Sunday, October 15, 2006


Return Of The Yellow Chair!

Until about six months ago, I had a favourite chair. It was yellow and it lived in our living-room. I was often to be found enjoying the comfort of the yellow chair like this: And sometimes like this:

Then, one day, my humans decided to move all the furniture around. A new blue sofa and chair appeared in the living-room and my favourite yellow chair...disappeared! I was quite upset, but after a while I discovered that the new chair was really quite comfortable, so I made the best of it.

A few days ago, I was upstairs on the landing helping my mum to empty the laundry basket (I'm such a good helpful boy). She went to look for something in the spare bedroom. Now, this may seem strange to you but the spare bedroom is a room I am not at all interested in. I never go in there, even though the door is left open. (There is never any food in there, so why would I be interested?) But for some reason, on this occasion, I decided to follow my mum into the spare bedroom. I wandered in there, and what do you think I saw? My yellow chair! It was in there all the time and I never realised! I was so surprised!

I tried jumping on it to see if it was as comfortable as ever, but unfortunately someone had decided to cover it with teddy bears so there wasn't enough room to get comfortable. Undaunted, I decided that maybe just being underneath it would be good enough.

Except for trips to the food dishes and the litter box, I have been underneath it pretty much ever since...yay for the yellow chair!

Eric, just jump up on the chair and push the teddy bears off. Then you can have the chair to yourself.
Eric, you gonna let those silly stuffed toys prevent you from sitting IN your favorite chair? I'm surprised at you. Knock 'em over. It's your chair.
Isn't it great when you find an old friend?! If you mum is the kindhearted person we think she is, she will take those ridiculous bears off it and let you have your favorite spot back.
we are not allowed in the spare bedroom - it's forbidden. i'm shur there's wonderful stuff in there to play on. Good fing you finded your yellow chair!
Eric, just knock off the bears. Everything in the house belongs to you, so you should be able to sleep in your favorite chair.

The Monsters
Don't you just hate it when your furniture gets moved all around without your permission? I think somebody should have told you where your favorite chair went, though. And I agree that you should just push the bears off. It's your chair, after all.
What grate news. I bet yoo were so sad to have yer chair gone...but now its back!! We hope yoo eventuallie threw the bears off of it. Yoo are so much cutur than them anyways.
Nifty chair! I think I'd like one, minus the bears...
You cute boy! I love the yellow chair! It does look pretty comfy! Just kick the teddies to the floor! ;)
the bears are nice, but dude...fling 'em!
The teddies may look cute but they gotta go.
Oh Eric I once had a favorite chair too. Yet mommy threw it away.
She said it had too much cat hair on it,Duh it was my favorite chair and I'm a cat.So what did she expect??Humans have no respect when it comes to our things.
Oh Eric, I am glad you found your favorite chair! We all need to find out favorites, don't we?
Teddies, if properly arranged and squished, make excellent pillows.
Our Mum says she can hear you snoring in the second photo. heehee.
We think those teddies need to be licked by the famous Fat Eric method. That'll teach 'em!
Ha, ha. Maybe you should find a way to get rid of those teddy bears so you can claim your rightfull place.
Oh, that's great, Eric! I had a favourite tan chair. We moved a lot so it ended up in different rooms in different houses, but it was always there. Until this move. I think it must have fallen off the truck because I haven't seen it since we got here.

But if the yellow chair is in the spare room now, that may be even better. You can go in there and sleep on your favourite chair, and no one will come and disturb your naps!
That is terrible that they moved your favorite chair! And put other things on it! Just lay on them!
We cats never forget our favrit things. You must have smelled you own scent on the chair and wanted to rub it in again too.
how marvelous that you found your chair again! we loves our chairs, too, although they ain't yellow.

just give those stuffed critters a few good, swift bunny-kicks and all will be right again. many happy naps to you in the comfortable company of your yellow chair!!

purrs from
nels, ed, nitro, & xing
Kick those teddies to the curb! You can do it! You know you want to!
Humans are very presumptuous, aren't they? We get things arranged just the way we want them, it being our house after all, and they go and change things. Other than voice our complaints, there isn't much we can do. Good thing you found your chair though. It sounds like a find napping place!
I'm glad you found your chair. Good Im-prov-izashun to lay under it if there is no room on it. I think you should knock those teddies off. That is a kitty's chair, not a teddy's chair!
You think the least they could have done was TOLD you where your yellow chair was? Humans can be so presumptuous sometimes. BTW: did your dad ever make it back from the Mountain top? We's been a little worried that maybe he fell or something.
Hi fat Eric. I thought your story was very interesting. Anyway all's well that ends well. I'm very glad you have your chair back. Perhaps if you stay in the spare room with it long enough, your peeps will bring it back out to the living room for you.

I love your pictures. You are really a very very cool dude.
Hey, Eric - love the yellow chair. I see that, like myself, you can easily take up the full width of the cushion. The full stretching position is one I'm also keen on. But I've got to say, why just one fave chair? Round at my house every chair is mine. If it's comfy, I 've got a claim on it. I like to be even-pawed about this, so I give all of 'em a good sitting on every so often - just so's there's no favouritism!
Like everyone said, knock the teddys off. It was your chair first!
Throw the bears on the floor and you could lay on it again ~Merlin, Shadow, KO kO
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