Friday, July 23, 2010


Good News And Bad News

I'm overwhelmed by all the purrs and good wishes from all my friends since I have not been feeling too good and had to go to the v-e-t. I'm sorry I have kept you all waiting this week for an update, but it has been a bit hectic here. It was my mum's final week at school and today was the first day of her summer holiday. She doesn't have to teach any sticky little people again until September. However, she has spent the last week going in early and running round madly packing stuff into boxes and moving furniture (she is moving into a different classroom next term), throwing away rubbish, saying goodbye to her class and doing all that end-of-term stuff. And the rest of the time she has been devoting herself to my well-being, obviously. So our time for getting on the computer has been very limited.

Anyway, now she is on her holidays and can devote herself to me full-time! That is, unless my humans have any dastardly plans for going away which they haven't told me about yet. And I know they would feel bad about leaving me when I am poorly. The good news that I am already feeling a bit better. I haven't had to go back to the v-e-t yet but the v-e-t has phoned my mum twice and they have had long chats about me. The Loud Australian V-e-t, who is my regular v-e-t and knows all about my history and my diabetes, came back from his holiday in time to go through my blood tests. He made the lab redo a couple of the tests because the results weren't very clear, but luckily I didn't have to go and have any more blood stolen because they just used the blood they already stole from me before to do the new tests.

Apparently I did have an infection so it is a good thing the Quiet Calm V-e-t I saw gave me some antibiotics straight away. I have been taking them for six days and they have definitely helped me to start feeling better. I was hardly eating anything before and now I am eating about two bowls full of food per day. My mum would still like me to eat a bit more to put some weight back on, but it is a good start. Also I have been given all my favourite foods and some gourmet varieties to tempt my appetite, and it is working! My mum has to be careful when she is picking out different kinds of stinky goodness and read all the ingredients because of my diabetic diet. I can have stinky goodness with jelly but not with gravy because the gravy stinky goodness usually says "with sugars" on the ingredients list and that would be bad for me. And some flavours I won't eat now at all, like beef or lamb or turkey. I like tuna, salmon, mackerel, sardine and chicken flavours.

I am being very good about taking my antibiotic pills. The v-e-t said my mum could either give me the whole capsule or open the capsule and put the powder in my food. But I won't eat any foods with hidden medicine in them, so I just get the whole capsule posted down my throat. My mum says I am very easy to pill, compared to my late sister Hattie, whose twice-daily pill-taking sessions (before she went to the Bridge) involved two humans, wrapping in towels, thrashing, scratching, yowling and much stress for all involved. I pretty much just open wide and swallow! It helps that my mum bought a tube of one of the most yummy things ever - Deli Soft Cheese With Smoked Salmon!!!! Just for me!!!! And every time I swallow a pill, I get to lick up some of the delicious Deli Soft Cheese With Smoked Salmon immediately afterwards! It is so worth it!

Unfortunately, even though I am feeling better with the antibiotics and have started to eat more, the blood test results weren't all good news. Most of the tests were fine, but my kidney values were not great and also I am becoming a hyperthyroid kitty. The Loud Australian V-e-t wants to start me on a daily pill to help my kidneys, and maybe later on I might need to have some thyroid medicine too, but he wants to manage any medications very carefully so that it doesn't upset my diabetes, which has been under good control for the last three years. So my mum is going to see him tomorrow to talk about me and pick up some kidney pills. He is also going to keep an eye on my teeth, but he doesn't want to send me to sleep for dental work unless he absolutely has to, because of my age and my health. My mum says I shouldn't worry about all this medical stuff, because it's just something that often happens to senior catizens like me, and I know my humans and the Loud Australian V-e-t will take good care of me. My mum says all I have to worry about is eating as much as I can and trying to get a bit fatter again because she doesn't like being able to feel all my bones under my floof. I think I will make her happy and go and have a snack now, I think I can smell tuna!
(This is an old picture because I don't want any pictures of me with the shaved patches all over where the V-e-t shaved off my mats last weekend!)

