Saturday, July 17, 2010


V-e-t Update

Thank you so much for all the purrs, furr-iends. I got tossed into the Evil Cat Carrier this morning and taken to the v-e-t. There were four other cats there in the waiting room, some of them meowing VERY loudly, but I just gave a very little mew or two. I got treated like a VIP because I got seen first so I didn't have to wait for ages. The Loud Australian V-e-t is on holiday so I got the Quiet Calm V-e-t instead, which I really prefer. He was very impressed by how laid-back I was on the v-e-t table. I sat there and let him examine me so as to get it over quickly, and I tried to give him some schlurpy hairlicks when he bent down. I got weighed to see exactly how much weight I had lost. Last time I was weighed at the v-e-ts was in January and I was 7.1 kg (15.6 lb). Now I am only 5.8 kg (12.7 lb). Maybe everyone will start calling me Skinny Eric. Six years ago I weighed 21 lb!

Anyway, the v-e-t had a good look at me and he wasn't sure why I was losing my appetite and getting skinny. He noticed I had a bad tooth at the back of my mouth and my lymph glands in my neck were a bit swollen. That could be for several reasons, maybe even the bad tooth is causing a bit of an infection, or it could be something else altogether. The v-e-t took me in a back room and stole some of my blood to send to the lab for tests. They are going to test for thyroid disease, kidney problems and some other things which the v-e-t wants to check. He also gave me an antibiotic injection (in case I have an infection) and some antibiotic pills for my mum to give me at home for a few days. He shaved a patch on my neck when he was stealing my blood, and he also shaved off a few mats I had on my bottom which my mum hadn't been able to comb out. Now I look moth-eaten because of my shaved parts! And I smell like the v-e-t's office! Then he charged my mum £175 and sent us home.

Now we have to wait a few days for the results of my blood tests to come back. As soon as we got home I went and ate nearly a whole bowl full of food because I thought maybe if I ate more they wouldn't make me go back to the v-e-t again. Then I went and hid under the yellow chair in the spare room for a while to get over the whole traumatic experience. After that, my mum had to go and do some of her funny Morris dancing this afternoon at a festival, so my dad and I kept each other company and napped most of the the afternoon. Tonight my humans had Chinese takeaway and I was allowed to have a couple of prawns which were yummy! It seems to make my humans very happy when I eat stuff these days.

Thank you again everyone for all the purrs. I will let you know what the v-e-t says about my blood tests. Tomorrow I am going to chill out at home and maybe give Leo some more Mancat training if I feel up to it. Purrrrssssssss.

Just checking in to see how the whole vet fing went today.
Smart move on yours part to lap up all tha foods they put down.
Keep us posted and we will keep sending them purrs.
OH dear Eric
We hate it when the Vet steals our blood. We will keep you in our purrs and we await the results of your tests.


Oh, Eric, food is too much fun. You've got to eat to keep up your strength so you don't have to visit the vet.
You've been through a lot in one day, Eric... just take it easy and keep eating, and we'll keep sending healthy vibes and purrayers to you.
Eric, we are purring very hard for you! We hope the vet can figure out what's wrong and we purray it is nothing serious and vet easy to treat!
Paw crossed dat yoor blood passes it's tests...and continued purrs.
Eric, We will purr for good lab results...good job on eating an entire can of food and prawns.

Keep up posted, and rest up under the yellow chair; we bet it has magical restorative powers.
Eric (we're not gonna call you Fat anymore), we are purring for you and we hope that the blood tests come back okay. We sure hope if there is something wrong, it is easily fixed.
If you keep this up, we can't use the term "fat" anymore. However, I hope it's just a tooth and it can get fixed quickly. Keeping my paws crossed.
Skinny Eric ... When Pumpkin had bad teeth, the v-e-t pulled 'em and realized that he had diabetes. He was losin' all kinds of weight at the time, but his appetite was incredible! I'll bet that you'll start eatin' more when the infection for your teeth disappears. You might have diabetes like Pumpkin, though.

Please let your mum know that it's not hard to give insulin and test the blood for felines. The daily blood checks on the ears goes quickly and the needles for insulin are tiny and thin. Pumpkin says that they don't hurt furry much at all.

Feel better, dood!
Hey Eric, we haven't been around much but were alarmed when we heard from the CB that you were unwell. We hope that it's nothing more than a bad tooth and can be fixed easily.

Keep eating!

