Sunday, April 18, 2010



My mum is deserting me first thing Monday morning and going to Norfolk with a bunch of children from her school (she does this every year!) to sleep in bunk beds and do lots of activities and NOT be here giving me laptime and cuddles and fuss and treats! My dad and I are being left to look after each other until she gets home on Friday evening.
I am going to sulk now.

We hope your mum has a safe trip! We think you and your dad will have a great time together!
It's not fair the way our Beans desert us. Ours are leaving us for four whole weeks on Thursday. It's a disgrace. We hope your mum has a safe enjoyable trip.
Hmm.... we understand... tough to be without the Mom but you'll have a great time with your dad.
Sounds like some male bonding is gonna happen the next few days!! We hope your mom has a safe trip!
Male bonding time. You should get extra treats and foods, be able to stay up late and then sleep with your dad to keep him company.
I would sulk too. Will you get extra treats for sulking?
I don't blame you, Eric. Although... man time is good too!
How cud she? That's a true dereliction of her duties to yoo. She shud be put in detention when she gets back.
Oh, we'd sulk too! We hope you get something to make up for this--extra treats, stinky goodness, toys, what have you.

Hopefully the week will pass quickly!
We hope you did a tantrum as well as a sulk when you heard your Mum was going away again. Remember to be aloof when she gets back home for at least 1 minute.
Poor Eric. I hope your dad cuddles you as much as your mum usually does.

Mommy does this to us, too. It's usually not so bad, Daddy is way more generous with treats and people food. Milk it!
xx Lounge Kats
Sorry your mommy is leaving you. Maybe your daddy will spoil you extra!
Oh dear, a whole week with the little monsters. Lets hope she comes back in one piece!
House trashing time!
Activities? I could only see this trip as valid if the children are working 18 hour shifts sewing cat toys. Thats an activity.
I like what CatLadyDiary said! Your mom better bring you back lots of cat toys.
Hope your Mum survives the activity holiday with her pupils. She will need extra purrs, paw pummelling and hair schlurps when she come home. That's if you and your Dad have survived the week without her!

Schlurps from
Pooor FE we hope you mama seviuse all that time with the sticky little beans when she gets back she be cuddling wiff you in no time
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