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Fat Eric - A Photo Memorial (part 1 of 2)

Since Eric went to the Bridge a few weeks ago, I have had an unbelievable number of comments and tributes on his blog, plus e-mails, Facebook messages and even cards, for which I need to say thank you. Eric was such a lovely, cuddly, purry floofy boy and Gorgeous Ginger. We miss him very much, and it's clear that lots of you loved him and will miss him too.

I wanted to do some memorial posts with pictures of Eric, which has proved difficult as I have to choose from nearly 500 photos, some of which were never used on his blog. I hope you like the ones I have chosen and they show him at his floofy best!

Eric and his sister Hattie moved into our new house on October 26th, 2003. They were 8 years old at the time and had been waiting to be rehomed at the Chestnut Cat Sanctuary. They settled in immediately and acted as though they had been running the house for years. These pictures were taken about 3 days after their adoption.
Unfortunately we only had Hattie for a few months, as she developed cancer and had to be helped to the Bridge in March 2004. From that time onwards, Fat Eric decided to adopt the role of Spoilt Only Cat, and he discovered the possibilities of cat-blogging in January 2006 with his first post. He was inspired to blog after reading about the adventures of other early cat-bloggers such as Max the Psychokitty, Scooby, Shaggy and Scout, the Crew, William of Mass Destruction and the Big Piney Woods Cats. Eric enjoyed cat-blogging, although sometimes he found using the computer rather tiring...
He soon found that the internet was the perfect place for sharing pictures of his immense floofaciousness...
and for showing other kitties exactly how relaxation should be done...
The friends he made in the Cat Blogosphere helped Eric to discover some of his new favourite things. Darling Millie's mum made him his very own personalised Gizzy Quilt...
...and good friends like Derby kept him supplied with Feline Greenies, which were Eric's most favourite treat right to the end. Since Greenies aren't sold in the UK, many times Eric was in danger of running out, but thankfully the supplies from Mericky always arrived in time in avert a crisis!
Still to come in the next part of Fat Eric's Photo Memorial - tales of Eric's travels across the UK, stories of his constant battle against Evil Intruder Kitties and pictures of him in his garden. I'll try to complete it in a few days.

This is a wonderful tribute to dear Eric. We miss him so much as if he were a member of our own family and we know how desperately you are missing him. He holds a special place in our hearts because as we said in our tribute to him, if it wasn't for Eric and of course you Kate, we would never have started blogging and made so many good friends. We will always be thankful for that. We will miss Fat Eric but never forget him.
That memorial maded the mom leaky - she can feel yer love fer hims even way over here across the pong.

purrs and headbutts

He was a gorgeous ginger mancat and will always remain with alla us in the CB.

Eric has a place forever in our hearts. He was very special to us because he could have been Shaggy's twin, and was actually in all things but fur color.
He was a big fluffy gorgeous ginger cat and we miss him terribly. As mom said in her tribute, we never imagined when we started blogging that by making new friends it meant that we would have to say good by to them as well. Eric's passing has hit mom especially hard. We loved him very much.
Eric was one of the originals and truly legendary. We are all missing him terribly. We know the sadness in your heart must be immense without him and we know that all of us will always miss the great floofy ginger from England. He will stay in our hearts and we will keep you in our purrs.

We always enjoyed coming by to read about Eric and to see his photos. He was a huge, handsome ginger cat much like our Rusty. Thanks for sharing the photos today. We look forward to more of your tribute to Eric. Purrs and tail wags.
What a lovely tribute to our friend. We are so sorry for your loss. We miss him very much. We will remember him always.
I am smiling hugely through my tears. Fat Eric was one of the first blogs I lurked at and his antics sped me along many a grave shift at work.

I like to think he's well and happy at The Bridge with his sister Hattie, and still overseeing his garden, Leo, Marmite, and of course his Mom & Dad.

I miss him mightily, thank you Kate for posting some more pictures of His Handsome Gingerness.

XX MomKat Trish
Those are wonderful memories of Eric. I can't believe how much he and Hattie looked alike, never having met her. I know he spoke of her a few times, but I guess I never realized they were twins. Ah purrs. Eric was a grand cat and he is a big loss.
Thank you, Kate, for this tribute to a very special boy. It must've been so hard for you to write it, I know what it's like to be looking at so many photographs, when all you want is your boy back. I was privileged to have met him, and can assure everyone he was as wonderful as his blog indicated.

Dear Eric - we won't forget him.
Here's to you, Sir Eric... and to all the good memories you left us with.
Thank you so much for sharing those wonderful pictures with all of us.
we will never ever forget Eric - the gorgeous floofy ginger. We hopes that just because Erh ic is gone that we will not lose contact with you! we loves you!
We only came to know Eric's blog a little while ago, so although we didn't know him very well we could tell that he was a spirited, robust and much loved boy!

I enjoyed you photo memorial very much and look forward to part 2 :-)
Miss Kate, I feel so priviledged to be mentioned as a special furiend of Eric. Not just the Greenies, but his mentoring me in all things ginger and floofy. I was pround to be a part of The Gorgeous Gingers.

Mum always hoped she would get to London again and actually meet Eric. Sadly that can't happen now. But maybe we will have to send her so she can meet you.

