Monday, May 31, 2010


Checking In - With A Funny Story To Share

Thanks to all my friends for your concern over my health. It really freaks my humans out when I don't finish my meals, because they are used to me cleaning my bowl. I have continued to be very fussy about which flavours of stinky goodness I will eat now, but I think I have reached an agreement on my menus with my mum. I am pretty much back to my old self and my diabetes is still under good control, so that's OK. My mum did some yakking herself last Friday and spent a few days sitting around feeling seedy, so I was a good lapcat and cheered her up. We are both fine now.

I have been an extra-cuddly kitty lately. I like to spend as many hours as possible plastered over the front of a human sleeping on them and keeping them warm with my floof. Drooling on them is good too. My mum has a week off school now for the half-term holiday, so I should get some extra opportunities for cuddling. We are planning to do some gardening together too if the weather is good enough. It's gone all chilly again, just when we thought it was summer.

Something very funny happened this week. I was snoozing inside the patio windows and I noticed that Evil Intruder Kitty, Marmite, sitting by my pond doing his usual favourite activity of looking for newts. Here's an example of what he looks like when doing this:
Anyway, there he was just sitting there thinking about newts when, all of a sudden, BAM! A sort of small ginger Scud missile launched itself through the air and POUNCED him!
Of course it was Leo, the hyperactive kitten from next door who seems to think he lives here most of the time. He has been practising pouncing things a lot recently - mostly butterflies, flowers, birds, that kind of thing. He leaps around the garden like a maniac. I never saw him try to pounce Marmite before though! Marmite nearly jumped out of his fur with shock (shame he didn't fall in the pond!) and then ran off down the garden at top speed. I was still inside the window going BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! as I watched all this. My mum saw it too, she thought it was pretty funny. I may have to consider rewarding young Leo in some way for this legendary Marmite-pouncing. He'd better not try pouncing me though!

That ginger scud missle is kind of very cute....
That does sound funny--and very nice for you too.. he he he. I can't imagine a little cat being brave enough to pounce on you though. Not a big mancat like yourself.
Woah...ginger power!!!
Marmite just met Ginger Karma! Leo rocks the garden! How nice you were there to see it all. That makes it just *that* much better.
Yeah, let Leo be your muscle to keep Marmite out of the garden! You can just snoopervise.
That must have been a fun show to watch. Good going, Leo!
Hahahaha...perhaps you should make frends wif Leo, den he can chase away introoders while yoo bask in da sun.
Leo can surely be your wingman. A mancat needs a sidekick too!
MOL! Good poucing Leo. We're glad that you and you're mum are feeling better.
MOL! Wot a fabulous little ginger scud missile! Have yoo been training him?

We're glad yoo and yoor mommy are feeling better.
That must have been great to watch! Good job little ginger scud missle!

You sure this guy isn't related to you somehow? Because it sounds like he did exactly what you have been wanting to do to Marmite for quite some time!
Perhaps you could get Leo to do regular pounce patrols round your garden and get rid of unwanted introoders for you at say 2 or 3 temptations per day.
Well done Leo, but of course we would expect no less from a brave ginger mancat, and being small makes him so much braver. You should definitely befriend him. Think of all the running you could get him to do for you.
We're glad you're both better. Have a great week, Eric and Eric's Mom.
Ginger Scud Missile. MOL~~~
just goes to show.. Ginger rules.. MOL Hugs GJ xx
Kittens really love to pounce, pounce, pounce don't they!

Glad everyone is feeling better. Hope your spring warms up!
We are so glad to hear that you are doing better Eric. We has a worry-worry. And we hopes your mum is better too.
We has to admit that Marmite is a pretty handsome boy, even though he shouldn't be in your domain!
Good for Leo.
we is happy you is feeling better Eric.
I'm glad you're feeling better, Eric. As for Leo... sounds like Marmite had better watch his back.
Well, you sure got good flowerrs!
Glad you're feeling better.
Ginger pounce!
Bet that was funny to watch. Looks like the scud missile likes to smell the flowers too. Sure hope you are feeling better Eric.
Laughing really helps to feel better sometimes.

We are just cat-ching up visiting as mewmie has been busy playing nurse...

Being a Mentor is a very important job! Sounds like you are off to a good start.
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