Purrs for you, dude!
Sorry Eric. Purrs it's easily fixable. I have hyperthyroidism in case it's that.
We're purring and praying for good test results.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
Oh man, doood, I hope the antibiotics do the trick. It would suck to have to go back there.
Eric!! We are purrring and praying for your tests to come back ok!!! Please let us know what comes next!!
(((((((((HUGGGGGGS))))))) from your TX furiends,
Lucky you - you got prawns. I'm sure that went a little way to make up for that vet visit. I hope there is only good news with those blood tests and that if anything is wrong, it is easily treatable!
Hey, Eric. We seldom make it here, but we were scaired when we heard you were going to the V*T. Glad to know you survived OK.
Eric we are going to keep our paws crossed for the blood test. I hate having my pantaloons cut too.
Goodness Eric, that is a lot of weight you have lost. We are very glad you ate nearly a full bowl of food when you got home, we don't want you losing any more weight.
We hope your blood test results are good. We are keeping up the purrs for you.
Eric you certainly have lost some weight - glad to hear you were hungry when you got home - perhaps a few prawns every day will help .
Hope you get good results from your tests.
We are purring for you and send you whiskery kisses xx xx
What a good mancat you were, Eric!

That *is* quite a bit of weight to lose. We are crossing our paws that all will be well, that whatever is wrong is treatable. Does that bad tooth need to be extracted? We've all had multiple extractions since late fall.

Please let us know the results of the blood work as soon as you can! Lots of purrs and healing Light.
£175???? WOW! That's tuff for mom and dad! But we are so glad yoo had tests to check yoo are OK (even if it meant going to da vets).

We are sendinf MORE healing purrs yoor way and our momma sends yoo a BIG smoochie.
We hope your blood tests come back good, Eric. Feel better!
Oh, Eric, Willow & I are sending over lots of healing purrs to you. We hope that your antibiotic pills make you all better!

We're glad that you got to have prawns - they sound yummy!

Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat
WE are so happy the visit went well! We are still purring for you!
Oh Eric, I hope your bloods are good!
We are purring for you, Eric!
~ Th Bunch
Eric you have lost a good amount weight haven't you? No wonder they have been worried! We hope all will be well after this visit and maybe it is just the tooth paining you which has knocked off your appetite.
One thing is for sure, v-e-t-s are expensive on both sides of the Atlantic!
I promise you Eric, the vet visit was just as traumatic for your mum! My molly lost a lot of weight and was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism but she is five years older than you are. Sometimes a bad tooth can cause lots of problems so its good you got an antibiotic jag.

I hope your tests come back with good results :-)
Purrs that it is something simple that is making you lose weight, like a bad tooth. Skinny Eric just won't do for you.
Eric, we think 12.7 pounds is a very good weight fer a good mancat like you. It is what our own vet would call "healthy"...

Ooh prawns? Thems lovely... We hope ya get lots more.

We hesitate ta mention it, but iffen it is hot there, ya could have a lot of fur removed. We know that seems radical an unnatural, but we haf heard it makes many kitties feel lots better.

So, ya know, just consider it.
How could we have missed this news?

We're sending our very best purrs you way Eric and we hope you feel better soon!
Eric, we hope that you get good news from the Vets!
eric, i hope everything is fine...
We is purring fur you Thin Eric. We sure hopes it's just your toof, cause they steals three of my teefs when I first comes to lives at my furrever home, and I feels much better after that.
Keep us posted big mancat.
Eric, we just read about this on Derby's blog--we are purring hard that you get fat and sassy and again! And hungry!!!
We just found out too on Derby's blog. We are sending warm furry get well wishes and are purring hard. Hope you get to feeling much better soon!
Oh Eric! I just read that you aren't feeling well. Man, that stinks. I'm sure everything will turn out fine. Probably a little medicine, which will be awful but be sure to take it all, and then you'll be right as rain.
Bendrix and I are turning our purr and prayer button up to 11 (extra high) that you feel all better soon. purrrrrrs
Oh Eric, we're so sorry that you're not feeling so good. Sore teeth are not much fun, and they sure made me (Gypsy) go off my food a bit in the past. We're purring lots that the v-e-t can help you feel better and eat more,


Gypsy & Tasha
Eric, old friend, we're concerned about you. How are you doing?

George, Tipper, Max & Misty
Oh, Eric, forgive us--we didn't know you were feeling poorly! We all hope your tests come back with good news and that you're feeling tip-top again!
Hi Eric we just checked back to see if you had your results yet. We are keeping up the purring.
Dear Eric,
We are sendin' purrsez your way. So sorree to hear you are not feelin' likes your good self. We haz not been bloggin' regular fur awhile & waz sorree to see dats you had some health problemz. We are all sendin' purrz your way!
Dr Tweety & da Fab Five
We are just cat-ching up with mews and sorry to hear you were feeling poorly. We hope all your tests are ok and that it's just your teeth bothering you, cuz that can be fixed...though it means, yep...another trip to the vet.
Hullo, Eric,
We're sorry you had to go to the vet, but it sounds like it's all treatable.
We're glad that you don't mind taking pills-it's nearly as stressful for beans to give them as it is for kitties to take them! Grandma's kitty, Molly, was like Hattie. It was very traumatic for all parties.
Keep eating and get better- Thin Eric doesn't sound right.
Purrs and cuddles,

Toby and Cupcake
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