Monday, September 17, 2007


Looking After Mum

Lots of my friends have been asking how I am doing with my diabetes. I am doing fine, although my blood sugar is still a bit up and down. I have to go back to the v-e-t in about a week. I am acting like my normal self - eating, sleeping, licking humans, purring a lot, patrolling the house, etc. My mum changed the brand of stinky goodness I was eating to a healthier brand which is good for diabetic cats. Some humans have trouble getting their cats to change brands, but my mum knew I wouldn't fuss! As long as it is food... I liked the new brand (Butchers Classic) straight away and especially the Game and Trout flavours! Yummy.

We had an amusing incident tonight. I was watching TV with my humans and my dad wanted to find the TV guide. He looked all over the living room for it - on the sofa, under the sofa, behind the TV, on the table...he even went into the kitchen looking for it. I was watching him and "laffin and laffin", as Jeter Harris would say. Guess what? I was lying on the TV guide! When I had finished enjoying the joke, I got up and strolled off and there it was all the time!

My mum is a bit stressed out at the moment because she is finding her new class very hard work. Although they are the same age as last year's class, who were mostly very nice, this lot will need a lot of training before their behaviour is how she wants it. She reckons it could take until Christmas to get them into shape! I am trying to relieve her stress by purring and snuggling with her a lot. My dad tried to cheer her up yesterday by buying her a pencil topper for one of her teacher's pencils. What do you think? Does it remind you of anycat?

My dad is going away tomorrow morning to Scotland for a few days. He wants to climb Ben Nevis. He has climbed it twice before but never quite got to the top, and he says if he doesn't do it this time he'll be too old! I am in charge of looking after my mum and the house until he comes back on Friday night. Keep your paws crossed that he gets to the top this time and doesn't fall off!

I think you're being very brave about the whole diabetes thing, Eric. Tell your Mum that the students never know better, they merely know MORE.heehee
Good luck to your Dad-we're pulling for him. I think he'll be able to do it this time- third time's a charm!
Take care and it's always good to hear from you.
I'm glad to hear you are doing well Eric! I love that eraser. Everyone should have one.
Maybe your dad could take those kids with him--THAT would speed up the change, don't you think? And then your mum wouldn't be stressed any more!
Your poor mum having to get the kids to want to learn. Hopefully she will be successful sooner versus later.

Good luck to the Dad on mountain climbing.

Glad you like your new food. Keep that old diabetes thing under control.
Diabetes is very icky stuff. My Lady's sister has it and it does not treat her well. She had to have all of her teeth pulled when she was just 27 years old and a year later had to have cataract surgery. All before she was 30! I'm very glad that you are doing well.
Hey that pencil topper looks kinda like you Fat Eric, although not as soft and furry. Good luck to your Dad and his climbin trip. We hopes your Mom's class straightens up. Whew we couldn't image having a lot of 'bean kids around. They can get quite noisy when Kinsey has furriends over ~The Fluffy Tribe
That is a cute pencil topper. :) Sorry to hear that your mom's class is troublesome this year. Good luck to your dad! That is very impressive that he is climbing a mountain!
That's a grate pencil topper Eric, looks just like yoo, well except that it's not floofie like yoo. We hope your mum soon gets her class sorted out and behaving as they should. We hope your dad gits to the top of Ben Nevis too.
Well done on getting Stinky Goodness that yoo like. You're doing well wiv your diabetes.
I will send positive thoughts his way and pray he stays safe.Good of you to watch out for your Mom!
Glad to hear your doing well.I will keep my paws crossed for your dad.
Good job on the TV guide! Glad you are feeling well, but sorry your mom is so stressed out. Sounds like your Dad is the one doing the stress relief however!
The "TV Guide Incident" is priceless!! We laughed too because our dad puts stuff down then can't find it all the time! And there you were on it all the time!!!!
Enjoy the new goodness!!
HaHaHa! I loved the TV Guide story! That was so sweet of your Dad - the pencil topper looks a lot like you FE!
Hope you get to a point where your Diabetes treatment is firmly in control. My Mommy has it and says control is the most important thing!
Your Dad is brave!
I am glad you are doing OK with your diabetes. That's a funny joke you played with the TV Guide!

Good luck to your dad on his big climb.
I'm so glad you're doing well! I had a feeling new food wouldn't cause you any problems, not cause of your girth, but cause you're so laid back!
That is a great joke with the TV Guide. Bendrix is rolling on the ground laffin and laffin. Me too!
Enjoy the special time with your mommy. Good job with the extra snuggles. She'll need it after a day of unruly sticky little people.
Ha, ha, ha that is so funny - you were sitting on the tv guide the whole time : )

I like your Mum's new pencil topper - I hope her kids start behaving.

Oh yes, and good luck to your Dad on climbing Ben Nevis!
Glad to hear you are doing o.k. with the diabetes. It can be quite challenging. Even though I don't have to get injections anymore, I still get ear pokes to test my blood about once a month. I don't really mind that at all!!

All the best - from one sugar cat to another!!!

I love the Tv Guide incident. That is great. I love the pencil topper. It is so cute. I hope your mom's class gets straightened out soon so she is not so stressed and I will send good barks for your dad to reach the top of Ben Nevis.
Oh, Eric, that is so funny that you were on your dad's TV Guide! Did he laugh too? We are crossing our paws for good luck with your dad's mountain climb. Hopefully, your mom's class will straighten out fast. And of course, we love the pencil topper that looks like you - but a little less floofy!

Purrrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow
deer eric,
i wuz laffin an laffin dat u were hidin yer dad'z tv guide!
wut duz yer mom teech?
mi mom teechez 3rd, 4th, an 5th grade. she offen helpz wid spellin. she'z a grate teecher ... she taught me howta spell!
Take good care of your Mum. We hope your diabetes stays under control and that your new stinky goodness helps.

We're sorry to hear that the new class needs some serious help. Bummer.

Luf, Us
I am glad that you are getting your diabetes under control and that you like your new food. I hope your Mum's class straightens out soon and gives her less stress. I love the pencil topper that looks like you. The TV Guide incident was really funny. Good luck to your Dad on climbing Ben Nevis.
Hello dear friend,

First of all, our woman knows and understands the stress of teachers. We have teachers in our family and she even trained to be a teacher but she chickened out. It's a huge responsibility and very stressful and so please give extra purrs and cuddles to your mum.

Secondly, good job on your diabetes management.

Finally, good luck to your daddy. Personally, I don't understand why anyone would want to exert themselves so fully except to climb the stairs to take a nap on the bed but hey... different strokes for different folks.

Pearl and Pumpy
Hahahaha! Obviously you were having a bit of fun with your Dad, hiding the TV guide from him. Good work!

Yes, that cat looks familiar. It's a good representation of a certain ginger guy we all know!
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