Friday, July 16, 2010


Purrs Please

I overheard my mum saying I have to go to the v-e-t tomorrow. I haven't been feeling completely myself for a few weeks, and I don't have my usual hearty appetite. I am still eating a little bit and using my litter box, and I never turn down Greenies, but I can't seem to eat more than half of my dinner or breakfast. My mum talked to the v-e-t recently but at the time it was very hot here and they thought maybe it was just that I was so hot and uncomfortable in my floof that I had lost my appetite. But now it is not so hot and I am still not really hungry and I have lost quite a lot of weight lately, so I have to go and see the v-e-t tomorrow morning. My mum is worried about me. Please send purrs that it turns out to be nothing serious.

Eric I iz sending you *softpaw* an purrs for you to feels better. I sorry you haz to see teh vet but if he can make you feel good then you haz to go. Be brave!
We are sending you lots of purrs Eric that everything is all right with you.
We didn't eat much when it was hot and were just lying around all the time. We have started to eat more now it has cooled down but are still being picky.
Let them know you are not happy about being stuffed into the PTU and yell all the way to the vet.
I am sorry to hear you have not exactly felt quite yourself. I hope that the Vet is able to help you feel better, and we will keep you in our purrs. Please update us as soon as you can.

We are sending you lots of purrs and universal Light and hoping it's something simple, nothing to be concerned about. Or, if there *is* something wrong, that it is easily treatable.

Paws crossed, Eric!
We're sorry to hear you're not feeling so well, Eric... sending vibes and purrayers that your v*t visit goes easily and well.
We are sending big rumbly purrs for you Eric!
We are sending you purrs too. We hope everything is OK!
We don't feel like doing much when the weather's hot, either. We just try to stay cool.
Take care, dear boy, we are all purring and praying for you!
Toby, Cupcake, Mum and Grandma
Eric, we will be purraying for you to have a good vet report. Please keep us posted. ::nosetaps
We are sending you big purrs and firm headbutts, Eric. Mommy was just commenting at our dinnertime how our appetites have dropped off with the heat.

48 paws crossed that you are OK!

Love, Lounge Kats and MomKat Trish
Oh Eric, sending you lots of purrs! Hopefully it's just the heat and nothing serious!
Could ya have yer floof thinned? Mebbe that would help.
Eric, we are sending yoo BIG rumbly healing purrs to help yoo feel better and get yoor appetite back. We hope it goes OK at the vets.
Eric we hope your v-e-t visit is not too traumatic.
We're sorry you've not been eating so much although it has been very hot. We are sending purrs and gentle head butts and purrs and hope you have nothing seriously wrong.
Eric, I will send you lots and lots and lots of purrs and headbutts. I hope the v-e-t treats you well and you get back to your old self in no time.
Eric, sometimes I am miss fussy pants with my fancy feast too. I hope the vet can help your appetite. We'll be purring for you buddy, and you can have your cold weather back - we are a bit tired of it!!
My sisters and I will sure be purring for you too!
oh eric our dear friend, we are purring very hard for you. and {{{HUGS}}} to your mom
We are sending purrs. Hope you get your appetite back soon. We will lone you some of Artemisia's appetite, she eats everybody's food including Fenris'
Eric, we are sending you our strongest purrs and purrayers, and we hope that you get to feeling better and start eating more really, really soon.
Hugs, purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
Eric, we hope every thing is OK. We are purring for you!
Hi Eric, We will be sending you lots of purrs and prayers to fell better and eat. Please keep us posted on your vet visit.
Oh, Eric, you know your friends will all be waiting for news of how you are. We sure hope it isn't anything serious!
We'll be purring fur yoo! Maybe after da heat made yoo eat less yoo decided yoo were on a diet? No, din't think so, we don't go on diets by ourselfs. Hope da vet can get it sorted out and yoor back to yoorself in no time at all.
Eric we are worried about you too, dear friend.
Please post an update soon so we know what's going on. Hang in there!
Oh! We are sending tons of purrs and purrayers your way! Please be ok!!!

Luf, Us
Like everykitty else, I am very worried about you! I hope the vet figures out how to make you better - am sending you lots of purrs and licks.
Lots of purrs from both of us to you. Hope you checkup goes OK and you are back to your usual self really soon. PURRRRR.
We are sending lots of purrs for good news from the vet and for you to feel better, Eric.
Eric, I really hope all is well. We are sending you some big O Hi O hugs and purrs~
We came back to check on you Eric and see if there was an update. Sending more purrs.
Still purring for you Eric and sending healing thoughts across the ocean.
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