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Fat Eric - A Photo Memorial (Part 2 of 2)

I have so many photos of Fat Eric, it was hard to choose the right ones for this final tribute. He was usually happy to pose for the camera, whether at home, in the garden or on his travels. Eric was a well-travelled cat. He made regular trips not only to the kitty jail and the v-e-t but also to his Devon Grandma's house.
He objected to being put in the Evil Cat Carrier and didn't particularly enjoy being put in the car, but once the journey was well underway he would resign himself and usually slept most of the way. His Scratchy Mouse always accompanied him on his travels.
Scratchy Mouse was a combination of scratching pad and best friend, often used by Eric as a pillow or a foot rest. His other favourite scratching post was our wicker laundry basket, the state of which remains a memorial to his claws!
He also enjoyed snoozing in his fleece bed next to the radiator, but only in the winter months.
He was a very snuggly mancat who liked to be close to his humans.
When I broke my leg last year, Eric was happy to spend hours on my lap administering purr therapy.
Eric liked spending time in his garden if the weather was fine. He never tried to visit neighbours' gardens, but would potter round his own and sunbathe on the patio. In the winter he tended to prefer to stay indoors in the warm. This was one of his favourite spots in the garden.
Eric's one problem with enjoying his garden was the constant arrival of Evil Intruder Cats. He hardly ever tried to fight them, since most Evil Intruder Cats would take one look at the huge ginger cat advancing towards them and then they would turn and flee. His arch-nemesis was Marmite, the black intruder who likes to fish for newts in our pond. Eric was non-plussed by the fact that Marmite tended to hang around instead of running away.
Eric did tolerate the visits of Skinny Ginger, although they once had a punch-up.
In the last few months of his life, Eric spent quite a bit of time with our neighbours' new kitten, Leo.
Leo liked to follow Eric around - probably looking for a mentor to tell him how to be a Ginger Mancat - and Eric seemed to get used to his presence.
Since Eric has been gone, Leo has been on several excursions into our house, apparently looking for him. I think he misses him. We all do.

I would like to share a few photos of Eric I never used on his blog. These are photos from my phone. This one is a funny one - Eric trying to see what I was doing one day when I was fiddling with my phone...
and this one is a beautiful profile shot.
Getting to the end of this tribute to Fat Eric, I would like to thank Ann at Zoolatry for all the graphics she made for Eric over the years - birthdays, Christmas, special occasions, etc. These two she made to honour his passing.
And finally, this is the last photo of Eric ever taken.
Thank you again for visiting Fat Eric's blog. He was a special boy and it's been lovely sharing him with all of you for nearly five years. I am hoping to continue visiting all his friends, and I have just started a new blog, Between Cats, which I am going to use to keep up with the cat blogging world until I am adopted by another kitty. Please come and visit me there, and thank you again for being Fat Eric's friends.
Fat Eric

This is such a wonderful tribute to sweet Eric. It is with leaky eyes that we read it. We really do miss him and feel that we got to know him so well. Thank you for sharing his life with us and the photos of Eric, the original Gorgeous Ginger.
We love the tribute to Fat Eric. We particularly liked the photo of him in the bed and his floofy tummy. He will be missed--he was the most gorgeous of gingers. We are glad you are still blogging.
We just love seeing these pictures of Fat Eric. Such a wonderful tribute to a very special mancat. We will start to follow your new blog and will purr that the right cat will come along and adopt you.
What a lovely tribute to Eric.

We know how you miss him, because all of us do as well.

What a beautiful boy and this is just a wonderful testament to a very special ginger boy.

What a wonderful tribute to such an exceptional cat! We miss Eric but not as much as we know you do. Thank you for sharing all these great photos of him.
Gosh how we miss him so. Can't imagine how you are missing him. Love his last picture and all of the other pictures.

We will stop by your new place.
'Scuse me...I got something in my eye...
Whatt a wonderful tribute to Eric. He was such a beautiful boy and we miss his presence on the blog. Thank you for sharing such special pics of him ~ we will never forget him.

What a very beautiful tribute to the very lovely Eric. A very happy and much loved life was shown through the photoraphs. You will have such lovely memories.. I am glad you are able to blog still.. GJ and Carol x
A lovely and loving tribute to Eric - our mum had followed his blog as a lurker for a long time and as secretary of our blog for the last few months - he was one of her favourite characters on the CB.
We are so pleased that you will still blog and we hope you are saved by a needy kitty who would love to sit on your knees and entertain you.
Eric will never be forgotten.
Luv Hannah, Lucy and mum Sue xxx
Mommy got leaky all over again at this lovely final tribute to Eric. Rudy got a few extra snuggles mixed in with some tears. Those ginger boys, such loves.
(((hugs))) to you.
Fat Eric...
the best of the best!
Farewell, sweet boy.
oh Eric, we miss you very much!
oh, *sigh* we misses ye, laddie! but we feels yer presence amongst us this day, an' we dasht a tear frum our collective eye when we looked at this sweet-like tribyoot to ye. ye were a furry special kitty, as effydenced by the love shown by yer humans in this post. we loves ye all!
What a beautiful tribute to such a wonderful cat. We will never forget him! xxx
That is a fine tribute(both of them) for such a pawsome kitty. We miss you Eric. We think he will guide the next kitty to your home
Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie
We sure do miss Eric...but now we can come here any time and see his handsome gingerness. Thank you for sharing these pictures.
Oh this was a lovely remembrance of how much Eric meant to you and to the CB, too. We haven't been blogging very long in the big scheme of things, but if I had to say which was my favorite photo in your tribute to him...that would be hard to narrow down! But I remember smiling when I saw the one of him in the garden 'tutoring' that Leo! We all miss him dearly and will follow your new blog to see how you are doing...
Your Memorial of Eric is really nice, so many wonderful pictures of him. They show him as a wonderful sweet and loving cat. I haven't been a regular visitor but I did stop by now and then. I will miss him even so. Purrs and prayers for Eric's family
A beautiful and fitting memorial to Fat Eric. He was a handsome ginger and we're sorry he's gone. He left a hole in a lot of hearts.

