Saturday, July 22, 2006


More Blogging BritCats

I am happy to announce the arrival of another new kitty blog. And this one is British. There aren't that many of us British cats blogging - although of course there are Pandora & Charlie, and Arty & Velvet, and me (any more British kitties out there blogging, let me know!).

Back in April, I posted about how I had had e-mail from another kitty called Eric. Big Eric, to be exact, a handsome ginger 20-pounder living in Devon with his brother Flynn. Eric and Flynn were hoping to get their own blog and now, they have! You can find their life stories and some great pictures of them at their page here. They would love to have some visitors to their new blog so I hope all my friends will pop over and say hello!

Today is quite a good day. My mum finally finished school for the summer yesterday; she came home all sweaty and tired with 6 bottles of wine, 12 boxes of rather melted chocolates and a mug that said "World's Best Teacher". Strangely, her class failed to give her any cat treats to pass on to me - she will have to train the next lot better!

Today my dad has gone to the Motor Show to see shiny cars. My mum and I are tired so we are having a quiet day at home. We had a rain shower this morning which made us feel cooler for about ten minutes, but it is still pretty humid and sweaty. We hung out on the patio while it was in shade this morning, my mum read the paper and I used one of her flowerbeds as a litter box but she caught me...oops. It has cooled down to around 85F today but is supposed to get back up to about 94F by Wednesday...not so good!

Missy is about to get a new little sister, KC - who is flying from Los Angeles to Houston at this very moment. What an exciting way to get a new sibling! You can check on KC's progress at Missy's blog, she is flying right now!

Hope all kitties have a good weekend.

Eric, our mommy wants to know what kind of skool your mommy teaches in where she gets WINE as purresnts. When our mommy was a teacher ('afore she changed careers to 'puters) she nefurr gotted wine from her kids - only stuffed animals and mugs.
Eric, first glad that you are getting some slightly cooler weather. Second, that your mum is finally finished teaching school, so she can stay home and be with you.

Will go and check out those new blogging ginger boys. :-) Stay cool buddy.
Hmmm. My woman says teachers get a lot of whine during the year, so it's fitting to haf sum fur the summer. Here, kids are only allowed to gif their teachers "token" gifts of little monetary value so poor kids don't feel bad.

It's a bit cooler here, too an rained a lot yesterday. Most places haf cold air blowers so it's not too bad. We had a bad storm that left the boy's school (where he goes fur daycare) wif no power. Sum trees an branches fell, but ours were okay. Since the storm woke the woman, Victor jumped on her an my man fur 2 AM play time. I just turned away frum the windoze an went back to sleep.

Stay cool, furiend!
Thanks for the address of the new blog. We are heading there now. We are so cited for that cute litte Missy!!

Patches Lady
we had little KC stayin at our house last night an that was okay wif effurrybody but me cause I'm jealous an i want the Lady's lap when i want it an i don't wanna see any little fuzz in my spot. the Lady took little KC to the airport this morning an now she's in her new home. we're gonna go meet your new furrends...
Bet you're Mum is so happy that she is done teaching fur now. You're right, we think she may need to pass the word along to the next students about you and that you are certainly important and deserve gifts. I'm sure you take care of your Mum all year when she gets home from work and has to relax after being with those students all day so you did your work too and MUST be rewarded.
there is Puff the Cat, who is from Yatton. But she hasn't updated since the beginning of June. Of coure, she is a Tuxie.
Hi Eric!!

thanks for the link to 'Big' Eric & Flynn. they look like some cool kitties. Its really nice to meet fur-ends from across the pond. my person has a few days off as well, so I'm gonna be trying to get some extra treats. isn't that what they stay home for?
Hi Fat Eric, Thanks for putting our link on your blog and on the GG site. You are lucky that your mum is home with you now. We like our mum being home with us because it means lots of cuddles and scritches.We are sorry you have to go to kitty jail soon. We hope they let you out soon.
I read in the newspaper the weather is not doing too well in Europe. It is freaking hot!!! I hope your long fur is not making you any hotter. Perhaps you can ask your Mummy for a big ice block to lean against during the day.

From fat Kim Kim in sunny Singapurr
Oh my gosh, I was checking out the cat blogs and stumbled on my Missy's link on this page. Thank you so much.

You are in England, that is where my husband's family came from, long time ago.

Thanks for the post, and look at KC's sleeping picture closely. She is a gorgeous ginger, well, at least part of her is...she just has a lot of black tipped fur in patches. It is a strange and wonderous little kitten.

And KC said Fat Eric is very handsome.
Thanks for the updates on other Brit cats. We agree with the Meezers - WINE?

The fact that she brought home no treats shows that you need to visit her class in the fall all give a short presentation. Sort of like "Career Day" when people tell the class about their'd tell about being a cat. That's sure to bring in a load of treats!
Yes, my Momma was surprised about the wine too. I hope you can stay a bit cooler, Eric!
Fanks for lettin us know bout Eric and Flynn. We visited and left them a note. We hopes you can stay cool. Maybe you needs a neck cooler to snuggle wif. Mommy uses one when she's furry hot cuz she gets sicky in the hot. Your Mommy could buy you one or even make you one! Here's a couple of links so's you know what I's talkin bout. Kool Off Stuff -- they even got a pet banana! (or however you spells that) and Ship Cooler.

~~ Sanjee
Well Happy Vacation to your Mum, Fat Eric. That chair you gave Kukka Maria was diiviiinnnnne. ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko KO

I knows you is so glad your Momma is home wif you for the rest of the summer. Boy, sckool gets out late in England -- our kids are getting ready to go back to sckool in a few weeks. Just shows you how finks are different all over da world.

Hope the weather cools off a bit for you soon.

Thanks for lettin us know about Big E and Flynn they are real nice ornich poodins!

Hey, Eric, we just saw an articall at About Cats about keepin cool. Here's the linkie fur you:
Keep Cool, my large furiend!
I added Eric and Flynn to my blogroll so I can keep up to date on their happenings. It's really exciting to see so many new felines entering our blogosphere. I just hope I can keep up with them all!
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