happy Birthday to the Dad! And surely, Eric, your eyes deceived you? They wouldn't...would they?
Happy Birthday, Eric's dad!
Happy Birthday to your dad, Eric!! We like seeing the two of you doing little male bonding!
Happy Purrthday to you Dad, give him lots of cuddles and hair licks.

Could you be going to visit places while your mum is on holiday?
Happy Purrthday to your Dad, Eric! very nice of you to give him licks and cuddles! maybe you're going off to see Cornish Grandma during your Mum's holidays? we sure hope she's feeling better soon!
Aww, lucky daddy to get Eric kisses!!
Happy Birthday to your Dad Eric! Hope you have a lovely day :)

& Gerry
Happy birthday to Eric's Dad! Eric, we home you Mom isn't taking you anywhere. Maybe she is just cleaning the house?
Happy Birthday to Eric's Dad!

Hmmmm .... dusting the carrier is mighty suspicious. Is she normally hot on housework ~ 'cos if she isn't be WORRIED!
Happy Birthday to Eric's dad!
Be sure to do manly things together today!
Happy Birthday, Eric's Dad!

Uh oh! The Cat Carrier is not a good sign.
"Hair Licks"? Ooh, we gotta try that.

THAT will wake him up when it is breakfast time...
Happy Birthday to your dad!
Happy birthday to your dad! Did you give him lots of furry gifts?
Happy Belated Birthday to your Dad. He is very patient to let you give him hair licks. Can one get hairballs from Dad hair?

About the Evil Cat Carrier...if I were you I'd HIDE!!!
Happy belated birthday to your daddy, Fat Eric! You are so lucky to have a Daddy to hang around with. Enjoy your week with your mum.
Happy belated daddy birfday Eric's daddy!
I hopes you naught have to go to the sticky place Eric.
Hi, Eric! Just wanted to let you know that I read your blog faithfully, and you are one of the kitties who has inspired me to start my very own! You can visit me at and I even mentioned you in a link at the bottom of today's post! Hope to see you there. Have a super Sunday.

<3 AttieCattie
Birthday love is brilliant. FAZ
Hi Eric! My name is Cokie the Cat and this is my first visit to your blog.

I really like that you and your dad have such a good relationship, your cool posts about your pond and the snow, and your very floofy pics.

I've just given you the "Hi, my name is" Award! Go to my blog at to collect your award.

You'll then need to choose two new blogs you haven't visited before to give Award to.

Cokie the Cat
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