Thank you again for all the purrs and the well-wishes, my furriends. May you all get Deli Soft Cheese With Smoked Salmon whenever you have to take pills! Yummy!

O, Eric, I's so glad to see this post. We's been worrying our whiskers off.
You keep eating and gain some weight.
Love & Purrs,
Hi Eric! It's mostly good news, really, we think. Our Annie is hyper-t, by the way, and she gets the methimazole twice daily inside her inner ear tip and sometimes under the arm pit to give her ears a break. We're not sure how the hyper-t will factor in with your diabetes and kidney issues, but it sounds like you are doing pretty well so far.

Continued purrs and healing Light to you!!!
Sounds like you are on the road to recovery! That is awesome news Eric! Keep up the good work.
Well, if you won't worry we won't. Mostly good news, so we are happy to hear that, and the rest is mostly management, and we know you'll do just fine. And the cheese sounds wonderful!!!!!!!!
That is very good news that you are feeling better and starting to eat again. Keep up the eating, Thin Eric doesn't have the same ring to it. We will keep purring for you that the L.A.V. quickly gets the right meds sorted for you so you can feel better still.
Oh Eric
I was so happy to see your post.
I was so afraid when Your Mom hadn't posted for you.
Now I feel so much better.
Although the news wasn't purrfect we think that there is a lot of good news you got and it sounds to us as though with the meds you will be back to your happy and healthy self in no time.
We will continue to send healing purrs to you and to your Mom


Just keep eating Eric!
Oh, currently Thin Eric,

Sounds furry busy round your house too, but thanks EverSo for taking the time to give us this update as we were all worried and while we still are a bit worried, sounds like both your vets are on the right track (our mewmie knows this she said, cuz her day hunting place is at a cat vets). Your vet probably told you that sometimes getting the Hyper-T-ism under control makes the kidney function worse cuz the kidney values are affected by the 'overdrive' that hyperthyroidism does to them, So they have to do one thing at a time and monitor, monitor, monitor.

Mewmie says they see lots of Hyper-T cats at the hospital and she even has a Hyper-T human friend! Here are some good links to both kidney disease and hyperthyroidism, and be sure to have your mewmie email Teri if she has any questions, okeydokey?!
Hi Eric! We're glad you are feeling better and are eating. It sounds like you have a good v-e-t taking care of you even if he is loud. Are you sure you didn't fake all of this so that you could get some of that Deli Soft Cheese with Smoked Salmon?? ;-)
Eric, we are glad to hear you are feeling better. Sorry to hear about the kidneys. Take good care of yourself. Purrs and head butts.
Eric,we were sad to hear that you were not feeling well.
We are relieved to hear that you are doing well and things are being managed :)
Purrs for your furs to grow back quickly too ;) heehee

Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie
Well the most important thing is that you are doing better NOW! And then you can start worrying about all those other things that happen as we get older. We will purr that you manage your aging excellently.
Well! We are very happy to hear that you are Soon to be Fat Eric again. Getting old sure is a pain in the bum, but we think you are in good hands with the L.A.V., and of course your Mum and Dad to take care of you. You just continue to eat and and get well.

We are going to speak to our Mommy about this super duper salmon cheese. We are feeling neglected! Pills or no pills, we want some.
If you have your appetite back, then that's one great piece of good news. We'll keep purring for you...
Good to get a post from you FE, sounds like your mum and the VET's have things managed pretty well. Continuing purrs for you.
Oh Eric!! We are so glad to hear from you and it looks like your Mom & The Vet are taking very good care of you!! Purrrrs and healing vibes to you!!
Your TX furiends,
Eric, we're glad to read you are feeling better and are eating again. Good to see you blogging again. We hope your Mom enjoys a nice long break from school.
Eric we are are so glad that you are eating well and feeling better. An infection can really put a chap off his fuuds. We end you lots of schlurps and rumbly purrs

