Friday, March 19, 2010


Floofy Friday On The Blue Chair

As you can see the blue chair is mine now. Sometimes I let my mum share it with me. The blanket is supposed to stop the whole chair from being turned ginger and white with my floofy furs. It works a little bit but it is no match for the amount of floof I can shed!

Hmmm, maybe you should get beige chairs and blankies?
You look quite comfy there, Eric. Shed away.... hoomins secretly luff that.
We think ginger and white would be a lovely colour for a chair! Happy Friday!
Why do humans get dark chairs unless they want our floof on them? Floof away my friend!!
Shed well! My cousin cats are very good at shedding.
Sally Ann
We bet you're very good at shedding! Now why ever would your humans mind ginger and white floofy furs all over the chair? Your fur is so gorgeous, it should be an honour to have it everywhere!
You do look very comfy there. I am shedding all over the place too, but Flynn likes to keep hold of his fur. Mum has put throws over everything to try and keep most of the fur off, but I like to burrow under them.
Mum says she knows just how you feel as my fluff gets everywhere.. ou look good on the blue.. Hugs GJ xx
Eric, our mom puts blankets and things on the furniture for us to sleep on because we get our furs all over everything...but we think our furs add something to the come moms can't see that??
Yep, mum tries to keep the floof off the couch. Tries, does not succeed.
Owr Momma has given up trying!! Especially since one of us is dark furred and the ofur is light. BTW...where does yur Uncle Sim live?
~Meeko & Kiara
Chairs always look better with floof on them!
Ginger and white furrs enhance anything they get on anyway! So no problemmo!
..and the blue suits you so well Eric. Hey, soon spring will be here and you can astound your Mum and Dad with an epic amount of shedding - they will love a ginger, white and blue chair.

Schlurps galore!

Doesn't your mum know that ginger and white fluffy bottoms are the latest fashion statement.
Luv Hannah & Lucy
Humans and their silly ideas about blankets that will magically protect them fro cat hair. Ha.
Eric, your blue chair looks so cool and comfy. I like to shed as much floof as I can. It reminds Mom of me all the time.
NOFING can stop the ginger hair from spreading!!! - Billy
So now the chair belongs to you? Obviously your strategy has succeeded!
Yeah, The Big Thing gave up on keepin kittie floofs offa the chairs . He just lives with it. MOL!
Wow, Big Kitty! You are very BIG! And very FLOOFY! I want to be as BIG and FLOOFY as you one day and claim whole CHAIRS!

Floof is good!

Goodness how to explain 'bracketball'. It is the college basketball tournement, 64 teams divided into four groups. Within those four groups each team is ranked 1 to 16. Then the 1 team plays the 16, 2 plays 15 etc. Each pairing is a 'bracket'. It is also know as March Madness as it drives most people crazy.
Here is a link to the bracket!
You & me both with the floof, Eric my friend! -Shaggy
We have tagged you for the photo meme.
You sure do look good on that blue chair and you look oh so comfy too. Enjoy your nap.

You look quite comfy there, Eric. Shed away.... hoomins secretly luff that.
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