Monday, February 18, 2008


Mancat Monday and Sunshine

I have always known that I was a handsome mancat, but now I am an official member of the M-Cats Club so I can hang out there with my mancat friends whenever I want. There was a good party there this weekend. And now I have my official club badge; do you like it?
Thanks, Mr. Tigger, for making the badge for me.

The last few days here we have been having very cold nights and very sunny days. When we wake up there is frost on everything and the pond is frozen solid. (We still haven't had a single flake of snow in London this winter). During the day it is sunny and everything starts to thaw, except for the shady bit in the corner of the garden where the frost stays all day. Today was the start of my mum's half-term week off school. My dad was at work so my mum and I got to hang out together all day. We spent quite a long time watching the little birds in the garden. Then I decided to go out and sunbathe for a while. I haven't been able to do that for ages.
After about half an hour I decided that, although it was sunny, it was still a bit cold, so I did some napping on the fleece blanket on the sofa instead.

Oh yes! and I got a little present in the post from my friend Tabs! (See here for an explanation of who Tabs is). She sent me a new treat ball with some treats already in it! How thoughtful. And a nice note. Big purrs right back at you, Tabs! And thank you very much!

P.S. My mum estimates the treats were all gone approximately 2.5 seconds after the opening of the package...

Wow, lucky you, some sun and treats! Although it's looking promising for some sun here too!
Eric, you look cute laying in the sunshines!
2.5 seconds, eh! That must be a record! Glad you enjoyed them.
Yes Eric, there are all sorts of birdies in my garden too. I think they are trying to drive me crazy. I am an indoor kitty and am only allowed out on MY deck because it is screened in. I think these birds know this because they flitter around in the tree by my Deck, just out of my reach.

You look very cute laying in the sunshine : )

Tabs is so cute, I am glad she found a furrever home. That sounds like a nice present she sent you.
Warm enough to be outside! You are welcome to some of my snow. Maybe I am getting your share too.
You look very happy, sunning in the sun, but I can imagine that the group was cold. What a nice gift from Tabs. 2.5 seconds must be a record. What do you think.

Wow! There has been a lot in the post lately. Mail is so much fun!
So much floofiness! You're lucky to get to go out in the garden!
You sure are super floofy!
It looks like you are enjoying the sun. We hope it gets warm for you soon, so you can do that more often.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
Oh Eric, that looks like heaven!
Sun feels so so good doesn't it.
We are so jealous that you get to lay in the sun like that Eric! Probably not for another month will we be able to.
Oh that sun looks wonderful - we'll trade you the snow for the sun?!
Yes it's wonderful to lie in the sun Eric. Do you roll and roll when you go outdoors? We do. It has been nice and sunny here furr about ten days, but the wind is very cold. Every morning the ground is hard and white and freezes our toesies.
That's wonderful that you got to go outside and enjoy the birdies and sunbathing :-D
It looks like da sun is getting nice and warm for Spring.
I've given you an award. Stop by!
Wowie kazowie, you just can't beat sunnyshines and treats! That's a great pickshure of you, Eric -- you look so floofy!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Cement is the best thing for lying on with the sun warming it!

Luf, Us
Great looking M-Cat badge, Eric.

We guys with healthy appetites don't waste any time over our treats!!

Max S
Eric you look quite comfortable out sunning yourself.
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Yes, I like your badge very much. Mr. Tigger did a real good job on it. Isn't it so nice laying in the sun? So nice and warm. I got to do that yesterday. It's raining now so we didn't get to go out today.

Gah! MomBean! Let go of me! No you can't snorgle my tum, get OFF!

Holy moo, I think she's having a fit. Can she please snorgle your belly? Please?
That looks like a wonderful spot to gather some rays.
Eric, you look rather big there - it's not all floof, is it? SS says it's not polite to ask other kitties' weight, but I just wonder.....
I am 8 lbs.
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