& Gerry
Eric I am so happy to hear you are feeling better. I am continuing to send you purrs so you get well!
We're pleased you are feeling hungry again - Deli Soft Cheese with Smoked Salmon sounds devine and we'll put it on mum's shopping list pronto. It sounds as though the vets are taking good care of you. The only down side is that your mum will be watching you like a hawk so we don't suppose you'll get away with anything naughty!!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx
We are so glad you're better, Eric. We know your the Mom will take very good care of your heath stuff, so don't worry about that at all. ::nosetaps
Well, it sounds like da Loud Australian Vet and yoor mom haf things well in hand fur yoo...glad yoor feeling better.
our comment disappeared. guess it didn't post.

Get well, Eric!
I'm glad you are doing better, Eric! I wish the health report was better, but senior kitties always seem to have some issues popping up. At least you are getting treats for taking your medicine - work that for all it is worth!
Oh No! You're not all better already? I musta not rolled enough! I'm going to go roll some more! You hafta get better!


Pee essess, you HAFTA get get better now! My word word thing says "expect"! I expect you'll get better now!
this is really good mews! sounds like you will be hanging around for a long time to come.

kazoku neko
eric, i hope everything is fine with u..i'm so worry....
I'm very glad it is mostly good news! Bendrix and I are uber happy that you are eating two bowls a day again and great getting your icky pills washed down with Deli Soft Cheese with Smoked Salmon. We may even take pills if we had that.

I am sorry to hear about your kidneys. We hope your meds do the trick and you have no more problems.

We are very happy that your mommy will be a full time servent for you again. Especially now when you aren't feeling so good. No worries about those shaved patches. We're sure you're still a handsome boy and don't worry, they will grow back in soon
We're glad that you're doing better Eric. Just worry about eating as much as you can, and the v-e-t will help you to stay well along with your Mum...Sending lots of purrs to help you keep healing,


Gypsy & Tasha
Eric, I am very glad you are feeling a bit better and eating better. Hooray for Deli Soft Cheese w/Smoked Salmons!
It's always better to have your regular fix-it guy on hand (or paw, I guess) when it comes to history. I'm glad you're feeling better, Eric. My sis got some meds for her appetite but she hasn't had to have any because she's eating fine. It's called mertazapine, in case you need to tell the LAV.
Eric we are so glad you are feeling better. Is not good to has a sick! We is also glad you not mind taking your pills cause it makes your mommy feel better too.
We is purring that things gets better-n-better for you.
Eat lots-TK
Oh Eric! We see the good news, but we see it is also not ALL good news.

We are so glad ta hear ya are takin yer meds good. That helps a lot.

Hi Eric, we posted a comment earlier when this post first appeared but we can't see it. praps it hasn't been approved yet.

We hope yoo are doing OK ~ and the lack of posts is not 'cos yoo are too poorly. Get well soon sweet friend.
we hopes you is feeling better and we is purrring for you!
Eric, old friend, we're so glad you're eating again. Chow down, and take you pills like a mancat, and soon you'll be feeling like your old self again!
Hi Eric. We were so worried to read that you were feeling poorly. Sounds like the mouth infection had a lot to do with it. (Tooth infections can also injure the heart and kidneys.) It sounds like you've found a superior way to wash down your pills! Deli Soft Cheese with Smoked Salmon sounds divine. Fuzzy is hyperthyroid and Meowmy didn't think he would be amenable to being pilled twice a day, every day, so he gets the trandermal gel (just like Kea describes) and it's worked out very well. We hope you are feeling better and will stay well for a long time to come!
Oh Eric! You are such a good boy to take your pills easily. The first cat took thyroid pills for years and years and he was good about it, too. I can't believe you weigh only a little more than Victor now; if I were more like Bonnie, I might call him Fat Victor! mol. Well, we love you and want you to stay well for a long, long time!
Purrs and licks,
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