Friday, August 15, 2008


Not Feeling Good

I do not feel good today.

Look away now if you are revolted by yucky details.

Last night my tummy hurt and I went and did very runny poops in my litter box. Then again this morning. I got runny poop all over my floofy rear end and I couldn't clean it off so when my mum got up this morning I was very stinky. I had...err...tried to wipe my rear end on the floor in quite a few places which she had to clean up and it wasn't very nice. Then she cornered me and tried to wash my rear end and I resisted and it was all very messy. She put me out in the garden to wait until my rear end dried off (it was sunny for a change) but later I was still wet and stinky, and then she noticed some blood, which freaked her out.

I kept trying to wash my rear end but I just couldn't seem to do it, and I didn't feel good either so I went and lay down quietly.

The next thing I woke out of a doze to find myself being put in the Evil Cat Carrier, but I wasn't feeling good so I didn't put up my usual fight. Then I was put in the car and taken to the v-e-t.

I didn't see my usual v-e-t (apparently he has taken 2 weeks off work in order to watch the Olympics!!) so it was a locum. He squeezed me all over and poked me and prodded me and listened to my heart and then did something very rude with a thermometer and said my temperature was normal, which is good. Then he stuck his finger somewhere he really shouldn't have done and said my anal glands needed squeezing, which he did - not fun! Then he said I had gastro-enteritis and needed to have some medicine. He said I might have eaten something bad in the garden or even possibly caught a stomach bug from another cat while I was staying at the kitty jail recently. He gave me two injections - he said one would sting but I didn't squeak or flinch at all because I am a Brave Mancat.

Then he got out some clippers and shaved a lot of hair off my floofy rear end and shaved a big strip of my floofy tail. I look ridiculous! I refuse to show photos of this disfigurement! I was Very Very Good while he was doing this, I did not like him playing around with my rear end At All but I kept (fairly) still on the table and just gave little sad "mews" while my mum stroked my head. The v-e-t said I was one of the best behaved cats he had ever met, but I was just trying to get it over with!

Then I was weighed. I have lost some more weight. The last time I went to the v-e-t (back in December) I weighed 8.8 kg (19.4 lb). Now I weigh 8.2 kg (18 lb). This is the least I have ever weighed since I came to live with my humans (I was 9.5 kg or 21 lb five years ago).

After that the v-e-t put the Evil Cat Carrier back on the table and I RAN into it, mewing "Take me home!"

The v-e-t said my humans could give me no food, only water, for the rest of the day, and then only boiled chicken and water for two days to see if my stomach felt better. And I have to go back to the v-e-t TOMORROW - AGAIN. Oh no!

My humans were all stressed and worried about me, and I wasn't feeling good either, but one fun thing did happen. When we went back to the waiting room there was a lady there with her new kitten and guess what? It was a little girl kitten, 10 weeks old, which looked exactly like a Mini-Me! She was floofy and ginger and white like me and even had a beauty spot almost like mine! She had been rescued after being left in a box on a doorstep. The lady with the kitten said, "Oh my goodness, that cat looks just like my kitten, he could be her dad!" But my humans said they didn't think so because I had my hoo-haectomy many years ago. I wonder if we are related though?

Apart from meeting my Mini-Me the visit to the v-e-t was not fun at all. I am home now and all evening I have been camped out by my empty food bowl going "Feed me, feed me!" and my humans have been going "Sorry Eric, the v-e-t said you should not eat until tomorrow." So they are starving me AND taking me to the v-e-t again tomorrow, I don't think they love me any more!

Honestly, I am still a bit stinky and my shaved rear end looks stupid and I am hungry and I wish I had never had runny poop. This week just keeps getting worse.

Please send purrs for a quick recovery and a better visit to the v-e-t tomorrow.

Oh Eric, we're purrin' and purrayin' furry hard that you feel better soon and that the v-e-t trip tomorrow is easier than today's.
Oh, you poor baby. Uh, mancat. You've had a terrible day. We came by before this post was up so we didn't realize you were sick till we read it on the CB.

