Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Wednesday Is Gingersday

So, Leo, here's the deal. I've been feeling a bit off-colour lately with all this hot weather. You're young and energetic, not to mention hyperactive. If you keep patrolling the garden on my behalf, and pounce that Marmite whenever he shows his face, I might even let you do your own post on my blog...
...Wait, did someone open a bag of treats behind us?

Wow, Eric! You're being quite generous today! Are you gonna share the treats too??
Treats for everykitteh!!! Very hot here too. Way too hot.
Eric, you're wise to put Leo to work and stay above the fray yourself.
Sharing your Greenies? I think you have made a great deal with Leo. Go get Marmite, Leo. Ginger Scud Dude.
Yes, Eric, when you delegate, it means you must offer treats to get things done properly!
eric.. i've been waiting for you for soooo long.. why long silent? busy sleeping isn't it?
You are an excellent delagator, Young Leo will make a good that the right word?
Sounds like a good deal...
Hi Eric, stay cool BIG guy! Yoo are being very sweet to Ginger today!
That sounds like a good idea, Eric. But you're right. Treats come first.
Eric, it's good to have a helper in the hot weather--you can simply snoopervise him!
Look at all that ginger handsomness!
Wise move to get Leo on your side Eric, and it's worth a few treats to get him working properly.
We had a black introoder earlier in the week, and yesterday I told about how I chased him across two fields.
Thats right Eric!
Delegate the duties to Leo so you can stay on the cool flagstones! He's a great pouncer!
Mmmmm......our word verification thing says pasta.
Eric, that's a good deal if you ask me!
Eric, you boys all look nice and cool in your garden. Enjoy your hots.
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