Thursday, April 15, 2010


Hanging Out In The Holidays

So, my mum's been on holiday from school and she's been lazing about, spending quality time with me, which is good. We've had some sunny days and she's been doing a lot of gardening. Sometimes I like to go out there with her to snoopervise and lie in the sunbeams, if I can find any.
But often I just let her get on with it and I prefer to stay indoors, napping on my blue chair.
It looks like she's getting plenty of kitty help with the gardening these days, anyway - I'm getting too old for all this PLAY! PLAY! PLAY! kitten stuff, but she seems happy to go along with it...

well you look furry 'alaxed and Leo looks like he's hafing a lot of fun!
Leo looks very happy in your garden. Are you friends with him? It seems like lots of kitties like your garden.
You both look like you're enjoying yourselves very much, each in your own way! :-)
Leo seems at home in your garden and he seems to like keeping your mum company while you're busy on the blue chair.
It's nice to have somebuddy else around to help your mom in the garden while you're catching up on your napping, Eric!
Awww, you both look so cute. Especially you napping in your blue chair. May we join you?
Eric, We are new kitties...Hello!
There are 12 of us an we live in Las Vegas.

xx Lounge Kats
Leo looks like a lovely kitty, do you get on better with him now.. You look so relaxed there.. Hugs GJ xx
We think napping is always the best solution.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
Mom says Leo is a darling!
Well, if he's so interested in gardening, let him do all the snoopervising anyway. Your time is way more important and spent best lounging around anyway.
Sighs. Our the Mom did the whole SQUEEEE thing when she saw those pics. Especially the last one.
Eric we are glad you could enjoy things the way you like and that Leo could too. Leo is a cutie!

It's good that you have trained up young Leo to snoopervise your Mum Eric. An older chap needs all the cosy nap time he can get.

Snoopervising is a good reason to lie around in the bright spring sun. Leo reminds us of our buff brother Kelly...such a handsome young mancat.
You look very comfy Eric. I'm glad you're getting mum-time. It's nice of you to give Leo some mum-time too.
Looks like you're both enjoying yourselves! :)
Leo is good at keeping your mum company while she works. He looks like a nice little guy.
Well, there is nothin better than rolling around in the grass. Unless it is rolling around in the leafd litter. We love the grit that sticks ta us when we come indoors. The Big Thing brushes it off us but it stays there on the floor fer future rollin.
Eric, yoo look like yoo are really enjoying those sunbeams.
He's a great little guy!
Having extra quality time with mom is the best thing ever!
Hey Eric, I hope you've enjoyed the time you've had with your mum on holiday. And your mum looks like she's got plenty of help in the garden so you can just relax and nap like me!
You look great in your garden!
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