Hang in there. Tomorrow you will get boiled chik-hen, as Dr. Tweety would say. Of course you're hungry, but you need to get well.

Purrs and tail wags,
Oh poor Eric. runny poops are no fun. We hope your Auntie's Biotiks make you feel better, and we hope you don't need any more embarrassing things to be done tomorrow. We are sending you poop firming purrs.
Oh, Eric, we hope you are feeling better real soon. Our mom is very experienced in the cleaning up and trimming the poopie butts of long haired kitties. But sometimes you do need the help of the v-e-t. Just one of the hazzards floofy kitties have to put up with.


Laila and Minchie
I really, really hope you feel better Eric. That whole experience sounded awful!
Shaved and starved is no fun!
Smooches and purrs that you feel better!
Dear Eric,
That sounds so terrible! Poop problems are no fun, I had one when they adopted me and they had to give me medicine and it was so terrible. You have my utmost sympathetic purrs!

Abby Normal
Poor Eric, what a rotten day you had. I'm sending you some rumbly purrs to help you feel better and be able to cope with the vet tomorrow. You rest up now, lots of sleep and enjoy the chicken :)
We hope you are feeling better very, very soon, friend! We don't doubt it was a virus from the jail. Just a little souvenir of your stay. That is funny how you ran to the carrier after the indignities were done, and very lovely to see a sweet kitten at the end, especially a little clone!
Pee Ess: congrats on the weight loss!
oh Eric, we hopes that you feels better very very soon!!!! we is purring hard for you
Oh man, dat sounds horrible. I gess haffing da floof shaved off will help wif da poo sticking but really, why do vets like to play around wif our spot #13 so much? Dey is just plain weerd. We is purring fur yoo to getter well soonest dude, tummy trubbels are aweful. We wonder if maybe dat kitty isn't yoor great great grandaughter or cool would dat be.
Awww Eric we're sorry you're having poop problems. We'll be purring for you!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
Dearest Eric! I am ever so sorry to hear about your not feeling very good. Tell your mommy to make you some white rice to go with that chicken. It helps for runny poops real good and it is food after all! You tale at the Vet made me laugh a few times and that is good because there have ben many tears here at our house today with the saddness all week for our beloved is precious so live it up buddy!
Sending you a lot of soft hugs, your Miss Peach
Poor Eric - of course we will purr for you! I have runny poops sometimes - the maid has figured out that it happens after I eat wet food (stinky goodness) and therefore I only get it once in a while, and just a little. I wish they wouldn't figure out these things...
I hope you have a very quick recovery and a good VET visit tomorrow!
Mrs. OZ
We are purring for you Eric. We know first hand how unfun an upset tummy can be!
Aw, Eric, what a no good, really bad day you had! Why'd he shave all yur gorgeous floof? He found the rude place to put fings afore that.

Get well soon, if not sooner!!!
Oh Eric! I feel for you. Sometimes that fur and poop thing happens to me, although I haven't been as sick as you. I am ever so sorry to hear that.

I hope you get to feeling much much better soon because you are such a big and handsome cat. Momma has just given me an ugly clip on my behind so that it is less likely to happen--so I for one will not laugh if they post photos of you.

Oh Eric, what a horrible day you had. I so hope that you are feeling better soon and able to eat. Sending you get well wishes,
Eric, that is just horrible!
I's gonna purr and purr and purr for you's to feel better ASAP.

Don't worry about your floof, it'll grow back soon. There is no need to be embarrassed about it.

Eat all the good foods that your mombean gives you, you need to keep your strength up.
Oh Eric, we hope you feel better soon. We are purring that the medicine and the chicken tomorrow will make you feel much better.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
Oh Eric, what an awful day! Take it easy now big guy, you've got to conserve your strength and concentrate on getting well now. Sending you big purrs,

Gypsy & Tasha
Oh, dear! Eric you have had quite a bad day! We sure hope you're feeling better soon. At least you get to eat chick-hen!
Just checking in on you Eric. We hope your V E T visit went okay and you are feeling a bit better today.
The rain is bucketing down here yet again.
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