Friday, March 26, 2010


What's Happening?

Well, lots has been happening around here. Actually, something terrible happened.

I RAN OUT OF GREENIES! Yes, completely! This was, of course, a major crisis, because they don't sell Greenies here in the UK and I had eaten all the ones I got for Christmas from Mericky.

Then I got a package! From my good friend Derby! I was very keen to get it open because it smelt very interesting!
You'll never guess what was inside...TEN WHOLE PACKETS OF GREENIES!
I had a good look and there were all kinds of flavours...including several of my absolute favourite, Tempting Tuna!
Thank you so much Derby! (and his mum and his little brother Ducky). My mum thinks it will be some time now before I run out of Greenies again! Phew!
Lots of other things have been happening...I need to post again soon and tell you about my spring flowers...and the fox in our garden...and the latest adventures of that Evil Intruder Cat, Marmite...and the new little ginger invader from next much going on!

Oh yes, and it is my mum's birthday tomorrow. I will be waking her with licks and purrs...but maybe not too early! Have a great weekend, everycat!

Friday, March 19, 2010


Floofy Friday On The Blue Chair

As you can see the blue chair is mine now. Sometimes I let my mum share it with me. The blanket is supposed to stop the whole chair from being turned ginger and white with my floofy furs. It works a little bit but it is no match for the amount of floof I can shed!

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