Monday, June 14, 2010


Multiple Mancat Monday

Marmite, if I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times, GET OUT OF MY GARDEN!!!
If I turn my back on him, maybe he'll go away...
Of course, what he doesn't know is that at this very moment my mini-ginger sidekick is lurking in the lavender, waiting for a good opportunity to pounce - PREPARE TO BE POUNCED AGAIN, MARMITE!
Heh, heh, heh.

Maybe he really just needs a kitty friend or two! :-)
Dis not good him in your garden! You should pounce him thrice. Maybe a double with your sidekick.
Great picshurs!
Oh dear, that Marmite really is pushing his luck. Good job you have your fearless little ginger friend on paw to help.
Get him, Eric!
Eric, my money is on you! It is after all your garden!
Haha! All we can say is "poor Marmite!!"
Y'know Eric, It looks like Marmite wants to play. Perhaps you could enrol him in the same training you are giving to the Ginger Sidekick?

This could be the start of an army!


(Oliver is indisposed, currently schlurping the ears off of Gerry)
Marmite, we think your days of leisure in Eric's garden are over...
Maybe he needs a bunn kick or two! Or maybe he just needs a friend like you! Keep us posted.
Ginger scud ready and waiting.
Marmite!! Introooder!
Are you just going to sit there Eric and let the little chap do all your sparring for you!
Marmite sure is a brave one!
Put him to work in the garden Eric! Jonesie can give you tips!
Ahhhh, Leo the Hyper Kitten!
Go Leo!
We would like to teleport over an chase that intreooder...
It's getting a bit crowded in yoor garden, in't it?
I bet the newts were hoping he'd get pounced too!
Good work using the surprise attack of the mini-ginger. I bet that stinker Marmite never saw that coming!
You know, you have such a pretty garden that it is no wonder that you get the visitors that you do.
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