Purrs and headbutts to you, hugs from mum. Gotta go, mum is getting all leaky eyed again.

Derby, Ducky and Mum Janet
Love it! Thank you for sharing your memories of Eric with us.
What sweet memories! Eric will truly be missed. He was one of owr ferst friends when we started blogging. Momma is bummed that she wuz in Texas while you were in Montana.
~Meeko & Kiara
Oh wow! Thank you for sharing these! I can't wait to see the ones...still miss him but this helps.
What a gorgeous floofy wonderful relaxed and amazingly loved boy he was!
This is such a wonderful tribute. Since I've only been on the CB since last December/January, I didn't get to know Eric as so many others did. But he reminds me so much of my beloved "angel" Chumely--not in colour, but in floof and purrsonality. I hope they've met at the Bridge and are romping around together, along with the thousands of other well-loved non-human animals, waiting for their humans.


We so miss that lovely boy. Thank you for sharing his photos and writing such a wonderful tribute to him. Eric was a very special floofy boy and we will never forget him.

You must be missing him a lot.
What a beautiful tribute to Fat Eric. He was such a special, ginger boy and we'll never forget him. The pictures of him are so precious, especially the ones of him with his floofy on full display. He'll be playing with sweet Hattie now.

Rumbly purrs

Whicky Wuudler
Oliver *schlurps*
& Gerry
A lovely, lovely tribute to Eric - we haven't been blogging for long but before mum adopted us she had lurked for ages and loved reading about Eric's garden visitors and his delight at having you home and sitting down with your broken leg!!
We bet Eric and Hattie are looking down at you now and sending whiskery kisses.
Luv Hannah and Lucy and mum Sue xxx
That is a great memorial with a lot of fabulous photos. We do miss Eric and hope he is frolicking around at the Bridge with Luxor and all the kitties and woofies that have gone before.

What a wonderful tribute post. We think everyone here understands the pain expereinced when losing a pet.

We're just glad that we're able to share in remembering Eric with you.
I LOVED reading about Fat Eric and looking at the photos I hope he is having a great time with Hattie.

I am so sorry for your loss.
This boy, this big floofy boy... well, he was One Of A Kind. The very best kind! And we already miss him a lot... farewell Fat Eric, we're glad we knew you... and we have no doubt that somewhere, over the rainbow, everyone there will love you, too!
This is so lovely. It made us leaky, but also smile in memory of Eric's "immense floofaciousness" and relaxation skilz

He was such a neat cat. Even in his pictures, his personality was obvious. He and Hattie are certainly reunited and laying in sunbeams at the Bridge
Thank you for showing so many wunnerful pictures of Fat Eric. We inherited our love of Fat Eric from Skeeter and LC (the cats who came before).

And we, in our turn, miss him greatly. He was a mancat role model we lost with Skeeter. He was such a nice and mature mancat that we could always feel good with his advice.

We will miss him...
I didnt get to know you as well as a lot of the others, but followed you and loved what I saw. I will miss that fluffy ginger who enertained us with his tales. Much love GJ xx
I remember so many of these pictures.

I will miss Fat Eric.
What purrfectly lovely pictures, Fat Eric's mum, we especially like the one of Fat Eric asleep on the pillow - so comfy. We look forward to part two with the Introoder Kitties, and we will always remember Eric very fondly & send our hugs and purrs to you.
With tummy-rubs & head-butts,
Mr Woo xx
seems like he exist in my life for real throughout the years.. he will be sadly missed, and for you kate, sorry for the lost.
-everlasting love, anne
Oh, Kate, what a beautiful tribute to our good buddy, Fat Eric! This should be made into a beautiful book. We think of him so much and miss him so much. You are constantly in our thoughts as you mourn his loss. Celebrating his life as you are doing now is wonderful for all of us. Thank you!
What a wonderful pictorial tribute to Fat Eric! When we started blogging, Fat Eric was one of the first kitties we visited. We miss him very much and will never forget him.

Purrs to you, Fat Eric's mom!!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
I have been offline with computer problems for over a month and found out about Eric just a few hours ago. I am so very sorry. Fat Eric was among the first kitty blogs that I read. I will miss him very much. Your tribute is wonderful and the pictures are great. I am sending you lots of hugs and Herman sends soft purrs and nose kisses.
Thank you for sharing Erics story and photos for us who haven't followed him since the beginning. He was truly loved by many and will always be remembered for the special mancat he was, as well as the love you shared with him.
It's good to see your Eric tribute. He had so many friends who'll never forget him.
I still can't believe how much I miss him! You gave him a voice that was by turns charming and churlish, a wonderful combination that truly seemed it was coming from him. Thank you so much for sharing him with us.
What a wonderful tribute to Eric! Willow and I enjoyed seeing the pictures of Hattie and Eric together - we're sure that they are happy together now! We certainly do miss Eric and we're a bit leaky looking at all his pictures but we're smiling a bit too because we always smiled when we saw Eric in his "immense floofaciousness"!

Purrrrrrrrrs, China Cat (another Gorgeous Ginger, but not so floofy)
What a lovely tribute to Fat Eric and such wonderful photos to remember him with.

The five of us and mom are sending our hugs and purrs to you.
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