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Holiday Photos (long post)

As you may know, over Christmas I became a very well-travelled kitty, when I travelled across Britain to stay with my Devon Grandma and then my Cornish Auntie. (See this post here for a map of where I went). I thought you might like to see a few of the pictures from my trip.

Devon Grandma lives in a place in the middle of the countryside where there are lots of little lanes. You might get lost getting there. Luckily they have helpful signposts like these:
Devon Grandma has several sofas in her house. This one was quite comfortable.
Devon Grandma has a silly rule in her house about "no cats on the beds". How is she going to enforce that one? As you can see, her bed is actually very comfortable.
We spent Christmas itself with Cornish Auntie. She lives very near the sea. On Christmas morning my humans went for a walk on the beach and it looked like this:
These are my own humans looking all silhouetty.
That's my Cornish Auntie and her friend.
I chose not to go to the beach on Christmas morning because the waves looked too wet and I was busy testing out Cornish Auntie's big white chair for comfort:
While in Cornwall my humans also visited Falmouth, which is where my Cornish Grandma volunteers as a guide in the maritime museum:
Here are Cornish Auntie (in blue) and my mum (in black) on the beach in Falmouth.
Meanwhile I was enjoying the comforts of Cornish Auntie's sofa. You can see how stressed out I was by all the travelling I had been doing.
I hope you enjoyed seeing my holiday pictures.

Fat Eric, I can see that all that traveling really wore you out! Those photos are lovely! My human would love to be walking on that beach! How divine!

Stay warm!
You look like you had some lovely holiday naps, Fat Eric. And beds are made for sleeping, so how could she say no?

How are the Feline Greenies?
Darn Meezers beat me to the first comment! ;)
Those are very nice pictures of the sea!

You do look awfully stressed out in that last picture! Holidays are such a stressful time.
Poor Eric you look worn out with all your travelling. We're glad you found some good napping places,(including the bed hehe)Those are very nice pikchurs and it looks lovely walking on the beach. We like the silhouette one.
Mum enjoyed the pictures and I enjoyed seeing you take over all of the most comfy places in the house.

Annie is home too! Woohoo.

That is OK about not understanding Mericky sports. We don't understand all of yours either. Mainly cricket.
Dose were simply wonderful picshures. Did yur Mum get a new camera? Da picshures look so sharp and clear. Love da silowetty ones. Yoo looks awfully comfy in all yur photos too. What a nice Christmas yoo had.
We love the pictures of your travels. Cornish Auntie's coast looks very interesting. My mom loves the ocean.

what lovely holidays you had!! thank you for inviting us to see all the fun in your pictures. once they quit transportin' you around, you obviously found some furry cozy napping spots, an' we're sure you enjoyed all the pettin' an' lovins you musta got from your mum's kinfolk. an' what a wizard haul of pressies!

cornwall looks to be quite a beautyful region--din't king arthur hang out in those parts? it certainly is majestic enough!

glad to hear you din't get fogged in this year. we hasn't had neiver rain nor snow for a goodly while. mom's anxious for snow, an' we hopes if it comes it's just tons of it so she can stay home an' cuddle!!
Those photos are great Fat Eric! Daddy is going on a trip soon WITHOUT momma, on a navy ship that his cousin works on so that he can see what he does at work! But we will have momma all to ourselves ;)
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
G'day Eric, Thanks for inviting us to see your holiday snaps. Er, has your Devon Grandma seen photo #3 at her might want to snuggle up with her next time you see her, just in case.

We like the photos on the beach, although we understand why you would have stayed home and made use of the sofa.

Mum agreed that it was bit of a tough day at the office for Andy Murray yesterday (Monday) at the tennis. She said he should be heaps better in your summer.

Purrs & headbutts

Gypsy & Tasha
Eric, those were great photos. I am glad that you got to test so many comfy spots on your vacation!
Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing. You looked right at home on your relatives' furniture ;-)

Those were fabulous pictures and I really enjoyed seeing how you enjoyed your holiday!

I like to see those photos since Devon is where my ancestors lived. Do you see any Devon Rex cats in Devon or any Cornish Rex cats in Cornwall?
Eric, those are wonderful pictures! It looks like you had a great holiday, even if it was full of travel. I'm glad you found some cozy and comfy spots to relax in.
It looks like all of you had a great ime! Meowm says she would like to walk on that beach! I think I would nap like you did.
hehe You found alot a great napping spots! Momma loved the beach pictures! Thanks for sharing! ~Queen Snickers
Those are some wonderful pictures - it looks like you had lots of great soft places to relax during your holiday.
Awesome photos! You missed the opportunity to relieve yourself in some really big litter boxes! Oh well, you looked comfy on the beds, chairs and sofas!
Oh my! It seems you had a wonderful holiday, despite the ordeal of traveling.
Wonderful pictures! I think it was way too cold for you to be out on that beach with your mum and auntie. BRRR....

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Silly Grandma! Allowed on the chairs but not on the bed?? HA!
Lovely napping places you found on your visits.
And our mom says beaches are supposed to be hot & sunny so you can take a book and lay in the sun, not cold and dreary where you have to bundle up.
Great holiday photos.Especially the napping ones looks cozy :)
What a wonderful Holiday trip you had with very nice places to snooze! Seems you trained your relatives quite well as to who is really in charge.
Thanks for the sympathy on the weight issue Eric.
Regarding your comment our mom finally went to the doctor and now is taking antibiotics. Dr. says its something called new-moan-ya.
Hi Fat Eric - I want to add the Gorgeous Ginger graphic to my blog sidebar. It is prolly easy, but I am jus drawing a blank an rememberin how. Is there some code lines?

I can add it as a picture easy enoff, but I think it should be a link to somewheres.

Oh yes, Eric, you are the master of taking travel in stride! And it was very thoughtful of you to keep all the sofas and beds warm for your humans when they got home from all that strenuous walking around!

Thank you so much for your birthday wish to my sisterbean. All those kitty greetings made her and my mom have happy leaky eyes rather than sad ones!

Your friend,
That was a great report - we especially liked all the sofas!!!
And I wanted to thank you for coming to Miss Peach's tea party on board the cruise ship. It was great having you and we hope you enjoyed it!
Stop by when you can, I gave you an award!
That wooked wike a gweat howiday! And wots of gweat naps!
We loved your holiday pictures!! Mom was very excited because Rosamund Pilcher writea about Cornwall! Mom is going back in for another look!

And she thinks divinely gorgeous floofy cats deserve a scrapbook picture so she is looking for one to use. :)
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