We'll stop by to visit your new blog. We won't forget Eric.
Awwwww!!!! What a beautiful Memorial to Eric!! We sure miss his advenures!! Thank you for sharing his Photo Memorial with us!!! It brought tears to our eyes and laughter to our souls!!! We will keep in touch at your new Blog, too!!
(((((HUGS)))))) from Your TX furiends,
Oh my goodness! Those were such wunnerful pictures of Fat Eric! We treasure each and every one of them.
Goodbye Eric. You are sorely missed by everyone.
I enjoyed reading about Eric's adventures. I'll miss him.

Thanks again for the heart-warming photos and memories of Fat Eric. My mummy will very much miss his wonderful personality, and also sneaking looks at his website when she should be working...he was one of a kind.
Love & purrs from Mr Woo xx
More tears as I read this final tribute to a very special boy. We miss him so much, so can imagine the huge hole he's left behind in your hearts.

We'll follow your new blog, and wait to see if anyone else finds their way into your lives, to ease the ache, at least a little, of missing Eric.
What wonderful pictures of your dear handsome boy. You did a splendid job with his diet to get him down to a great weight and his diabetes under control. You must miss him something's hoping that some other lucky kitty will walk into your life soon.
Thank you for the wonderful pictures of Eric. We miss him so much! You and you family are in our hearts and prayers.
Thank you so much for posting these wonderful pictures. He was such a handsome ginger cat.
What a lovely tribute to Eric. We bet he was watching over your shoulder as you put this together.

We do hope that you get adopted by another cat soon. Meowm says that is what helped her the most when she lost China. She was adopted by Junior and her heart healed tons!
He was a king among cats!
You are so blessed to have had him share his life with you and we are blessed that you chose to share him with us.

Now where's that hanky.......*sniff*
We LOVE your tribute to Fat Eric.
What a pawsome tribute, it madedid the mom's eyes leak.
This beautiful tribute to our good friend brought tears to our eyes. No greater ginger boy ever lived. Never forgotten. Always loved.
I was missing Fat Eric today and popped over to look at old posts and saw the tributes. What a wonderful surprise and such a nice tribute. We miss our big ginger friend.
Oh, Kate. My heart reaches out for you. As the Mom of another older kitty, I know what you are feeling, for I know that I will soon be facing it myself. Know that Rusty promises me that he will find Eric at the Bridge when his time comes. And, I know that Eric knows how much you loved him and miss him. Best wishes always...

Rusty's Mom
Mommy has tears. We miss our beloved friend. This is a lovely tribute.
Oh, such a nice memorial to Fat Eric. I love the photos. I like the phone photo of his cute nose. We miss Fat Eric too out here in the USA.
We remember Eric on this special day. We miss him.
hello, darlin' boy--we misses you an' loves you! best wishes to you on yer furst purrthday at the bridge--we bets it's even more better than we can imagine. oh, how we miss you!! ((((headbonks))))
We are remembering and missing you, Fat Eric, on your birthday and gotcha day today. (((HUGS)))
Lovely tribute to Eric. He is sorely missed by so many.
Happy Gotcha day big-guy. I'm sure your selebrating where you is right now. Remembers to sends a purrs to your mommy, we can tells her misses you terribly.
Such a nice tribute to Fat Eric. He is surely missed but will never be forgotten.
What a lovely tribute to a lovely cat... RIP Eric, Play happily on the bridge...
We lubbed Fat Eric. When Spencer came to live with us I must say we thot of yoo all beyond the "pond" when we pickt his name. (It is a tribute to the House of Spencer and Winston Churchill's love of orange cats.) Fat Eric lives on in all our memries. A very lovely tribute we were happy to see! Purrs from all of us at the Meezerboy Blog.
What a wonderful tribute to Eric. It makes out heart smile to see the world of love he lived in, healing purrz and prayers to you=^Y^=
Thanks for sharing Eric's life with us.

I just looked up the kitty blogs we used to peruse daily and discovered the news about Eric. And now I'm at work with tears in my eyes. What a beautiful set of photos of him. He was such a lovely, wonderful friend. Thank you for sharing him with us.

Tammara, Turtle, Moose and Nala
We hope 2011 brings you comfort and warm memories!
We is thinking of you and purring fur you fambily as we looks back on 2010.
Aw, what a wonderful tribute. I haven`t been here in so long. Bless his heart. I lost my Teddy last summer. So sad and difficult these times.

we is still 'amemberin' you, sweet floofy boy!

gentle headbonks-
ed, nitro, xing, & iggy
Great tribute! Eric looks like a fun, cuddly cat that everyone would love.
I regret never knowing your sweetheart Fat Eric. This was a wonderful tribute. When we lose a fur baby, they are still in our hearts.
Oh, kate, I am so sorry. I know how it is, and I have had to get new cats so many times. It's hard, isn't it? But he is still in your heart, and he is in a good place, too. So, if you want to remember him, this is a really excellent idea. He is proud. You should look at this blog:
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